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Welcome to another edition of the  “Work and Travel Abroad“ Series! In this series, I feature weekly stories of travelers who have managed to find ways to earn money while traveling by working jobs that don’t resemble a typical 9-5 routine. They share their experiences, give their advice, hopefully inspiring many of you to believe that paying your bills and saving for the future while traveling the world IS POSSIBLE!


Today, I share my Q&A with Marcello from Wandering Trader who shares his unique experience of being a Day Trader.

Q: Who is the the Wandering Trader? Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Marcello Arrambide, I day trade in the stock market & travel the world for a living. I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world to have complete freedom; location freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom. For the last 5 years (since 2009) I have visited roughly 80 countries. I have lived in 12 countries across 5 continents and have visited all 7 seven continents

Marcello, the Wandering Trader. Photo courtesy of Wandering Trader

Q: What was life like before you started day trading? Where were you working? 
A: I was working at a bank full time and I also was day trading in the morning full time. I have been day trading since I was roughly 18 years old so it has always been a big part of my life.

Q: What does day trading really mean? What does your day to day job entail?
It involves buying and selling financial instruments, mainly stocks which people are more familiar with. The idea is that you make a calculated “bet” as to where that financial instrument (again most people know about stocks), is going to go. If you make the right bet then you can make money. The beauty of day trading is that you don’t have to rely on anyone and you can make more money in a crisis than when things are going really well.

Q: How did you get started in day trading? Was it easy to get into it?
I always had a passion to have my own freedom. Day trading is one of the only professions in the world that allows you to have complete freedom. You can own your own business and sell something but if there is an economic crisis or a recession then your business will not do that well. I saw day trading as a way to obtain my complete freedom no matter what happened. I didn’t have to rely on customers to sell things to nor did I have to sell anything.

Q: Can anyone day trade? Do you need any specific training, education, or certification to do it?
As I have traveled around the world I have learned that no matter what color you are, where you are from, where you are raised, what language you speak, it doesn’t matter when it comes to trading. Anything can learn how to do this with a little bit of effort and discipline.  I have trained people that are completely new to trading and know nothing about it and I also know people who have had a full 4 year degree. People even out of high school with no formal education can learn how to do this. This is really a skill that one develops to be able to learn how to understand the market properly. Anyone can learn how to day trade.

Q: Was it the freedom of day trading that allowed you to travel to over 80 countries or was it the desire to travel that drove you to success at day trading? What was the motivation behind your current lifestyle?
My motivation is simply freedom. Having the ability to travel anywhere and the world and work from my laptop, being able to rely on myself and no one else, and having enough money to not worry about money. Day trading is what allowed me to travel around the world but my desire to learn and explore is what drove me to travel.

Marcello around the world. Photos courtesy of Wandering Trader

Q: Does day trading pay enough to cover your living expenses? Were you able to save while you were traveling or were you basically breaking even after all the expenses?
A: I do very well myself when it comes to day trading. I am able to buy my mother things that she could only dream of now I am able to not only support myself but also do quite a bit of investing. Day trading is a very lucrative business once you learn how to do it. Learning to do it is easier that ever. Today, resources like the Forex Academy can push your knowledge far beyond what you expect. This knowledge of the markets is what made it possible for me to spoil my family with gifts.  I purchased a 6 bedroom penthouse in Colombia and plan on buying property in Rio de Janeiro as well. The reason why i have been able to travel is because I do so well day trading. I do not consider myself a backpacker and prefer to be comfortable when I travel. Day trading allows me to do that.

Marcello and his mother in India. Photo courtesy of Wandering Trader

Q: Would you recommend a career in day trading to someone who wants to wants to quit their 9-5 routine and explore the world? What advice would you give them?
I would highly recommend anyone to travel around the world. I know many people, from single students in University, to family men in their 50’s that have learned how to do this. The beauty about learning how to day trade is that anyone can learn on their spare time or even on the weekends. Day trading is a flexible business that anyone can learn around their current schedule. I have meet business men that need to manage their businesses in the morning and study at night. I have trained family men that have 9-5 jobs that have learned how to do this on their spare time. I would recommend that if they are serious about learning how to day trade then they make the commitment and set aside the right amount of time to study, practice, and learn.

Finally free. Marcello in on the edge of Victoria Falls at the Devil’s Pool in Zambia (Central Africa). Photo courtesy of Wandering Trader

Q: What’s next for you?
I am currently opening a few day trading centers around the world. I am currently living in Medellin, Colombia to assist in opening the first center here. Soon I will be opening centers in Brazil and Mexico. I plan on traveling through Europe (most likely various countries like Portugal, Italy, and Greece) in the summer and after that its an open book!

Huge thanks to Marcello for taking the time to answer my questions and share her experience with us!

Did Marcello’s story inspire you to give day trading a go?  If not, check out other posts in the “Work and Travel Abroad” Series for more ideas and stories from other travelers.

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Work and Travel Abroad Series features travelers who found unique jobs that sustain their long term travels. Today, we talk about working as a day trader

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  1. What is the best way to get good internet if I want to day trade while travelling in Asia? I currently live in the USA. I am concerned that my cheaper hotel will not have reliable wifi. Thanks.

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