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Believe it or not, one of the most challenging wardrobe items to upgrade on our journey to a sustainable travel closet, has been intimates.

It’s challenging enough to find intimates that fit, let alone an ethically manufactured intimate line made from sustainable fabrics.

My search for sustainable intimates manufacturers has led me to Organic Basics, a brand of intimates and other basics out of Denmark.

About Organic Basics

Organic Basics was established in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark as a sustainable basics company committed to providing better fabrics, ethical manufacturing practices, and longer-lasting pieces.

Organic basics sustainable intimates

Their commitment to better fabrics means that they only ever use Class A and B fibers, like organic cotton, recycled nylon, and silver tech anti-odor technology. These sustainable fabrics have less of an impact on the environment both during their manufacturing cycles as well as during the item’s usage. They can be worn more and for longer and require less washing and drying than regular fabrics.

Organic Basics focuses not only on the items themselves, but also on the reduction of packaging, management of wastewater, and overall sustainability in their operations.

Organic Basics Items

Organic Basics line includes both men’s and women’s basics, but since Max has already found his ethical basics at Unbound, we didn’t test out their men’s line.

Women’s Basics

Organic Basics women’s line consists of underwear, socks, bras, and t-shirts. There is an Organic Cotton Line and a SilveTech Line. All items come in just 3 colours: white, black, and pink nude. There are no bright colours, no fancy patterns, just simple clean cuts and very designs that are … well, basic.  

I opted for the SilverTech line to take advantage of the line’s anti-odour properties and have been very pleased with the items I’ve tested so far. Most have earned a stop in my travel wardrobe.

Women’s Tee

Their basic short sleeve t-shirt is made out of 82% Organic Cotton, 12% Silver Yarn, 6% Elastane. The tee has a nice stretch to it and is a great little staple to add to my summer capsule wardrobe. It’s simple and fits well. The t-shirt is easy to dress up or down, which makes it suitable for many occasions.

Oksana wearing Organic Basics t-shirt on the beach in Costa Rica
Oksana wearing Organic Basics t-shirt on the beach in Costa Rica

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Active Sports Bra

The active sports bra is probably my favourite piece from the SilverTech line. It is made with GOTS certified organic cotton and a sustainable silver thread and is the perfect bra for any occasion.

It has great support, good coverage, and nice style, making it suitable for exercising, as well as everyday wear. It looks really nice under a t-shirt and even on its own.

Oksana wearing Organic Basics SilverTech sports bra
Oksana wearing Organic Basics SilverTech sports bra


The SilverTech socks come in 2 different lengths, a regular mid-calf sock, and an ankle sock. I find both to be useful for different occasions. The ankle socks are perfect for wearing with running shoes, while the mid-calf design is more suitable for hiking boots.

Thanks to a sustainable silver thread, these socks keep odours at bay and require less washing, which makes them ideal for travel. 

Organic Basics socks
Organic Basics socks

Hipster briefs

I’ll be honest, their underwear was the only thing I didn’t love about my Organic Basics sample pack. Despite the fact that I got the briefs in my usual size, they were just a bit too small on the bum cheeks and as a result constricted my movement. I also found the fabric to be too thick and thus prone to more sweating. Sadly, I don’t think these will make it into my travel wardrobe rotation.

I was pleased to hear though that Organic Basics is working on the development of a new and improved SilverTech line. They are calling is SilverTech 2.0.

The new SilverTech fabric is meant to be more breathable, more moisture-wicking, and made out of recycled materials. I’m looking forward to giving the new fabric a try and hope that it’ll help me finally the best travel underwear for women.

What basics brand do you use in your everyday life and on your travels?

Disclaimer: Items mentioned in this post were provided to me courtesy of Organic Basics, however all opinions expressed in this article are my own and have in no way been influenced by the brand. 

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