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Welcome to another edition of the  “Work and Travel Abroad“ Series! In this series, I feature weekly stories of travelers who have managed to find ways to earn money while traveling by working jobs that don’t resemble a typical 9-5 routine. They share their experiences, give their advice, hopefully inspiring many of you to believe that paying your bills and saving for the future while traveling the world IS POSSIBLE!


Today, I share my Q&A with Angela from The Yachtie Glow who talks about her experience working as a Super Yacht Stewardess.

Q: Who is Angela? Tell us a bit about yourself and The Yachtie Glow
A: I am a Super Yacht Stewardess that loves traveling the world and has a passion for writing and healthy, Vegan living.  My happy place is anywhere tropical by the ocean, with plenty of fresh tropical fruit and places to run, bike, swim, surf, rock climb and do yoga outside.
The aim of the Yachtie Glow is to inspire Yacht Crew and fellow travelers to stay healthy and fit while working on board and traveling the world.

Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow
Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow

Q: So you live and work on a Yacht? What is that like?
A: Yes, I’ve lived and worked on a Yacht since 2010.  It’s incredible actually because it’s challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Q: How did you end up in such a unique job?
A: I used to work on a Cruise ship in Hawaii and my friend who I had worked with there, mentioned Yachting.  It took me about six months to make the decision to leave Los Angeles and move to Fort Lauderdale. There I took classes, went to crew agencies and advertised myself in the Yachting publications.  For more information read: How I Got a Job on a Yacht

Q: What does your job as a Yacht Stewardess actually entail? What are your responsibilities on board?
I am the Head Stewardess on board and my job entails running the day to day operations of the interior of the boat.  This includes but is not limited to managing the other Stewardesses, leading guest service, managing housekeeping and liaising with the Chef about food. Other job titles I have are Event Planner, Concierge, Butler and Project Manager.  I often tell people my job is a lot like being a floating five star hotel manager.

Q: What are some highs and lows of being a yacht stewardess? Do you love what you do?
Oh yes, I love what I do! There are highs and lows in every job so I try to imagine them in other industries and for me Yachting wins out as the best option for me at the moment, every time. The lows in Yachting are that the work can become monotonous at times, you are never settled in one place for long and there are crew and guest politics that can drive you nuts if you let them. Also, it can become quite difficult to remain in a good mood for service when out at sea and thee air conditioner breaks down. However, for me that is all trivial. The only VERY big low for me is not being able to have as many fruits and veggies on board for myself as I would like because of space. I still do everything I can to make it work and I try to help others do the same through my blog.

Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow
Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow

The highs in Yachting are that the lifestyle can be very rewarding, exciting and fun at times. There is also great potential for travel, making money and investing.  It is also fantastic to not have many bills, sit in traffic or in a cubicle and have a crew that is like family.

Q: Does it allow you to pay your bills (do you even have any) and save up for the future?
The pay is good and can be outstanding depending on your experience and time in the industry.  Many long-term crew have invested well and set themselves up for the future with real estate, stocks and businesses. We meet all kinds of people from all kinds of places. Recently, some Melbourne Property Valuers let us in on some sound advice and many of a crew are still talking about their options. You are entitled to live on the boat and most boats pay for food and some toiletries. Some boats even pay for a car that is shared amongst the crew.  With that said, you have the potential to get rid of all bills and save very quickly.

Q: Where has the job taken you so far?
A: The boats I have worked on have taken me to the East Coast of America, many islands in the Caribbean and Bahamas as well as the Mediterranean in Europe and the North of Africa.  However, on my time off and the money I have saved I have traveled to many other places, including, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Central America.

Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow
Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow

Q: Do you ever get breaks, time to travel and explore on your own?
When the guests are not on board, we work an 8am-5pm job and get most weekends off.  When we are underway to a location or the guests are on board we don’t get days off.

Q: Would you recommend working on a yacht to others looking to fund their travels? What would your advice be to them?
A: My biggest advice to you, if you are considering joining a Yacht is to stay for at least one year and give it your all. Yachting on bigger boats really isn’t a summer job because it’s very much team oriented. When one crewmember is just there to party and travel, it really brings down the quality of the boat.  The crew feels it and so do the guests.  The operation of a Yacht is a delicate, interwoven system and it’s best run with professional crew.  If you are looking to just fund your travels and stay for a short while, I suggest working on sailboats, catamarans or other smaller boats.

Q: Where would one start if they wanted to look for a job on a yacht? Is there any training/education required?
A: Every aspiring crew must have basic training and acquire an STCW certificate.  Interior crew usually require a basic Silver Service course and Exterior and Engineer crew are recommended to have other basic qualifications.

It is recommended to do these certificates as well as move to the port where you will be looking for work. The major ports are Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Antibes, France.

Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow
Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow

Q: What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to in 2015?
I am at a stage where I am planning my future pretty intensely.  The first two years in Yachting I paid off loans and cleared myself of debt. I actually, even raised my credit!  These past few years have been about investing and building my business online.  I’m looking forward to helping millions of people get healthy and travel healthy through inspirational videos, blog posts and products I create.  I am also looking forward to my new website and a possible new brand to be launched before this summer!

Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow
Angela Orecchio from the Yachtie Glow. Photo courtesy of The Yachtie Glow


Huge thanks to Angela for taking the time to answer my questions and share her experience with us!

Does working on a yacht sound appealing to you? If not, check out other posts in the “Work and Travel Abroad” Series for more ideas and stories from other travelers.

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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if there was any opportunity for a registered massage therapist to work aboard the yacht? I have been trained/certified/registered in Canada.
    Thank you for your time and any information you could provide!

    1. Hi Dana,

      This post was written for us by Angela from the Yachtie Glow so it’s best that you reach out to her via her blog and ask her directly. I’m sorry we can’t be of more help.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing! I had no idea there was so much entailed in working as a yacht stewardess but it sounds as rewarding as it sounds difficult! Definitely an invigorating type of job!

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