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With over 180 parks, 16 lakes, and 200 miles of recreational paths, the Twin Cities of Minnesota are greener than green. St. Paul and Minneapolis are both divided by the great Mississippi River, providing an excellent opportunity for the parks and recreation to flourish with full bloom. While both cities are amazingly beautiful, today, we will take a theoretic walk through the great green city of St. Paul.

St. Paul residents love outdoor activities. Lush green parks and the eco-lifestyle make people go into the great outdoors, even in winter. The city has introduced a new, better, and expanding light-rail transit system along with green buses. It’s an amazingly time-saving and eco-friendly way to get around the city. 

City Guide: lSaint Paul, Minnesota Skyline, things to do in St. Paul
St. Paul City Skyline

If you like to admire nature closely, St. Paul is a must-visit destination. The beautiful river, thriving parks, and eco-friendly environment will take you years away from the metropolitan lifestyle.

Best Time to Visit St. Paul

While the residents of St. Paul love going out all year round, the best time to visit the city is from June to August. It’s when the temperature reaches around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. At this time, lakes and parks are filled with locals and visitors. 

If you want to visit St. Paul during the peak season, plan your trip in summers. The city is in full swing these days. Huge festivals and large farmer markets take over the city.

However, if you would rather visit the city in a comparatively quieter time, early fall is an amazing time in St. Paul. The leaves are about to fall and change colours. Every corner of the city becomes the perfect spot. The comfortable temperature also allows more options for more diverse activities. 

Winters in St. Paul are frosty, but they bring abundant deals from hotels and airlines. This makes the winter season a great time to visit St. Paul on a budget

Top Things to Do in St. Paul

As the state capital, St. Paul is very different from all the cities of Minnesota. It is laid out spaciously and is built over terraces above Mississippi. This town has an atmosphere of an old and historic frontier town

Cathedral of Saint Paul Minnesota, things to do in St. Paul
Cathedral of Saint Paul

While having a lot of attractions, the jewel in St. Paul’s crown is the amazing “Cathedral of St. Paul”. It overshadows the downtown region of the city.  On the other hand, if you want to take a walk through the grand historic doors, Summit Avenue’s Golden Age villas will take you there. 

River Through The City, things to do in St. Paul
River Through The City

St. Paul is filled with sustainable historic activities. Let’s have a look at how you can make your time memorable in this green city.

Stroll Down the Historic Summit Avenue

If you are visiting St. Paul near the fall season, you’ll witness all sorts of colours. Summit Avenue brings you a blend of nature and history in one place. Would you believe that this place is home to the longest and largest collections of the breathtaking Victorian buildings in the U.S? Out of 440 of its original mansions, 373 are still standing strong, giving this place an unexplainable vibe.

From the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century, millionaires of St. Paul lived in these mansions. The avenue begins with the mesmerizing Cathedral of St. Paul, a scaled version of Saint Peter’s Basilica of Vatican City. This marks the city’s highest point downtown. You will find many other historic houses here as well. Just a simple walk through this avenue will give you an unforgettable historical experience. Also, if you are looking for more historic attractions to visit during the fall season, you might want to check our top 6 fall getaway destinations here

things to do in St. Paul, Downtown Saint Paul Riverfront by Tony Webster. https://www.flickr.com/photos/diversey/695165531
Downtown Saint Paul Riverfront. Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr CC.

This place also has many restaurants, stalls, and shops for tourists. You can look at the historic houses all you want. Buy a few souvenirs, eat something amazing and make memories. A day at Summit Avenue will be a wholesome experience.  

Check Out St. Paul’s Exceptional Neighborhoods

St. Paul has amazing neighbourhoods that bring a unique vibe to the city’s value. While being exceptionally mesmerizing, such localities are working hard to provide visitors and residents with a better and sustainable lifestyle. One of such amazing areas is the Uptown neighbourhood of St. Paul. If you are visiting here in August, make sure to attend the famous Food Truck Festival that occurs in Lowertown, St. Paul. 

As the name suggests, this festival showcases more than forty food trucks. These food trucks will bring you delicious street dishes, including pizzas, papaya salads, mini gourmet donuts, and crispy, fried snacks. The Food Truck Festival is all about food, drinks, and music. 

The best part? This event is free. You can join in at any time. As an exclusive add-on, there is live music. Listen to melodious songs and dance your heart out. This festival is especially a must-see if you have kids.. With plenty of games, giveaways, and gifts, a lot of fun and amusement is guaranteed. 

Make Memories at The St. Paul Winter Carnival

Minnesotans are fun at heart. Even the coldest temperatures cannot keep them inside. Embracing the mesmerizing beauty of white winter, St. Paul celebrates this time of year with a unique festival. While most cities close down during harsh weather, St. Paul welcomes it with open arms. Even lakes like Lake Minnetonka have events all winter long. The St. Paul Winter Carnival is an annual event. Most tourists visit St. Paul during winters only to attend this fabulous festival. 

Going into a full winter spirit, this festival brings unique winter celebrations, including an ice palace, skiing, and shoeing. This carnival shows how to have fun in harsh, chilly weather. It is rightly called the Coolest Celebration on Earth. 

2004_Winter_Carnival_Ice_Castle_(night), things to do in St. Paul
2004 Winter Carnival Ice Castle (night)

St. Paul has been celebrating this winter gala since 1886. Family-friendly activities and events have made it a one-of-a-kind event over the years. Bringing community pride to the city, the natives celebrate this event with increasing zeal and zest every year. 

Just make sure to bring warm clothes to fight the ice-cold winter of St. Paul. Also, bring camera gear to capture the picturesque snow. Most events and activities are free. This can be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. 

Where to Stay in St. Paul

There are many family-friendly stay-in places in St. Paul. Here are some of our favourites that offer easy access to the city’s top attractions. 

The St. Paul Hotel

This hotel promises luxuries with a touch of history, beautiful decor, 24-hour rooftop gym, valet parking, and much more. Ranked among the top hotels in the country, the Saint Paul Hotel is famous for its European inspired look and old classical charm. The premium location, extraordinary services, comfortable accommodations, and elegance makes this hotel unique and worth-staying.

Celeste Hotel

Celeste Hotel is a newly opened hotel in St Paul that is in a restored former convent and music conservatory. If you are a find of history and art conservation (like me), you will love this new boutique hotel nestled near the historic Fitzgerald Theatre in downtown St. Paul. The building was named to the Register of Historic Places in 1989. Celeste Hotel commissioned Museum Services of Minneapolis to remove, clean and restore original paintings that were completed by Catholic nuns who occupied the building. Step back in time by staying in the historic Celeste Hotel. 

Corban Manor Inn

F. Scott Fitzgerald grew up in a quaint home in St Paul. By staying in the Corban Manor Inn, you can step back in time in this manor nestled in gorgeous St. Paul neighbourhood. This bed and breakfast will truly charm your heart. Of course, you have to have breakfast at a B&B. The Corban Manor Inn has partnered with local cafe Bon Vie Cafe to help you have a true french breakfast. This B&B is a great way to truly complement a local experience in St. Paul. 

Where to Eat in St. Paul

St. Paul is packed with remarkable food places. For vegans and vegetarians, here are a few top restaurants in St. Paul.

Pizza Lucé

Featuring local, organic, and indigenous ingredients, Pizza Lucé brings you the best gluten-free pizza in town. Best vegan choices include Bruschetta and Rustler. 

J Selby’s

Aiming to provide gluten-free food, J Selby’s is one of the most popular vegan restaurant choices in St. Paul. Using organic ingredients, it brings you a variety of vegan dishes. Best choices include hash, dirt secret burger, and buffalo wings.

Foxy Falafel 

100% organic and vegan, this woman-owned local restaurant features amazing food with character. Visit this restaurant to give your tastebuds a unique experience. The innovative, made from scratch food will give a whole new experience. Popular choices include chicken gyro, Turkey shawarma, and a juicy lamb burger.

How Much Time Do You Need in St. Paul?

The answer to this question completely depends on your overall stay in Minnesota. If you are in the city for a specific festival, you might want to stay at least one whole day in St. Paul to enjoy fully. Whereas, if you are visiting St. Paul generally, it should take you almost two to three days.

However, if you plan to stay in Minnesota for a longer period, give St. Paul at least a week to fully explore the city. 

Have you ever been to Saint Paul Minnesota? Which events did you go and what is the best experience you had during your visit? 



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