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We are Oksana & Max, an ordinary Canadian couple with an extraordinary lifestyle. We travel the world full-time in search of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, human connections, and ways to positively impact the destinations and communities we visit.

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Top 50 Most Sustainable Destinations In the World

After many years of first hand experience and months of research, we have compiled a list of the destinations that we consider to be the most sustainable places to visit in the world!
Canoeing in Wilderness National Park, Garden Route, South Africa

Get Our Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Travel ​

Want to make sure that your next vacation has a positive income on the environment and the communities you plan on visiting? 

We’ve put together an easy check list with tips and advice to help you ask the right questions and plan a sustainable trip!

How To Carbon Offset Flights & Reduce Carbon Footprint From Travel​

Looking to reduce your environmental impact from travel? Our in depth guide offers advice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, minimize their impact from airline travel and find the best carbon offset programs. 

Romantic Escapes

Browse our collection of stories from the best honeymoon destination and other romantic escapes from around the world!

With eco-tourism on the rise, more and more travelers are looking for ways to travel responsibly. These US cities have consistently been ranked as some of America’s “greenest”,  “coolest”, “most unique” and “well-loved” destinations. 

Road Trips

Browse our collection of stories from the best Road Trips around the world!

10 Resolutions For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

If the idea of sustainable living has been of interest to you but you don’t quite know how to begin your journey, we hope that this list of 10 resolutions for a more sustainable lifestyle will help you get started!

23 Eco-Friendly Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip

A lot of the stuff that you’re throwing into your suitcase isn’t great for the environment. 

Luckily, all of these things can be easily replaced by eco-friendly alternatives – without sacrificing utility or luxury. 

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