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Anyone that knows me knows the following two things: I never lose an argument and I love SUBWAY® Restaurants. For as long as I can remember, I have always preferred a sub to any other fast food alternative, considering it a healthier yet budget friendly meal option.

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Fast food isn’t really a part of our typical diet. When you travel the world as much as we do and sample dozens of new dishes a month, you learn that the best tasting and healthiest meals end up being the ones cooked from local ingredients with minimum processing. When we stay at B&Bs, we choose meals cooked by our hosts, when we rent apartments, we stock up on produce from farmers markets, and even when we go out, we prefer small restaurants that cook with fresh local ingredients. The farm-to-table movement is getting big, and we want to be a part of it to avoid contributing to the global industrial wastage of food.

Unfortunately, finding farm-to-table food that doesn’t break the bank isn’t always easy as budget friendly, fresh options in Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, and especially North American are few and far between. And that’s exactly why time and time again we find ourselves turning to SUBWAY® Restaurants

We think SUBWAY® sandwiches are some of the best options for fresh fast food on the go. They are always priced in line with our spending habits and provide good value for the money.  Plus, as we have found over the years, if you pick your sandwich/salad ingredients right, you can end up with a high-quality nutrition filled meal that doesn’t feel like fast food at all.  


When SUBWAY approached us with an offer to write about their new locally-grown produce initiative, we jumped on the opportunity. When you find out something you love is doing something really great, you want to shout about it from the rooftops, right?

The news that locally-grown produce is now being used in 1,300 Subway Shops in Ontario intrigued me (find a store near you). Upon further reading, I discovered that their new initiative is part of an overall mission towards sustainable sourcing of ingredients. The mission is clear – reduce the global carbon imprint on delivering ingredients to their franchises across North America. I like when I see large global business take initiative towards doing their part in reducing wastage and embracing sustainable agriculture. It’s another brownie point for SUBWAY® Restaurants


As someone who is constantly traveling the world, I am always concerned about staying healthy on the road. Eating well and keeping up an exercise routine while traveling is one of the toughest challenges for anyone who spends long stretches of time on the road, us included.

We don’t have it all figured out yet, but one thing is for sure – SUBWAY® Restaurants are still my favourite fast-food chain and one of the only restaurant chains that we frequent while on the road. Although we mostly prefer to try local specialties when in new countries, sometimes when we are in transit or are exhausted from a long day of exploring and don’t feel like looking for new restaurants or trying new and exotic things, we seek out SUBWAY® Restaurants for a taste of something locally-grown, fresh, and familiar.

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Eating well and keeping up an exercise routine while traveling is one of the toughest challenges for any traveler. We have found one solution to eat fresh even when we are in transit! #sponsored

What’s your favourite way of getting fresh food on the road?


2 thoughts on “Eating Local Fresh Food While Traveling Just Got Easier”

  1. I love Subway. It’s a staple of mine when I travel and want to eat healthy. Plus, it’s cheap! I do skip on the sauces and cheese though. Then just load up on the veggies.

    1. Max St. John

      Yeah I agree with the loading up on the veg. Have definitely taken one on board flights before when we travel on budget airlines with no meals provided.

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