Guide to Visiting Yamba, New South Wales in 2023

Yamba is a laid-back little surfing town at the mouth of the Clarence River in New South Wales, Australia. A place once built on prawn trawling and sugar cane farming, Yamba has grown into a vibrant town full of life. 

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If beaches and surfing are calling your name, Yamba is a great stop on a Brisbane to Sydney road trip.

Yamba has long been famous for its amazing surf breaks but hasn’t blown up like other hotspots. While it’s no hidden secret, Yamba maintains a mellow and unpretentious vibe that feels authentically Australian. 

Its gorgeous north coast shoreline is pristine and carries a charm that runs through the whole town. The town is booming with new restaurants and cafes that celebrate local produce and champion the community.  

If Yamba hasn’t been on your radar, check out these awesome things to do in town and be sure to add Yamba to your list of charming towns to visit in Australia.

Yamba Main Beach, Yamba, NSW
Yamba Main Beach, Yamba, NSW
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How To Get There 

The town of Yamba is located on the northern coast of NSW in the Clarence Valley and is a popular stopover on the drive from Sydney To Brisbane or the reverse. 

By Car

It’s a 3-hour drive from Brisbane, along the Pacific Highway, spanning 280 km. 

In the opposite direction, Sydney to Yamba is 670 km away and takes about 7 hours by car. 

By Bus

Yamba is located in northern New South Wales. There are different ways to get to Yamba by bus.

  •  From Sydney, you can take a Greyhound Australia bus with tickets costing between $95 and $155. 
  • From Byron Bay, you can take a bus to Yamba with Greyhound Australia. The tickets start from $11. 
  • Grafton is another place with a bus station going to Yamba. Remember to take route number 380. 

By Train 

You can take a train to Yamba using the NSW TrainLink. The available stations that would take you to Yamba include Coldstream St, Claude St and Clarence St. 

By Air

Visitors from elsewhere can fly into the nearest Ballina Byron Gateway Airport and enjoy the scenic drive down. The route from Byron Bay to Yamba is only 130 km and takes 1.5 hours to drive.

Main Street in Yamba, NSW
Main Street in Yamba, NSW

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Best Time to Visit Yamba

Yamba is a beach town with a temperate climate and distinct seasons, so while it’s a great destination to visit any time of the year, the seasons

Summer in Yamba offers warm temperatures and is a popular time to enjoy the beaches. The average daytime temperatures range from 20 to 30C° (68 to 86F°). This season is ideal for swimming, surfing, and enjoying outdoor activities. However, keep in mind that it can get quite crowded, especially during school holidays and over Christmas and New Year’s.

Autumn is a pleasant time to visit Yamba, with milder temperatures and less crowded beaches compared to summer. Daytime temperatures range from 17 to 26C° (63 to 79F°). It’s a great time for outdoor activities, and the ocean remains inviting for those interested in water sports. The weather is generally comfortable, making it a good time to explore the coastal areas and enjoy nature.

Yamba experiences mild winters, with daytime temperatures ranging from 11 to 20C° (52 to 68F°). While it’s not as warm as summer, winter is still a viable time to visit, especially for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere. Winter is suitable for activities like hiking, fishing, and exploring the local culture. The ocean may be a bit cooler, but it’s still possible to enjoy the beaches.

Spring marks the beginning of warmer temperatures, with daytime highs ranging from 15 to 25C° (59 to 77F°). This season brings blooming flowers and a rejuvenation of the landscape. Spring is an excellent time for nature walks, birdwatching, and enjoying the scenic beauty of Yamba. The beaches become more inviting as the weather warms up, making it a good time for a mix of outdoor activities.

The native Australian Golden Bottlebrush.
The native Australian Golden Bottlebrush is found in Yamba.

Things To Do In Yamba, NSW

From roaming the markets to combing the beach, Yamba attractions are all about laid-back beachside living.

Visit Yamba Beaches

The biggest draw to Yamba is its beautiful beaches. Yamba has five pristine beaches to choose from in town and many other gems in the surrounding area.

Yamba Main Beach 

Just steps from the quaint streets of town, Yamba Main Beach is a peaceful, sandy haven with an awesome ocean pool. The Yamba ocean pool is built right into the rocks where seawater pours in, and changing tides continuously splash and clean the water. 

The Yamba beach itself is set at the foot of the iconic Pacific Hotel, surrounded by bluffs and rolling waves that sweep the shore. It’s home to one of the oldest surf clubs in the world and has a great cafe, The Kiosk, to grab a cup of coffee.

Ocean pools at the Yamba Main Beach, NSW
Ocean pools at the Yamba Main Beach, NSW

Pippi Beach

Located South of Yamba Point, Pippi Beach is an idyllic place to visit for a sunset stroll and an enjoyable view. Strong southern swells can thrash at Pippi Beach, but on calm days, this 1.6km stretch of beach is lovely. Plus, Flat Rock has an off-leash dog area on the south end, which is perfect if you’re travelling with pets. 

Turners Beach 

Probably the best surf beach in Yamba, Turners Beach is the perfect spot for surfing, swimming, and fishing. It’s on the other side of the Yamba Lighthouse from Main Beach and is just a short walk from the town centre. Pack a picnic and spend an afternoon fishing off the break wall as surfers pound the passing waves.

View of the Pacific Ocean from Wooli Park, Yamba, NSW
View of the Pacific Ocean from Wooli Park, Yamba, NSW

Whiting Beach 

While the waves at Pippi are roaring, the sheltered cove at Whiting Beach is always calm and unruffled. Just a short stroll from the coastal town, Whiting Beach is an ideal beach for families with kids and those wanting to enjoy a mellow paddle.

Convent Beach 

The shady shores at Convent Beach are peaceful and secluded despite sitting at the edge of town. Backed by rocky bluffs and lush vegetation, Convent Beach feels tucked away and sheltered. Ideal for a quiet time by the ocean and sunbathing. It gets its name from the former nunnery that previously overlooked it, which has been closed for a long time. It’s a bit rocky as a swimming spot but makes for a nice place to relax and look for dolphins.

Visit Angourie Point + Blue And Green Pools

If surfing is on your agenda, venture down to Angourie Point and hit one of the best right-hand point breaks in Australia. The small seaside village is just 10 minutes south of Yamba and is well worth a visit. The Angourie beach is a national surfing reserve with its own roster of incredible beaches to explore. 

Spend the day at Back Beach or Spooky’s before heading up to the lookout for a postcard-worthy vantage point that’s likely to feature whales and dolphins.

Beyond surfing, Angourie’s Blue and Green Pools are a must-see for travellers visiting the Clarence Valley. The freshwater pools are said to be the result of an old mining quarry, but now, they serve as a swimming hole favoured by locals. The vibrant-coloured water appears bottomless and is a haven for cliff jumping. After a cool dip on a hot day, head over to Cafe Angourie for a coffee or yummy vegan bowl.

Angourie Bay, Angourie, Yamba, New South Wales
Angourie Bay, Angourie. Photo courtesy of Destination NSW

Go For Scenic Walks

Retrace history around town or embark on a coastal adventure through the Clarence Valley.

Historic Yamba Hill Walk 

There are two different historic walking trails that hit some of Yamba’s most iconic landmarks. For a hilly stroll, the Yamba Hill Walk is a 4 km journey around the perimeter of town that takes about 2 hours. If you want to keep things at sea level, the Flat Walk is a 3-km trail that allows you to explore the north end of town without the steep grades. 

Both tracks are self-guided and follow the steps of 18th-century explorer Matthew Flinders. You’ll pass by Flinders Well, the Yamba Lighthouse, and the Yamba Museum, where you can pick up a trail map.

Turner’s Breakwall 

The breakwall at Turner’s Beach is a great place to go for a stroll and to watch the surfers. The rocky wall extends into the mouth of the Clarence River, so you’ll have a great view of Turners Beach and the Lighthouse. You’re likely to find the breakwall lined with anglers, as it’s one of the best fishing spots in Yamba.

Turners Beach, Yamba, New South Wales
Turners Beach, Yamba. Photo courtesy of Destination NSW

Yuraygir Coastal Walk 

If you’re feeling adventurous and have a few days to spend in Yamba, the Yuraygir Coastal Walk is a real gem to visit. This multi-day hike begins in Angourie and ventures through Yuraygir National Park, about 65 km down to Red Rock. The scenery is spectacular and follows beaches, lagoons, and rocky headlands along trails once crossed by coastal emus. The hike usually takes 4-5 days (one way) and has loads of opportunities for snorkelling, swimming, camping, and wildlife viewing.

Red Cliff Beach, Yuraygir National Park. Photo courtesy of Destination NSW
Red Cliff Beach, Yuraygir National Park. Photo courtesy of Destination NSW

Visit The Markets

On the last Sunday of every month, the Yamba River Markets are filled with stalls offering local clothing, jewellery, and food. The market is a fun place to wander around and check out pieces by local artists and musicians. 

The Yamba Farmers & Producers Market runs every Wednesday and features some of the best fresh produce and meats from the region. Pick up a loaf of organic sourdough, Turkish pastries, and some Byron Bay salami and head to Turners Beach for a picnic.

Yamba, New South Wales
Views down Coldstream Street to Yamba’s town centre. Photo courtesy of Destination NSW

Best Restaurants Yamba, Australia

Spoiled with amazing fishing, Yamba restaurants serve up a mean plate of seafood with lots of veggie options, too. 


Showcasing the absolute best that the region has to offer, Karrikin is a true Yamba treasure. The restaurant’s concept is all about celebrating Australian cuisine by connecting your food to your surroundings. The restaurant uses all local and seasonal ingredients sourced from the Clarence Valley to help the food scene thrive. With an emphasis on social dining, it’s a great spot for groups, offering shared plates and an ever-changing menu.

Pacific Hotel

A Yamba, NSW staple, the Pacific Hotel is one of the best places to grab a beer and look out over Yamba Bay. The Hotel has been beloved by locals since the 1930s and is a bustling hub for casual dining and live music. The bar offers a menu of pub grub that goes great with an ice-cold beer and a sunset. The Pacific Hotel has some of the best real estate in Yamba so grab a seat and enjoy the view!

Good Days

A cozy cafe in the heart of Yamba, Good Days serves up delicious and nutritious snacks and beverages. They brew specialty organic coffee from Melbourne’s Padre Coffee alongside fresh smoothies and cold-pressed juices. They also offer a roster of tasty vegan treats like banana bread and acai bowls.


If you’ve come to Yamba in search of local seafood, look no further than Sandbar. Sandbar is run by a third-generation fishing family that serves “ocean to table” style dining that’s as fresh as it gets. The menu is entirely based on what the trawlers catch that day, which is always incredible coming from Yamba’s pristine waters. 

Sandbar offers tapas and share plates, along with a delightful breakfast menu. Everything they serve is local to Yamba or its surrounding seaside villages, with a focus on quality and community.

Yamba Ice Creamery

No trip to Yamba is complete without a scoop (or three) from the Yamba Ice Creamery. This place has fresh Italian-style gelato that makes my mouth water just thinking about it! It’s our favourite ice cream place in Australia, and a must-try for any Yamba visitor.

Yamba Ice Creamery
Yamba Ice Creamery

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Where To Stay In Yamba, New South Wales

Yamba offers multiple options for accommodation, including beachy hotels, seaside campgrounds, and caravan parks close to all the attractions.

Calypso Holiday Park

Conveniently located close to the town centre, the Calypso Holiday Park has something for all visitors. It’s set right on the edge of the Clarence Coast and provides easy access to everything Yamba has to offer. 

On-site, there’s a swimming pool, playground, and BBQ area with peaceful views of the wharf. The park offers riverfront cabins, powered caravan sites, and unpowered sites for tents or vans. Unpowered sites start at $37, or you can snag a cabin starting at $102 per night.

Calypso Holiday Park, Yamba, New South Wales
Calypso Holiday Park, Yamba, New South Wales. Photo courtesy of Destination NSW

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort

If you’re visiting Yamba with kids, Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort is sure to please. The grounds are set on 6 hectares of peaceful land on the banks of the Clarence River overlooking the marina. 

The resort boasts several amenities, from swimming pools and go-karts to a water park. There’s a private jetty for fishing and a 300m riverfront for swimming, paddling, or a sunset stroll. Blue Dolphin offers 1-3 bedroom villas, cabins, and powered & unpowered campsites. Unpowered sites are $42, and villas start at $140 per night.

Shelley Head Campground 

There aren’t too many rustic Yamba camping grounds, so you’ll have to travel south and go beyond Angourie to Yuraygir National Park. If you’re looking to get your fix of peaceful remote camping, Shelley Head is the spot. It’s a great launchpoint for exploring the park or as a stop on the Yuraygir Coastal Walk. There are 10 walk-in sites with picnic tables that are free but must be booked ahead of time


Far from the splash pads of caravan parks, Clubyamba is an adults-only retreat set in lush, peaceful gardens. The small property feels cozy and intimate, with a private setting that’s all about relaxation. 

From Clubyamba, you can easily walk to Pippi Beach or into the town centre for dinner or a drink. The hotel is made up of suites and villas with fully equipped kitchens and gorgeous views. Rooms start at $168 per night.

The Stella

Overlooking beautiful Yamba Main Beach, The Stella offers wonderfully designed suites with seaside charm. The property has been recently renovated with a coastal chic concept in mind. The Stella is located in the centre of Yamba, with restaurants and beaches right at your door. 

Most rooms have lovely little balconies that are perfect for relaxing and admiring the view. And if you’re there on a Sunday, you can start your day with a lawn yoga session in the courtyard. The Stella offers rooms and apartments starting at $110 per night. 

Sunrise at Yamba Ocean Pool.
Sunrise at Yamba Ocean Pool.


Have you been to Yamba, New South Wales? What was the highlight of your trip?

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  1. Beaches located in small towns give you that calming and welcoming feels for some reason. They also serve the best food! The thought of being in Sandbar after surfing is mouth-watering. I will definitely add Yamba to my list.

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