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A life of freedom, adventure, and minimalism is popping up on Instagram feeds everywhere under the hashtag #vanlife. People from all walks of life are trading in their rent and mortgage payments for a life on the road. With loads of empty cargo vans turning into super cozy homes on wheels, van life is a travel and lifestyle trend that’s here to stay. 

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But, where do you begin if you too want to live the #vanlife lifestyle? Be it full time or just on weekends!

Whatever your budget, there are options! When we decided on trying van life, we scoped out a ton of different van conversions. We ended up buying an empty Sprinter van and doing a DIY build ourselves. Customizing every part of our camper van was great, but it took a lot of research and hard work. If that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or you’re looking to hit the road ASAP, hiring a conversion van company is the way to go

There are also already converted vans for sale, but if you can’t find one that fits your needs, it’s time to go custom. Luckily, there are campervan conversion companies all over the US and Canada who create amazing custom builds. Whether you’re looking for a rugged overlanding rig or a decked out glamper van, these 12 best van conversion companies can help turn your van life dream into a reality.      

van conversion companies

Just getting started in your vanlife journey? Start with our guide on choosing the best van for a camper van conversion.   

Van Conversion Companies in the US

Freedom Vans

Location: Bellingham, Washington

van conversion companies
Logan model converted from 2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170. Photo Credits: Freedom Vans

If you’re looking for an off-grid adventure mobile, Freedom Vans is the van conversion company for you. Their builds are all about enjoying the freedom of the road and creating a comfortable home base for your adventures. 

They specialize in installing the perfect solar system for your needs so you don’t have to worry about studying any wiring diagrams or electrical jargon. Born from a desire to share the freedom of van living with others, they’ve completed over 55 van conversions since starting in 2015. Working closely with their clients through the design process, Freedom Vans can bring your camper van dream to life.     

Cost: A basic Phase 1 conversion (insulation, solar, bed, lighting) costs USD $25k-50k. Full conversions are USD $60k-$125k+.    
Conversion Time: Depending on the scope of the project, builds can take anywhere from 1-6 months. 
Specialties: Sprinter vans and Ford Transits with a focus on solar systems.  


Location: Austin, Texas, and Huntington, Indiana

van conversion companies
Photo Credits: Sportsmobile Texas Facebook Page

These guys pretty much wrote the book on van conversions. Sportsmobile has been around since 1961 when iconic VW buses filled the streets. They’ve secured their title as one of the best camper van conversion companies with decades of converted vans under their belt. The company originated in Texas and does hundreds of conversions each year. Sportsmobile works on all kinds of vehicles from Ford E Series to Mercedes Benz Sprinter. 

They’re also one of the oldest 4×4 van conversion companies, having outfitted off-road-ready vans since the 70s. Sportsmobile works with dealers so you can even order your base van directly through them. They offer an endless list of customization options and have standard floor plans to choose from as well. And if roof height is your priority, they can even put a pop top on your Sprinter van!           

Cost: Full conversions start at USD $41k. They have this handy tool to get a better idea of pricing based on features.
Conversion Time: Full conversions take 8-14 months.
Specialties: Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, Ford E Series, Chevy Express, Mercedes Metris, and 4x4s. 

Outside Van

Location: Portland, Oregon

Converted van from a 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Photo Credits: Outside Van

Established in 2007, Outside Van was created by van lifers for van lifers. The founder had been outfitting surfing and snowboarding vans for 30 years when he started the company. With a goal of connecting people with nature through mobile living, Outside Van produces over 100 conversion vans each year. Your Outside Van will be winter-ready with an interior that is always designed with gear storage in mind.   

The team of 65 skilled employees has you covered through the entire design process. All packages come with a premium interior build with tons of additional customization options.  Outside Van also offers pre-built one-off camper vans if you’re looking to hit the road ASAP.   

Cost: Conversion costs average USD $125k
Conversion Time: About 4-5 months, depending on the complexity of the project. 
Specialties: Mercedes Sprinter 

El Kapitan

Location: Huntington Beach, California

van conversion companies
Inside of a campervan converted from Sprinter 144 WB. Photo Credits: El Kapitan

El Kapitan is one of the oldest California van conversion companies that has been building custom vans on the California coast since 1984. They offer two different conversion packages based on the length of your Sprinter van wheelbase. Vans built at El Kapitan are treated as works of art, with careful consideration of every detail. 

Over the last 30 years, they’ve crafted more than 15,000 luxury conversion vans and have no signs of stopping. The company aims to bring innovation and quality craftsmanship into every van interior. Their campers are equal parts rugged as they are stylish. With decades of experience, the carpentry, electronics, and finishes at El Kapitan are top-tier. There’s a reason they are one of the best Sprinter van conversion companies around.   

Cost: All-in pricing for the van chassis and conversion is USD $155k-$190k.
Conversion Time: 8-12 weeks
Specialties: Mercedes Sprinter

Rossmönster Vans

Location: Longmont, Colorado

van conversion companies
Van conversion with complete features. Photo credits: Rossmönster Vans

Rossmönster Vans is all about marrying quality craftsmanship with efficient timing and pricing. Mönster is a Swedish word meaning “to design and create artistically, simply, and skillfully.” This concept is at the heart of the company’s philosophy. This Colorado camper van company has been doing van build-outs since 2010 and has a background in custom woodworking.

Rossmönster is a Sprinter van conversion company with impressive turnaround times. Most builds are complete in just 3 weeks so you can pick up your custom van and hit the road!  If you’re still figuring out what you want in a camper van, they also offer rentals to give you a taste of vanlife.       

Cost: Custom build-outs range from USD $50k-$125k.
Conversion Time: Lead time on new builds is 6-12 months out, but the build itself takes only 3 weeks!
Specialties: Mercedes Sprinter van conversion 

Beartooth Vanworks

Location: Belgrade, Montana

Custom van conversion. Photo Credits: Beartooth Vanworks

If your van build needs to hold up in rugged terrain and harsh winters, Beartooth Vanworks are the custom van builders you should call. Based in western Montana, these conversion van manufacturers are the masters of four-season conversion vans. They build mountain-ready adventure wagons with a specialty in 4x4s. 

The company is employee-owned with a team that understands the adventurous lifestyle because they live it. They also have 70 years of combined trade experience, so you know you’ll be in good hands. Beartooth has built out 30+ vans since 2016 and each one is completely custom. 

While other camper van conversion companies offer standard packages, every van built by Beartooth is meant to tell the story of its owner. You can get started by filling out their survey and be on your way to “rugged liberation” in no time.     

Cost: Build cost starts around USD $30k. 
Conversion Time: 10-12 weeks
Specialties: 4×4 Sprinters, Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, Nissan NV. They also work with low-top work vans like the Chevy Express and Ford E Series.  


Location: Golden, Colorado

Van conversion from 2019 Sprinter 170. Photo Credits: Tourig

Another pioneer in the custom van game is TouRig from Golden, CO. They started out building their own camper vans in 2001 as an answer to comfortable travel. They set out to create vans that could be a basecamp for adventure, on and off of the road. TouRig’s builds are all about being both high quality and high performance with an emphasis on lightweight durability.

They aim to take design, innovation, and technology to new heights in Sprinter and Transit vans. On top of the long list of customizable features, you can even top off your build with retractable steps or a roof rack. They’ve transformed more than a dozen 4×4 Sprinters and are currently taking reservations for the new All Wheel Drive model of the Ford Transit. With a cost starting at USD $89,999, TouRig is now offering fully built-out Ford Transit XUV conversions so you can start your vanlife journey stress-free.        

Cost: Van builds start at USD $39k.
Conversion Time: Most builds take 6-12 weeks.
Specialties: Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit conversion van

Conversion Van Companies in Canada

Paved to Pines

Location: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

van conversion companies
159″ Ext DODGE Promaster Conversion. Photo Credits: Paved to Pines

Paved to Pines is a prairie-based camper van conversion company that doesn’t stop at vans. The tight-knit team creates amazing four-season camper vans and luxury converted school buses. The company started after the co-founders traded their motorcycle for a school bus and converted their first skoolie. Since then, they’ve been helping people all over the US and Canada transform their vehicles into homes.

Paved to Pines is all about helping people downsize without compromising on comfort and convenience. They handcraft all of their rigs with adventure and off-grid capabilities in mind. Layouts and finishes are completely customizable and their experienced builders can help guide you in creating your perfect home. School buses can even have rooftop decks! If you’re someone looking for an ultra-unique home, they might be the best camper van conversion company for you. 

Cost: Builds range from CAD $40k-$200k.
Conversion Time: 2-4 months
Specialties: All-weather Transits, Sprinters and Ram ProMasters, and converted school buses.

Nomad Vanz

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia

van conversion companies
Model name: Casablanca. Conversion from Sprinter 170. Photo Credits: Nomad Vanz

Based in North Vancouver, BC, Nomad Vanz is all about adventure and high-end design. After living and traveling in a van on three different continents, the founders decided to share their expertise with other adventure enthusiasts. Their van builds are off-road ready and can hold up to anything that Canadian weather can throw at them.  

Nomad Vanz does 20 conversions per year and also offers partial and modular conversion kits from Adventure Wagon. They have a team of 10 people that can customize every element of a Sprinter van, inside and out. They also offer an upgrade to a commercial aluminum fuel tank, which can double your van’s range. If you’re looking to get way off the beaten path on an overlanding adventure, this is their specialty.  

Cost: Nomad Vanz offers pre-built modular interiors for a DIY build starting at USD $20k. For custom builds, prices start at USD $50k.
Conversion Time: 3-4 months depending on the complexity of the project.
Specialties: Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Pura Vida Vans

Location: Squamish, British Columbia

Van conversion from Sprinter 144. Photo Credits: Pura Vida Vans.

Located in Canada’s adventure capital, Pura Vida Vans builds custom vans for travelers and explorers. They offer all services from full conversions to specific services like a window or heater install. Their van interiors vary based on the needs of their customers and if they’ll be living in it full time or using it recreationally. The floor plan for full-time rigs is all about living space and a comfortable sleeping area. Meanwhile, recreation-oriented builds focus on lots of storage for gear and bikes.  

The company converts several vans a year and is continuously looking for ways to stay local. They’ve partnered with nearby manufacturing company Stoked Adventure Outfitters to create quality metal bed frames and roof racks. Pura Vida is all about community and sharing the freedom of traveling in a self-contained vehicle. 

Cost: Basic conversions start at CAD $35k.
Conversion Time: 4-5 months
Specialties: Full conversions on Ford Transits and Mercedes Sprinters and partial conversions are available on a Dodge ProMaster.

Shelter Overland Van Co

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

Photo Credits: Shelter Overland Facebook Page

Traditions are changing and Shelter Overland Van Co wants the new family cabin to be a camper van. Their focus is on building adventure-ready rigs with an emphasis on durable and eco-conscious materials. They want to encourage people to get outside while creating cozy living spaces to come home to. 

The company started in 2017 and is committed to contributing to social and environmental causes. Their ethos is all about promoting outdoor adventure for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or abilities. Unlike other Sprinter conversion companies, they even do commercial modifications for mobile dentists or tradespeople. And it doesn’t stop there—they do lust-worthy Airstream remodels too. You can stay in one at Mackenzie Beach Resort in Tofino, BC.  

Cost: Core conversions start at CAD $25k with full conversions ranging from CAD $60k-$120k
Conversion Time: A core conversion will take one month and a full conversion will take 2-3 months.
Specialties: Mercedes Sprinters and retrofitted Airstreams

Ray Outfitted

Location: Tay, Ontario

van conversion companies
Ray Outfitted during the conversion process from a Sprinter van. Photo Credits: Ray Outfitted

Founded in 2018, Ray Outfitted is an Ontario-based custom van builder dedicated to off-the-grid living. With so many BC-based companies, Ray Outfitted is one of the few companies that convert vans to campers on the east coast. In addition to building vans from the ground up, they also offer upgrade options for existing RVs and camper vans. They can do everything from wiring electrical components to cold-weather outfitting.

Ray Outfitted has converted over 100 vans in Canada and consulted on DIY builds for van lifers globally. Their goal is to create homes for lives that people don’t need a vacation from. This philosophy shows in their vehicles with thoughtful layouts and plenty of storage spaces for gear. Since living in their own Sprinter van, the founders share their automotive and electrical skills with other nomads across the country.          

Cost: With a basic cost starting at just CAD $20k, builds can range up to $120k.
Conversion Time: 2-5 months
Specialties: Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter conversion and RV/camper van upgrades. 

Choosing the Best Van Conversion Company

Location aside, the best way to get started is by contacting the camper conversion companies that match your goal. Their processes are all about assessing your needs and building the van around what features matter most to you. Once you’ve selected your base vehicle, they can help you design the interior with storage and the best use of space in mind. 

As you can tell from these companies’ van specialties, Ford Transits, Dodge ProMasters, and Mercedes Sprinter are some of the best vans for conversion. But, there are still plenty of options for custom van conversion companies that work on other models too!    

How much does it cost to convert a van? Prices are all based on the extent of your build and the components and finishes you choose. Expect to pay at least USD $30k for a basic build and the sky’s the limit from there! 

Have you worked with a conversion van company before? How did the custom build process go for you? 


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