Australia is one of the world’s most developed and urbanized countries in the world. Famous for beautiful beaches, lush national parks, unique wildlife and vibrant cities, it’s a destination worthy of anyone’s travel list!


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Best time to Visit Australia

January - April

Tourism picks up across Australia with both locals and international visitors taking advantage of hot weather. Accommodation prices skyrocket over the holidays, making it the most expensive time to visit Australia.

May - August

Winter tends to be off-peak, as temperatures in the South can go down quite significantly. However, those traveling in the Northern part of the country will find it to be dry, hot, and very pleasant.

September - December

Australian Spring is the best times of the year to visit the country. The weather is warm and mostly dry making this time of the year a great alternative to summer travels.

What to Expect


English is the official language in Australia, although the local slang takes some getting used to.


Australia’s national currency is the Australian dollar. The exchange rate is around AUD 0.75 = $1 USD

Credit Cards & ATM

Credit Cards are accepted throughout the country and ATMs are abundant.


Voltage in Australia is 230V 50Hz. Travelers from USA, and Canada, which use 120V 50/60Hz, should be careful about using appliances from home in Australia. To use Australian outlets, you will need a unique Type 1 Plug adaptor.

Getting Around

Australia is very spread out and many of its best attractions are located a fair distance away from each other. The most popular way to get around the country is by flying domestically, driving, or taking the bus.


Australia is a very safe country both in terms of crime and wildlife interactions. Despite the myths, it is unlikely that wildlife in Australia will cause you any harm.

Planning + Inspiration


10 Things You Need to Know Before Your Trip

If you are one of the lucky travelers heading to Australia, there are some Australia travel tips you need to know before you go.

Popular Experiences


The Ultimate Itinerary

The Great Ocean Road epitomizes the phrase ‘taking the scenic route’. Located just outside of Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road drive is by far the best road trip in Australia.
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