Brazilians definitely have a sweet tooth! In the evenings, when the sun goes down, the shops shut down, and the locals and visitors pour onto the streets of Brazilian towns, the streets welcome the presence of these delicious looking Brazilian dessert carts.

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Selling everything from cheesecakes to chocolate cakes like the traditional Pave, to chocolate (brigadeiro) and coconut (beijinho de coco) truffles, they are exactly what you want to stumble along on your way from dinner!

Brazilian dessert cart
Brazilian dessert cart on the street in Ilha Grande, Brazil

Our Favourite Brazilian Desserts

There were so many to choose from and it was impossible to try them all we still managed to sample a few traditional Brazilian sweets and Brazilian cakes.


If you haven’t already tried the Brigadeiro, are you even in Brazil?! This is one of the most typical Brazilian sweets you’ll find. It resembles a chocolate truffle but with a caramel texture and like many of the Brazilian desserts, it’s made with lots of condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. Very rich but very delicious!

Beijinho de Coco

Beijinho de coco are hands down, our favourite of the Brazilian sweets. These coconut kisses are made with sweetened condensed milk, butter and of course, coconut! Hello, sugar high!

brazilian desserts you must try
Beijinho de Coco. Photo courtesy of Tamires Pereira via Flickr CC

Bolo de Rolo

This typical Brazilian cake is made from thin sponge which is rolled into a log and then filled with guava, marmalade or our favourite, doce de leite (dulce de leche). It’s one hell of a delicious Brazilian dessert!


The cocadas are another popular Brazilian sweets and you’ll find many variants as you sample different Brazilian dessert carts. Traditionally, they are a golden brown,  with a soft, chewy texture but you can also find more pudding-like cocadas with a more creamy texture.

brazilian desserts you must try
Cocada. Photo courtesy of salud! napa via Flickr CC


Queijadinhas are something of a hybrid of other Brazilian desserts. They are a cross between a flan and a Brazilian cake but whatever they are, they are one of the most delicious Brazilian sweets you’ll find on the carts. They are a moist coconut Brazilian dessert with a deliciously gooey centre.

Have you tried any other Brazilian desserts? Share your tasty tips for Brazilian sweets in the comments below!

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