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Welcome to another edition of the  “Work and Travel Abroad“ Series! In this series, we feature stories from those who have managed to find ways to earn money while traveling by working jobs that don’t resemble a typical 9-5 routine. They share their experiences, give their advice, hopefully inspiring many of you to believe that paying your bills and saving for the future while traveling the world IS POSSIBLE!

Today, we are excited to share our Q&A with Laura from Travelling Weasels who shares her experience working as a traveling vlogger. 

Q: Who are the Travelling Weasels? Tell us a bit about yourselves.

A: My name is Laura, I am a Brit and I travel the world full-time with my German fiancé Tanbay.

Q: What was your life like before you started traveling full time? Where did you live/study/work?

A: We lived together in the UK, I studied mathematics at Birmingham and Tanbay was working his way up the corporate ladder.

Q: What inspired you to start traveling? How long have you been on
the road?

A: After I graduated we wanted to have a gap year so we headed over to Australia. This was back in 2013 and we’ve been on the road ever since.

Q: How do you afford to keep traveling?

A: Initially we kept our costs to an unbelievably low minimum through house sitting – we looked after people’s pets and homes in return for free accommodation and often food and transport too. House sitting was the perfect place for us to start our blog and vlog, as we had the time and didn’t have to worry about money. Nowadays, we live off our blog and vlog full time: we work with hotels, tourism boards and travel companies, and make a decent income to cover everything else. We still house sit occasionally, when we have the time!

Q: How did you get into vlogging as a way to earn money on the road? Did you have any formal training/education prior to starting?

A: We started a daily vlog in attempt to make sure we did something interesting everyday. We soon realised that it was a lot more fun than blogging and we had a great response from our audience.

Q: Where in the world have your vlogging taken you?

A: We started vlogging in Feb 2016 so so far only Iceland and Rome, and our trips to Canada and the US which are coming up at the end of the month.

Q: What are some highs and lows of being a traveling vlogger?

A: Highs include the connection to our viewers and having the best travel keepsakes.
Lows include feeling like we always need to improve our equipment – new cameras etc

Q: How do you make money from vlogging? Do you make enough to cover your living expenses? Are you able to save anything to continue traveling?

A: From adverts and from sponsors. Companies will pay us to review their products, with the knowledge that we can only ever give an honest review. At the moment our blog is making us enough to cover our living expenses and make us some savings too.

Q: Have you visited any countries where earning money from vlogging was tough? Maybe due to poor internet or for any other reason.

Α: Actually the Philippines: we had lots of beautiful footage, but couldn’t upload it immediately because of poor internet – this was probably a good thing for us!

Q: Would you recommend vlogging as a way to earn money on the roadto someone who wants to quit their 9-5 routine and explore the world? What advice would you give them?

A: I’d recommend vlogging as a way to enjoy your life more – it’s fun to do and you can learn a lot about yourself through it. I would recommend both blogging and vlogging as a way to earn money on the road, but would say to find other ways to support yourself in the first year or two – freelance work, housesitting, etc. If you are prepared to work passionately for a year at blogging and vlogging with pretty much no return, then you will see a lot of return in the future. Lots of people starts blogs/vlogs and give-up too soon.

Q: Where would one start if they wanted to follow your path of becoming a traveling vlogger?

A: Start immediately! Your first vlogs might be rubbish (ours were) but the hardest thing was just making ourselves start – we had so many excuses, but none of them were good enough.

Q: What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to in 2017?

A: Next week we are heading to Canada and the US for press trips, before we head out to Bangkok. After that we’re not 100% sure, but Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia are very high on our bucket lists.

ABOUT: Laura and Tanbay successfully weaselled their way out of the rat race in 2013 and have been travelling the world together full-time ever since.

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Also, check out their travel blog.

Huge thanks to Laura for taking the time to answer our questions and share their experience with us! If you have any further questions for Laura and Tanbay, leave a comment below!

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Work as a traveling Vlogger

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