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The idea of men’s travel pants used to mean cargo pants with massive and multiple pockets, velcro, or the slightly hideous pants/shorts combo. It was a given that men’s travel clothes meant compromising style for comfort.

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But there is one clothing brand claiming those days are over…


I was curious, so I decided I would give Bluffworks Chinos a try on my next trip and see if they lived up to Bluffworks promise of being the best travel pants.

About Bluffworks

Bluffworks is a Kickstarter company founded in 2012 by Stefan Lobel. He is a keen traveler but not so keen on the clothes options that were available, so he gave up his 9-5 and dedicated his time to creating men’s travel clothes that could keep up with his adventurous lifestyle.

Max wearing Bluffworks pants and jacket at Machu Picchu, PeruSince then, Bluffworks has taken men’s travel clothes to the next level. They claim to be the missing link between life and adventure, providing a range of men’s travel clothes which look the part in the office and do the job in the great outdoors.

Bluffworks Chinos

In my search for the best travel pants, I decided to order a pair of Bluffworks Chinos.

The Bluffworks Chinos are specifically designed for movement giving you comfort whether you are sitting on a long haul flight or exploring the far corners of the world.

The best travel pants from men come from Bluffworks
Photo courtesy of Bluffworks

They are made from durable and breathable quick-dry polyester but take on the appearance of a pair of smart office slacks. Being men’s travel pants, Bluffworks have designed a product that actually travels well in your suitcase. They are wrinkle-free, can be worn for 5 days without needing cleaning, and can be thrown in the washing machine when they do.

This all sounded good to me, so I put Bluffworks Chinos to the test…

Bluffworks Chinos: The Pros

I have now been using the Bluffwork Chinos for over two years and they are my go-to travel pants while on the road.

I would estimate that I use them at least once a week, sometimes up to 3 or 4 times depending on what country and climate we are in. They have actually held up pretty nicely with no signs of extreme wear. For the last two years, these have been a staple in my travel wardrobe because they are light and comfortable.

Max exploring Patagonia in the best travel pants from Bluffworks Chinos
Max exploring Patagonia in Bluffworks Chinos

From climbing to hiking, kneeling, sitting for hours and they still kept their shape and even after days of wear and activities, they still felt (and smelt!) fresh.

Bluffworks Chinos: The Cons

I pretty much feel like I have found the best travel pants, but the only improvement I would like to see is a more sustainable and eco-friendly material.

Note for buyers: Make sure you know what fit you want, relaxed vs chino.

Chino style can be a bit restricting for active adventures

If you plan on hiking more in them and taking them backcountry, go for the relaxed fit as they are a heavier material which will withstand longer.

If you want a pair of pants that are great for urban environments and the occasion trek or hike, then the chinos are great.

Bluffworks Chinos: The Verdict

I wasn’t sure if the Bluffwork Chinos would live up to their promise of looking good and being fit for adventure, but I have been thoroughly impressed.

I have worn them to formal gatherings, nice restaurants, and found them to be comfortable enough to wear while hiking!

If you are looking for the best travel pants to accompany you on your adventures, then I can confidently recommend Bluffworks Chinos.

What’s your favourite brand of travel pants? 


Disclaimer: Bluffworks Chino Pants were provided to me courtesy of Bluffworks, but as always all opinions expressed in this article are mine and have in no way been influenced by the Bluffworks team. This post contains affiliate links which means that we receive a small commission on your purchases at no extra cost to you.

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