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The Ultimate Best Things to do in Australia

Australia is one of the most sought after destinations for travelers all over the world. But, unless you live in New Zealand, Australia is not a weekend destination. Even a week or two is not enough to see the best this country has to offer

The Ultimate Australia Itineraries. Sydney Cover Photo

The Ultimate Australia Itineraries

Australia is not a country to travel to for a quick 1 week vacation, unless you are form NZ, in which case you might. But since majority of the world will travel far to get to Australia, it is recommended that you plan to stay for at least 2 weeks. The following itineraries have been designed for those visiting Australia for the first time. They cover the main sights and attractions and have been created using personal on the ground experience

5 Australian Culture Experiences to Add to Your Itinerary

Australian Culture Quest: 5 Experiences to Add to Your Trip

Australian culture is generally quite similar to other Western cultures, like those in Canada, US, UK or New Zealand. However, it been heavily influenced by its unique geography and its aboriginal communities and traditions. Some of the most cultural experiences in Australia are the ones that you would never have a chance to experience back home and are definitely worth adding to your Australia travel itinerary.

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