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In June, we split our time between Canada, US, and Costa Rica. The month started off rather dull, with some work up in Canada and down in the US. Max and I actually split up for the first time this year and spent a week apart to maximize our time away from Costa Rica.

I stayed up in Canada for 2 weeks, taking care of all the admin work involved with changing my last name and organizing all of our other paperwork, while Max flew down to Florida to spend some time with his mom.

Sunset overlooking Playa Blanca in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Sunset overlooking Playa Blanca in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

In mid-June, we flew back to Costa Rica! This time, we only spent a few days at the house before packing our bags and heading out on a week-long adventure to Southern Costa Rica, an area known as Puntarenas. Here we finally got a chance to check out Manuel Antonio, one of the most popular attractions in the country, as well as spend some time exploring nearby towns of Dominical and Uvita.


Oksana & Max on Gemelas Beach in Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Rica
Hanging out on a tree on Gemelas Beach in Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Rica

We loved our time in Puntarenas! While this region is located only 5 hours south of where we are based in Guanacaste, it looks and feels very different from the North Pacific Coast. So green and so lush! We spent our time chasing waterfalls, exploring national parks, checking our new beaches, and staying in some amazing hotels along the way! We thought 7 days would give us plenty of time to check out all 3 towns, but with all the activities and cool places to check out in this area, we felt like we definitely missed out on a few awesome spots. We are already planning to return for more Puntarenas fun in October!

Max & Oksana at Uvita Waterfall in Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Enjoying an afternoon at Uvita Waterfall

Here are some stats from the month of June:

Countries Visited

US, Canada, Costa Rica

Cities/Towns Visited

Canada: Toronto

US: Anna Maria Island, Tampa

Costa Rica: Playa Avellanas, Uvita, Dominical, Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park, view from Costa Verde Hotel. Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio National Park, view from Costa Verde Hotel

Photos Taken


Nuayaca Waterfall, Dominical Costa Rica
One of our favourite photos  – Nuayaca Waterfall, Dominical, Costa Rica

Money Spent

Since we spent a good chunk of the month staying with family and at the house in Costa Rica, our expenses for this month were mostly food/drink and activities while in Canada and on the road in Puntarenas. Our monthly total added up to just over $1,300 (excluding the cost of our upcoming flights to Cuba and Brazil which we finally reserved this month. These added up to additional $1,327 USD)

Travel Highlights

The highlight of June was definitely the week we spent traveling through Puntarenas. We loved our time in Uvita! We spent time exploring the waterfalls in the area, checking out the Marino Ballena National Park, and spending lots of time relaxing in the beautiful infinity pool at the Oxygen Jungle Villas, our accommodation in Uvita.

Max & Oksana in Infinity Pool at Oxygen Jungle Villas in Uvita, Costa Rica
Enjoying the views from the infinity pool at Oxygen Jungle Villas in Uvita

We also really enjoyed our time in Manuel Antonio National Park. As touristy as it is, we still found it a great place to spot wildlife and enjoy one of the best swimming beaches in Costa Rica.

…and Lowlights

I managed to walk 10K while exploring Manuel Antonio National Park. We walked all the trails in the park, climbed all the steps, and checked out all of the park’s nooks and crannies. We were so happy to see that I was able to conquer the park like a champ, until the following day when my legs cramped up after all the exercise! I was so sore I could barely walk! I guess my muscles were really not happy with that much exercise all in one day! Ooops.

Favourite Accommodation

We fell in love with our all-glass Jungle Villa at the Oxygen Jungle Villas in Uvita. It was secluded and completed surrounded by the jungle. We loved waking up to the sounds of nature and enjoying our morning tea on the open air terrace overlooking the forest.

Max & Oksana enjoying jungle views with morning tea. Oxygen Jungle Villas, Uvita
Enjoying jungle views with our morning tea at the Oxygen Jungle Villas in Uvita

The complex had amazing views of the entire town of Uvita, including Marino Ballena National Park. There was an awesome infinity pool and even a private waterfall that we hiked to during one of our days there. The accommodation was so nice that we actually had to force ourselves to leave its premises to check out other things in town. We are really grateful to Oxygen Jungle Villas for hosting us on their property – it was an absolute treat!

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Blog Updates

This month we conducted an Annual Reader Survey and shared our findings and resulting changes in our post: 2016 Reader Survey Results & Ch.. ch…changes!

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Next Month

We are packing our bags and saying goodbye to Costa Rica (and to Mia 🙁 ) as we start our much anticipated 3 months adventure. We’ll head up to Canada and spend 2 weeks enjoying the great outdoors. This time, we’ll have only a few days in the city before we head up north.  

We rented a cottage (the quintessential thing to do in Canada in the summer) in Kawartha Lakes just 2 hours north of Toronto for the first week and have gathered a big group of friends together to help celebrate Max’s 30th birthday! From there, we’ll head up to Cornwall for some camping.

From Toronto, we are flying straight to Varadero, Cuba to begin our 3.5 week adventure across the country!

What did you get up to in June? Any exciting adventures planned for July?

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