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As you’re probably well aware, we like to travel… a lot! But with our cross-continents lifestyle comes a few wardrobe issues. Packing for all adventures and situations can be a nightmare, especially if you need a mix of travel shirts and dress shirts. It’s usually one or the other, and no matter which one, you’re going to be a wrinkled mess.

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That was the case until I got myself a Bluffworks travel shirt!

Travel shirt, Bluffworks Meridian travel shirt
Putting my wrinkle-free travel shirt to the test with a backpack!

About Bluffworks

Bluffworks is a clothing company that specializes in men’s travel wear. It began as a Kickstarter company founded in 2012 by travel enthusiast, Stefan Loble. Stefan was driven by the desire to have a travel wardrobe that could keep pace with his adventurous globe-trotting lifestyle.

They produce a wide range of clothing including my favourite Travel Suit and Travel Pants. So when I was searching for a good travel shirt, I decided to give Bluffworks travel dress shirt a try.

Bluffworks Meridian Wrinkle-Free Travel Shirt

The travel shirt by Bluffworks is touted as a ‘hard-working’ shirt. They are specifically designed with movement, comfort and style in mind, made from breathable quick-drying polyester, 2% spandex and 2-way stretch fabric. With its antimicrobial properties, the Bluffworks travel shirt can be worn up to 5 days and can be thrown into the washing machine when it’s time to freshen up.

For the fashion-conscious traveler, the wrinkle-free shirt comes in three different patterns which are all quite classic. They go great with the Bluffworks Chinos or the Gramercy Pants and are dressy enough to be worn with the Bluffworks Blazer for more formal events.

Bluffworks Travel Shirt: The Pros

The lightweight and breathable travel shirt is so comfortable you can wear it all day and night if you have to, without feeling gross or damp.

I particularly like that the travel shirt is wrinkle-free without the use of formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals.

Travel Shirt, Bluffworks Meridian
Bluffworks travel shirts are breathable and light enough for the beach

Much like my Bluffwork Chino pants, the Meridian travel shirt has been a great dual purpose item in my wardrobe. I have used the travel shirt casually with a pair of shorts and loafers, and I have also used into with my Bluffworks Blazer and matching Gramercy Pants to attend weddings and other formal events while on the road.

Bluffworks Travel Shirt: The Cons

I’d have to be really nitpicking to find a negative, but I guess the choice of colours and patterns are a little limited. If blue isn’t your colour, then you might be disappointed!

I would also really like to see Bluffworks expand this line by maybe adding a version with a chest pocket.

I would also like to see them incorporate some more travel-related features, like a small microfibre patch near the bottom of the shirt to clean your sunglasses.

The Bottom Line on the Bluffworks Travel Dress Shirt

The Meridian travel shirt matches the quality I have come to expect from Bluffworks.

These wrinkle-free shirts are a great addition to any travel bag and are a great way to cut down on your travel wardrobe.

If you are looking for a versatile and wrinkle-free travel dress shirt, then the Meridian won’t let you down.

Think you could use a Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt on your travels? CLICK HERE to Shop!




Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that we receive a small commission on your purchases at no additional cost to you. 

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