Trip To Australia Cost: Budget & Tips to Save Money

We’ve heard it over and over again. “Australia is so beautiful! I’d love to travel there, but it’s just so expensive; there is no way I could afford it”. And we get it. The cost of living in Australia was exorbitant.

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A study by the World Bank in 2014 showed that based on the costs of goods and services in Australia, it is now the most expensive G20 economy in the world. Yikes! 

How Much Does A Trip To Australia Cost?

But despite all of that, it is still possible to travel to Australia on a budget

You just have to know how.

Trip to Australia cost: Tee Tree Bay, Noosa National Park
Tee Tree Bay, Noosa National Park
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How Much Does It Cost to Go to Australia

If you are travelling to Australia on a budget from Europe or North America, your flight will make up a good chunk of your total travel costs. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around this cost when it comes to a trip down under.

No matter what tips or tricks you use for travelling to Australia on a budget, a return flight to Australia costs you no less than AUD $1,400 and upwards of AUD $2,000+.

Trip to Australia cost: Whitehaven Beach, The Whitsundays, Australia
Whitehaven Beach, The Whitsundays, Australia

How to Save on Flights

Plan Ahead

Book your flights to Australia as far in advance as possible, no less than 6-8 months prior to your trip. Airlines often release early-bird prices as early as 12 months in advance, so keeping an eye out for specials may help you score a great deal on a flight.

Fly Into Main Cities

Sydney and Melbourne will have the most flight options and, thus, the best deals for flying into Australia from North America or Europe. But don’t discount Brisbane and Perth as the entry points, especially if you plan on staying in Australia for a while and can start/finish your trip in one of those Australian cities.

And keep in mind that (when possible) direct flights – or itineraries with only one layover – dramatically decrease carbon emissions, meaning your trip to Australia doesn’t have to cost the earth too!

Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

Do Your Own Research

Don’t rely on a travel agent to give you an amazing deal on a flight. Doing your own research and booking online might take time and effort, but it could easily save you a couple of hundred dollars (this goes for cheap car hire in Australia as well).

Google Flights is our go-to for finding the cheapest flights. It shows prices for different dates and flights precisely tailored to our needs, and the prices are spot-on. If you’re not looking to book right away, you can make use of the track prices feature. Plus, you can search for flights from multiple airports. You can also join the mailing list for cheap flights and deals.

If you are flying into Australia from Asia, use low-cost airlines like Air Asia or Scoot to grab dirt-cheap direct flights (as little as AUD$119-199) into Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Gold Coast.

Trip to Australia cost: I'm a big fan of The Yella Fella!
I’m a big fan of The Yella Fella a.k.a Scoot Airlines

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How to Get Around Australia on A Budget

Once in Australia, your options for cheap ways to get around the country are plentiful. The biggest mistake travellers make when planning their trip around Australia is booking their domestic travel with Qantas and Virgin.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great airlines, and due to their worldwide recognition are often the ones recommended by travel agents and major booking sites. But they are not the best options for travelling to Australia on a budget.

Trip to Australia cost: Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Dove Lake with Cradle Mountain in the background, Tasmania

Use Low-Cost Airlines

Australia is a massive country, so if you only have a few weeks to spend here, travelling by air might be your best bet. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t have to be expensive.

If your eco-conscience is feeling weary about multiple flights in one trip, it’s fast and easy to buy carbon offsets to counteract the emissions from your flights!

JetstarRex, and Bonza (The latest entrant among Australia’s cheapest airlines) are 2 good low-cost carriers offering affordable flights with dozens of routes across Australia. 

Trip to Australia cost: Another beautiful Australian beach!
Another beautiful Australian beach!

To help you save on domestic flights even further, consider the following tips:

Fly without checked baggage

Low-cost carriers will always charge you extra for checked luggage (as well as for meals and entertainment), so if you have an option of travelling light, do it! It will definitely help with travelling to Australia on a budget.

Plus, it’s better for the environment when the flight isn’t bogged down with the extra luggage weight. The aeroplane has better fuel economy.

Trip to Australia cost: Travel Light
Flying with lots of luggage on low-cost carriers is not a good idea. Luckily, in this photo, we were on our way to Canada and had plenty of free checked baggage!

Book red-eye or early morning flights

Since not many people want to fly those routes, they are often $20-40 cheaper than domestic flights throughout the day.

Sign up for airline email notifications

Both Jetstar and Scoot Airways are known for their amazing flight specials, like 2-for-1 deals, pay one-way get a free return, 50% off discounts and more.

Don’t wait till the last minute

Just like international flights, domestic flights get more expensive closer to their departure date. Sometimes, as much as x10, the original cost within the last few days leading up to it.

trip to australia cost: South Bank Parklands, the heart and soul of Brisbane. Australia
South Bank Parklands, the heart and soul of Brisbane. Australia

Share A Car Or Travel By Campervan

If you have a bit more time in the country, getting around by car might be an even cheaper alternative. The best part about renting a car is, of course, the flexibility that comes with it.

You can come and go whenever you please, stop along the way and experience some amazing off-the-beaten-track destinations en route from one major city to the other.

Opt for an electric or hybrid car if you do decide to rent. You can travel more responsibly while still having the freedom to move around.

Trip to Australia cost: Beautiful drive in Yarra Valley
Beautiful drive in Yarra Valley

Major Cities Only?

If you are planning to visit only the major cities in Australia, flying is probably still the cheapest method of transportation for you. The big cities have numerous tourist attractions with beautiful sightseeing locations. But if you want to see more than just the capital cities, consider the following “car” options.

Bonus: if there are two or more of you travelling by car, getting a cheap car hire Australia will be more environmentally responsible than flying or taking public transportation!

Trip to Australia cost: Sun setting over Melbourne. View from Mt Dandenong
Sun setting over Melbourne. View from Mt Dandenong

Cheap Car Hire In Australia

But only if you are travelling with more than 2 people. Car rental in Australia is not cheap ($50 a day and more) plus fuel is pricey. So unless you are travelling in a group and are able to split the transportation costs, renting a car often isn’t really an option.

An electric or hybrid car will save costs on fuel. And for even better fuel economy and a more environmentally friendly way of travelling Australia on a budget, consider packing light and opening the windows rather than flicking on the air conditioning when possible.


Get the best car rental rates by booking ahead! Discover Cars compares prices across all major car rental companies, so you are guaranteed to get the best deal.

Share A Car

Backpackers are always looking for people to share a ride with. While not the most thrilling part of trip planning, renting a car can be a must. If you’ve noticed that car rental prices have gone up since pre-Covid times, the best way to save some bucks is by carpooling! For city stays where you only need a car for a few hours a day or every other day, sharing a car might be more cost-effective.

You might want to consider Uber Carshare, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service that lets you borrow a car directly from the owner. It’s available in many cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and Cairns. No joining fee, and once approved, you can book a car by the hour, day, week, or longer.

Alternatively, you can share a car with GoGet, Australia’s top car-sharing network, covering 20+ areas across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria. Their yearly memberships are affordable, including 120 free kilometres. Frequent users can enjoy reduced rates. The best part is, cars come with a free fuel card, saving you from worrying about petrol costs! If you are flexible enough and have time to spare, you might find not only a cheap ride but also a new travel buddy.

Trip to Australia cost: Wicked campervan, Australia
Wicked Campervan (a favourite with backpackers) packed on the street in Australia

Campervan Relocations

This is by far the best and the cheapest way to get around Australia on a budget! Due to the popularity of campervan rentals in Australia, campervan companies are always looking for someone to relocate their cars from one destination to another and are willing to offer incredible deals for someone to do it!

With a bit of flexibility on your end, you can score a 4-6 berth campervan for $1 a day! In our opinion, it is definitely something to consider when you’re wondering how much does it cost to go to Australia.

sustainable travel in australia: Enjoying time on Cable Beach in Western Australia during one of our campervan adventures in Australia
Enjoying time on Cable Beach in Western Australia during one of our campervan adventures in Australia

Save On Petrol

According to the Savings Guide, Australia Tuesday and Wednesday are the most affordable days to fill up on gas. So hit the gas station mid-week, and try to avoid filling up on Sunday and Monday when gas average price tends to peak.

It also never hurts to save receipts from some of Australia’s biggest brand-name stores like Big W, Woolworths, and Aldi, which sometimes have gas-saving coupons on their receipts.

Get Around By Bus

The other affordable way to get around Australia is by bus. There are two major bus companies offering routes all across Australia: Greyhound Australia and Oz Experience.

Both offer a variety of hop-on/hop-off bus pass packages starting from just $149. Their buses are air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable enough for overnight travel.

To sweeten the deal, Greyhound Australia‘s brand new coaches also offer free WiFi, USB charges, leather reclining seats, and panoramic windows; talk about getting around in comfort. Greyhound is the go-to transportation network, widely popular for covering the East Coast, Red Center, Northern Territory, and parts of the West Coast. This company has recently been acquired by New Zealand’s Entrada Travel Group in a significant consolidation of the national coach services. While the Greyhound Australia name and existing services will stay unchanged, the ownership transition period is expected in 2023 and 2024. Stay updated on service changes here.

Busses are also a perfect place to meet other backpackers and make friends along the way. But again, these are only worth the money if you want to take advantage of hopping off and on the bus to make stops in towns along the way.

Plus, this option is very environmentally friendly! Imagine all the cars bus passengers are keeping off the road by taking advantage of these major bus routes.

Use Public Transportation

The best way to get around the major cities is to use public transport. Public transportation also helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, which cuts carbon emissions significantly!

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane have well-developed train/bus/tram transportation systems that will allow you to get to practically anywhere you need to go for as little as just $5 each way.

Flinders Street Station
Flinders Street Station

Avoid Uber

If you are trying to get somewhere outside of public transport hours, your best bet is to use ride-hailing apps. Uber has become quite popular in Australia, but the fees are on the rise. Consider trying other ride-hailing apps like Ola, Didi, Shebah, or GoCatch instead of Uber to stretch your budget while travelling down under. They’re equally safe, reliable, and widely available in most major cities. 

How to Find Accommodation When You Are Travelling Australia on A Budget

Standard hotel accommodation in Australia is not cheap. You will struggle to find a basic hotel for less than $100 a night, even in smaller cities, and large, well-known hotel chains like Radisson, Intercontinental, and Marriott will often charge you upwards of $300-$400 per night. 

So, if you want to find accommodation in Australia that doesn’t break the bank, you have to look for alternative options.

Trip to Australia cost: Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Stay In Hostels

There is an abundance of hostel options in Australia, and even though staying in a hostel is significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel, it’s still pricey. A basic dorm room will run you anywhere between $27-$40 per night, with prices in main cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) getting up to $60-80 per night.

There are plenty of sustainable hostel options all over the country – from the Sydney Harbour The Rocks YHA to the Grampians Eco Hostel in Halls Gap, to Habitat HQ in Melbourne.

Trip to Australia cost: Barossa Valley Backpackers, South Australia
Barossa Valley Backpackers, South Australia

Stay In An Apartment or Independently Owned Accommodation

If the idea of sharing a hostel room with 20 other 20-something backpackers makes you cringe, look for options on Airbnb and other sharing economy apps like Stayz and Vrbo. These are widely recognised in Australia, known for the quality of their properties and have good reputations. These accommodations often cost the same or slightly higher than hostel or cheap hotel rooms, but in our opinion, is a much better experience, especially if you are travelling as a couple or a group of friends. 

There are always eco-friendly options on these apps – especially if you plan far enough in advance. You can find the best and most affordable eco-friendly houses for rent in Australia in our Australia guide!

Trip to Australia cost: Morning tea with a view
Morning tea with a view in our Airbnb accommodation in Yarra Valley, Victoria.

Couch Surf

CouchSurfing is an online community site that allows you to find people willing to offer up their spare bed/couch to travellers. And the best part about it is that it’s completely free! You get the benefit of meeting a local host who’s well-versed in activities in the area and a budget accommodation option for those travelling to Australia on a budget that can’t be beaten!

Stay In A Campervan

Campervans are a great option for not just transportation but also accommodation in Australia. More on that in my post: Getting Around Australia on $1/day.

Trip to Australia cost: Campervans line Flynn's Beach in Port Macquarie, NSW
Campervans line Flynn’s Beach in Port Macquarie, NSW

Stay At A Campsite

Camping is not a glamorous option, but it is definitely a cheap one and has the lowest environmental impact of any of the mentioned options! You can buy cheap camping gear when you arrive in Australia and use it for the duration of your stay.

It might make your backpack heavier, but it will certainly save you a lot in accommodation. There are numerous campgrounds all over Australia, and camping is often permitted in many National Parks for as little as $5 a night. Most campsites are well maintained and have great facilities: BBQs (hello, budget meals Australia), hot water showers, fire pits, etc. Campsites can be found through the official government National Park websites and can be pre-booked online.

Trip to Australia cost: Camping in Australia
Camping in Australia


If you’re looking for a more comfortable option for accommodation in Australia but don’t want your stay to negatively impact the environment, consider an eco-hotel!

They’re not going to be the cheapest option at your disposal, but the extra money is well spent on preserving their surrounding community and natural environment! Here are a couple of great options:

Daintree Rainforest Eco Lodge: Located in the oldest rainforest in the world, just two hours south of Cairns, this eco-resort gives you the experience of a lifetime! They’ve got self-sufficient water systems, run almost exclusively on solar power, and all products in the hotel are fair trade and recyclable. This is a great place to stay if you’re looking to explore the Great Barrier Reef.

Old Leura Dairy: Just outside of Sydney, this eco-accommodation is a quaint, quiet place to relax after the hustle and bustle of visiting the city.

If you’re looking to splurge – we recommend Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort just outside of Brisbane. It is located within a strictly enforced ‘Green Zone’ – meaning the marine and wildlife within the area are protected, as is the portion of the Great Barrier Reef located within the zone. The resort itself has been certified as a Climate Action Leader – fully committed to environmental sustainability and protection.

Alto Hotel: Located in Melbourne’s city center, this comfortable and stylish hotel was Australia’s first carbon-neutral hotel.

Travel In The Off-Season

Depending on where you are travelling to, sometimes tour operators and accommodation will offer off-season deals to entice potential clients.

This doesn’t always mean monetary discounts but, more often than not, upgrades. Since accommodation tends to be at lower capacity, hotel operators are usually happy to upgrade private rooms or throw in some extras during your stay. It never hurts to ask.

Trip to australia cost: Wineglass Bay. View from the lookout, inside the Freycinet National Park
Wineglass Bay. View from the lookout, inside the Freycinet National Park

How to Save on Food and Drinks in Australia

The Best Budget Meals In Australia

Eating out in Australia is expensive and unsustainable for someone travelling on a budget. However, there are a few money-saving options to help your budget go further.

Trip to australia cost: Shop smart for your meals in Australia
Shop smart for your meals in Australia

Cook Your Own Meals

Utilise cooking facilities in hostels, the kitchen in your Airbnb apartment, or the portable stove that comes with your campervan to cook your own meals where possible.

Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi are the 3 main supermarkets in Australia, with locations all over the country. Aldi may not have the best selection, but offers good quality products at prices that are often 20-30% cheaper than Woolworths and Coles.

Aldi also does not sell any products with synthetic colours, hydrogenated oils or MSG in their stores nationwide.

Trip to Australia cost: Cook your own meals - Max cooking our dinner on the BBQ
Max cooking our dinner on a BBQ outside during a weekend away in Byron Bay. Photo Credit: Sara Nalini Uduwela

Have A Picnic

Having a picnic is just as cheap as eating in, but better! Buy your groceries and head to the nearest park/beach for a picnic. You’ll notice heaps of free public BBQs in almost every town, so you are never too far away from free cooking facilities. Plus, it’s such a local thing to do that you’ll feel like a real Aussie having a sausage sizzle in a park. Cheap eats and culture all in one – score!

We are strong believers that trying local produce and cuisine are a huge part of any travel experience, and even though Australia isn’t the be-all and end-all of the amazing food, it’s still worth combining cooking your own meals with eating out. So here are a few ways you can eat out for less.

Trip to Australia cost: Inside a cafe in Yarra Valley, Australia
Inside a cafe in Yarra Valley, Australia
Trip to Australia cost: Real Food Festival in Maleny, Queensland, Australia
Sunny day at the Real Food Festival in Maley, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Visit Local Markets

Australians love pop-up farmers and produce markets! They are not just a great place to stock up on cheap fresh veggies and other produce but are also a great place to grab ready-to-eat food and support local businesses.

Here, you’ll find food stalls offering everything from fish and chips to international street food and desserts. Markets like the Wednesday night Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, the Adelaide Central Market, Eat Street Markets in Brisbane and Salamanca Markets in Hobart are especially well known for their variety of amazing street food. Most dishes will cost between $7-10 – a bargain compared to the $20 restaurant bill.

Trip to Australia cost: Laneway inside Adelaide Central Market
Laneway inside Adelaide Central Market

Eat In Chinatown

Check out Chinatowns in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane for cheap $10-15 Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian and other Asian restaurants. Keep your eyes peeled for local restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options, too!

Use UrbanSpoon, Yelp, And Trusty Google

Go online to find other cheap eats and meal deals in each city. Many restaurants in Australia offer weekly specials like 2-for-1 Wednesday meals, or $10 Tuesday, and so on to attract customers to their restaurants on quiet days.

Trip to Australia cost: Inside the Meletos Cafe in Yarra Valley
Inside the Meletos Cafe in Yarra Valley

Save On Drinks

Drink less or be smart about not letting drinking drastically increase the cost of your trip to Australia. If you are going out on the town, pre-drink! Booze at bars and clubs in Australia is ridiculously expensive.

Beers can often start at $11, a glass of wine is often $8-10+, and a cocktail will often cost more than $17. Buying alcohol from the liquor store is, of course, a much cheaper option. You can find a bottle of wine for under $18 and a carton of domestic beer (24 bottles) for about $40.

If you want the cheapest stuff, cask wine (goon) is your best option. It’s incredibly cheap, 4 litres for under $20 and gives you really bad hangovers, but it’s the most popular choice for backpackers travelling to Australia on a budget.

Pop into Dan Murphy’s, BWS, or LiquorLand to have a few drinks at home before the bar, or find a restaurant that allows you to bring your own (BYO) alcohol to enjoy with their meals. These are quite popular in Australia and are easy to find in any town.

Trip to Australia cost: Lots of options on tap at the Meletos Cafe
Lots of options on tap at the Meletos Cafe

Save On Coffee

If you still need your caffeine fix but don’t want to foot the $4+ bill. Consider visiting your local gas station or convenience stores like 7-11. They tend to offer low-cost coffee options.

In the case of 7-11, all coffee is just one dollar. The main difference is that their lattes, flat whites, and long blacks won’t be handmade. Rather, they will be sprouting from a machine… but real coffee nonetheless.

Trip to Australia cost: Broome Courthouse Markets. Western Australia
Kimberley Coffee at Broome Courthouse Markets

Use Reusable Dishes

Skip buying water, and instead, bring with your own reusable water bottle like LARQ. All water is potable in Australia, and water fountains are plentiful in most parks and service stations.

Plus lots of cafes will offer discounted drinks when you bring your own mug. Bonus points: you’ll be travelling Australia on a budget AND sustainably.

How to Save on Activities in Australia

Activities in Australia are pricey and should be considered in your trip to Australia cost. It’s easy to find yourself spending hundreds of dollars a day on tours and experiences. 

Pick and choose the ones that are really worth it for you, and choose to entertain yourself for free for the rest of your time in Australia. After all, the best things to see in Australia ARE FREE!

Trip to Australia cost: That magical moment when the sun hits the horizon. Bar Beach, Newcastle. Australia
That magical moment when the sun hits the horizon. Bar Beach, Newcastle. Sunsets are always free!

Visit National Parks

There are hundreds of National Parks to explore in every state, with each one offering hiking trails, beautiful lookouts, and unique experiences.

You can visit a national park for a day or stay and explore for a few days, all for absolutely free. (Unless you want to camp there, which in most cases will cost you about $5-10/night). Here are a few of our favourites:

Trip to Australia cost: Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia
Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia
Trip to Australia cost: The beautiful Twin Falls, Springbrook National Park
The beautiful Twin Falls, Springbrook National Park, Queensland

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Save by exploring one city at a time. Enjoy free activities such as visiting the beach, the Sydney Opera House, the Botanical Gardens, and other sightseeing activities.

Hang Out On The Beach

Australia is renowned for its beaches and with over 11,000 of them along the coastline, there is plenty to explore. Here is a list of the best of the best (in our opinion anyway): Best Beaches in Australia.

Trip to Australia cost: Surfers crowd the beach in Byron Bay, New South Wales
Surfers crowd the beach in Byron Bay, New South Wales

Check Out Museums

There are heaps of free museums to get lost in every city. Check out Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, the Queensland Museum in Brisbane and many others that offer free admission

Visit Australia Wine Regions

Australia is renowned for its wine regions. Our favourite was the Hunter Valley wine region near Brisbane, but the Yarra Valley, and Barossa Valley are also popular stops.

Most wineries offer a wide range of free tastings when you visit. Buying wine thereafter is not compulsory. However, it is appreciated.

Micro-breweries are beginning to pop up all over Australia, and just like most wineries, they offer a wide range of beer tastings. Plus, buying in bulk at these micro-retailers tends to be more affordable than buying their equals at a local liquor store.

Trip to Australia Cost: Max and Oksana at the Audrey Wilkinson winery. Hunter Valley. NSW. Australia
Max and Oksana at the Audrey Wilkinson winery in Hunter Valley. NSW. Australia

Take Advantage Of Free Walking Tours

I’m Free is a company that runs free daily walking tours in Sydney and Melbourne. They vary in duration from 1.5 to 2.5 hours and offer a great alternative to paid tours in those cities.

You’ll get a chance to explore the city’s main sights, learn about their history, and maybe even meet a few new travel buddies along the way. Bonus: Walking tours are an extremely eco-friendly option for acquainting yourself with a new city!

Trip to Australia cost: Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

Follow The Festivals

Australia is all about its festivals. Whether it be a surf, food, or a cultural festival. Each festival typically offers its own list of complementary activities or events that won’t hurt your trip to Australia.

Rent Gear Rather Than Booking A Tour

Rather than booking a tour, why don’t you chat up the locals, rent your own gear, and follow your own DIY tour.

There are lots of gear rental shops all over the country. From scuba to surfboard to mountain bike rentals they have you covered. Simply ask your rental attendant where the best spots are for your chosen activity, and they will be happy to help.

Trip to Australia cost: Equipment hire in Coral Bay. Western Australia
Equipment hires in Coral Bay. Western Australia

Escape The Big Cities

Food, accommodation, and even activities tend to be cheaper outside of the major cities and in off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Consider visiting rural farming towns north of Melbourne like Echuca or coastal towns like Port Fairy in Vic or Yamb in NSW. You’ll find truly unique experiences outside of the hustle and bustle of Australia’s big cities.

Keep in mind this rule doesn’t apply to places like Fraser Island or Alice Springs, where food and drink have to travel long distances, and tourism is the town’s main source of income.

Trip to Australia Cost: Local produce, tea and one hell of a view at the Holy Cow cafe in a small town of Pyengana, located 2 hours east of Launceston. Tasmania
Local cafe in a small town of Pyengana, located 2 hours east of Launceston. Tasmania

Save on Staying Connected 

Get A Local SIM

Do not use your home mobile phone when in Australia if you do not want to pay the exorbitant roaming charges when you get home. Instead, unlock your phone before you go and buy an e-SIM card before your departure. 

You can save on roaming charges by ordering an e-SIM card for Australia online and getting connected in minutes. For a budget-friendly option, we recommend Truphone e-SIM cards from Nomad, operating on Vodafone’s network for just A$0.76 per Gigabyte. Another good choice is the Three Hong Kong e-SIM card via SimOptions, valid in 6 countries. It’s a bit pricier but handy if you’re visiting New Zealand too, or if Australia is part of a larger trip, the world traveller e-SIM cards covering multiple countries. Just make sure your phone is unlocked.

Alternatively, if you have not unlocked your phone, there are plenty of pay-as-you-go options available to travellers. You can top up a certain amount or buy a monthly plan that will give you a local phone number, a few GB of data and unlimited local texts/calls.

While you may not have the need to call while you are in Australia, the benefits of having data on your phone are enormous. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, get a Telstra SIM card to guarantee the best coverage and good reception, even in remote areas in Australia. Their pre-paid plans start at $35 for 35GB of data and unlimited local call and text.

Trip to Australia cost: Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia

Find Free Wifi

If your budget is really bare-bones, check that your accommodation offers free Wi-Fi, or you can find free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s all over the country. Unfortunately, free wifi is not as plentiful in cafes as it is in North America.

Otherwise, search for free wifi at your destination with this map.

Blogging in Australia.
Working on Drink Tea & Travel while living in Australia

Consider A Working Holiday Visa

If you have the time, one of the most cost-effective ways of seeing Australia is with a working holiday visa. The temporary visa allows eligible applicants to work and live in Australia for up to a year, with the option to extend.

You can work for one employer for up to 6 months at a time. Then, if you would like to get another year’s visa, you are required to work for 88 days or three consecutive months on a farm.

Sounds good? Follow our top tips for moving abroad.

Trip to Australia cost: Surfers on Towns Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW
Surfers on Towns Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW. You might even learn to surf while on a working holiday visa!

Get A Travel Insurance

Don’t overlook travel insurance while abroad. It’s your safety net against unexpected costs and ensures a worry-free journey and protection against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. For us it’s a must for added security, we never go on a trip without it and have relied on it multiple times in the past. Travel insurance shields you from the actual costs of unexpected mishaps during your trip, because nobody wants surprise bills ruining their travels!

Get A Budgeting App

Getting a travel budget app on your phone and keeping it up to date will give you greater control over your funds. We use TravelSpend during our travels.

TravelSpend allows you to set a budget and track where you are spending the most and on what. It definitely beats the Excel Spreadsheet approach we had before and is, in our minds, absolutely worth it. You can easily input your expenses online or offline in the currency you used and swiftly convert them to AUD. Capture memories by adding photos; you can also use it on multiple devices, categorize each expense for a clear trip budget overview, and split costs effortlessly. Plus, you can convert your travel data into a CSV file compatible with other data apps, so no more spreadsheets on the go!

Trip to Australia cost: Broome. Western Australia
Crowds hang out under the palm trees in Broome

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Australia? The Bottom Line

If you add up flights, hotels, meals out, and a heap of activities, your trip to Australia cost is definitely going to be pricey. But follow our tips, be smart with your spending, and you can easily stay and play in Australia for as little as $100 a day. It’s not quite as cheap as Asia or South America, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than you once thought, right?

Trip to Australia cost: Typical Australian lifestyle. Get ready for it!
Typical Australian lifestyle. Get ready for it!

Can You Add Any Other Money Saving Tips For Australia And Beyond?


6 thoughts on “Trip To Australia Cost: Budget & Tips to Save Money”

  1. Australia has heaps of food courts that offer half price meals after a certain time to avoid waste so get in there early evening for a cheap bite to eat! I was lucky enough to find one.

  2. Great post. Australia is expensive but if you follow tips like this it can make such a big difference. I’ve been travelling Australia for the last 3 months and it is well worth the expense! Such a beautiful country and great people!

  3. Hi Cassandra, Thanks for sharing this tips, it is very useful! I’ve been in Melbourne a few years ago and the experience is awesome and yes being in Australia is very expensive yet worth all the expense. I enjoyed my entire stay here. Melbourne is such a great place! I love it and I appreciate all the people especially all the people where I stay, low cost and such a quality service must recommend

  4. If you travel just knowing where you want to go and what you want to do, it’s certainly gonna be expensive. Australia isn’t exactly an affordable place to visit, but a little research would go a long way, especially most part of the expense would go to accommodation, transportation, and food. Great job sharing these tips! This is very informative and will surely help a lot of people traveling on a budget!

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