12 Best Beaches in Hvar, Croatia

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world, Hvar Island is the shining star of Croatia. It’s set off the southern Dalmatian Coast where the shimmering waters of the Adriatic Sea make way for picture-perfect beaches. 

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The Island of Hvar is famous for its lush hills lined with pine trees and dotted with fragrant lavender and rosemaryBeaches on Hvar Island pair this quintessential Mediterranean landscape with some of the bluest and clearest waters around. If you weren’t already looking for an excuse to visit, these 12 best beaches in Hvar should do the trick! 

Which Croatian Island Has The Best Beaches? 

It’s no secret that the Island of Hvar has some of the most amazing beaches in Croatia. Surrounded by pine forests, olive groves, and iridescent Adriatic waters, Hvar beaches are a dream.

Best Beaches in Hvar

Malo Zarace Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebble
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: No

Without a doubt, one of the best and most beautiful beaches on the island, Malo Zarace Beach, is a little slice of paradise. This not-so-secret beach used to be a hidden favourite but has since gained some well-deserved attention. Even still, Malo Zarace is a secluded escape with crystal clear turquoise waters that you might even be lucky enough to have for yourself!

Malo Zarace
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How To Get To Malo Zarace Beach 

Malo Zarace Beach is located 20 minutes east of Hvar town on the main highway. You’ll then turn onto a steep skinny road leading to a parking area with a set of steps down to the beach.

Things To Do At Malo Zarace Beach 

Malo Zarace is a perfect swimming beach with inviting azure waters and scenic rocky coves. You can spend the day sunbathing, snorkelling, or snapping photos of the stunning seascape.

Malo Zarace Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

Up by the parking area, there is a small restaurant along with a beer garden on the other side of the peninsula by Velo Zarace Beach. 

Dubovica Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebble
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: No

A long-loved holiday destination, Dubovica Beach is straight out of a postcard. This large pebble beach is a popular choice for Mediterranean bliss with its pine forests and olive groves. Be sure to get there early as this can be one of the busiest beaches on Hvar—especially during high season.

Dubovica Beach
Dubovica Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Dubovica Beach 

Heading east on the main highway, Beach Dubovica is a 15-minute drive from Hvar town. Like most beaches on Hvar Island, you’ll follow a short but steep footpath down to the beach. Or, skip the footpath and hire a boat to sail into the beautiful secluded bay.

Things To Do at Dubovica Beach 

Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing—you name it! Pack your snorkel and explore the hidden caves or float in the sparkling blue water under a canopy of pine trees. 

Dubovica Beach, Hvar Restaurants & Facilities 

Cool off with a cocktail at the Dubovica Beach Bar, or head up the hill to the Konoba for a fresh seafood lunch. The menu is simple and delicious, and has a great view of the beach.

Pokonji Dol Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebble
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: Yes

Pokonji Dol Beach is one of the best and easiest accessed pebble beaches in Hvar Town. Its sunkissed shore and shimmering turquoise waters make way for perfect swimming spots lined by sunbeds. Peak season can see bigger crowds, but the beach is large enough to spread out and enjoy the sunshine.

Pokonji Dol Beach
Pokonji Dol Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Pokonji Dol Beach 

Just 1.5 km away from the city centre, Pokonji Dol Beach is a short walk through Hvar town. You can either cut through town in 15 minutes or enjoy a 25-minute stroll along the sea. If you would rather drive, there is a parking lot right next to the beach, but be careful on the narrow road, as you’ll be sharing it with bikers and pedestrians.

Things To Do at Pokonji Dol Beach

Swimming is a no-brainer at Pokonji Dol Beach since the gorgeous water is incredibly enticing. To explore the bay, jump onto a kayak or paddleboard and cruise along the rocky shore. Or, just sit back and lay under the warm glow of a beach umbrella. 

Pokonji Dol Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

This Hvar beach boasts plenty of facilities for the perfect island beach day. Hire a sunbed, umbrella, or kayak from one of the beach bars before dining at the two seaside restaurants, where you can feast on local seafood.

Jagodna Beach, Sveta Nedelja

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Fine pebbles
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: No

The perfect destination for families, Jagodna Beach near Sveta Nedjelja has lovely fine pebbles that are almost sandy. The small beach is a bit more secluded than others, with towering rocky cliffs that frame the tranquil bay. The fine pebbles are great for small children and make for a comfortable place to lay out and sunbathe.

Jagodna Beach
Jagodna Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Jagodna Beach 

Jagodna Beach is located between Sveta Nedjelja and Ivan Dolac, about 40 minutes east of Hvar town by car. All you have to do is follow the main highway until you reach the turnoff for Jagodna. To make the most of your time and take in some amazing scenery, consider joining a guided hike with Cliffbase, a climbing centre that’s on the way to Jagodna Beach. The views are stunning, and you’ll get to choose from 3 trails of varying difficulty.

Things To Do at Jagodna Beach, Hvar

The sun-soaked bays at Jagodna Beach are heavenly for swimming and snorkelling. By mid-afternoon, the beach is nicely shaded with cozy places to relax with a picnic.

Jagodna Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

Just uphill from the beach, two restaurants serve grilled meats and seafood. Jagodna Beach doesn’t offer any facilities, but there is a neighbouring campground where guests can use toilets and showers for under 100 KN per night.

Mlini Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebbled
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: Yes

Tucked away in the peaceful bays that Hvar is known for, Mlini Beach is something special. It’s set on the southwest side of Otok Marinkovac, part of the Paklinski Islands. You’ll need to arrive by boat, but the gorgeous aqua waters and open-air restaurant are well worth the journey.

Mlini Beach
Mlini Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Mlini Beach 

Taxi boats are available for hire from Hvar town for about 50 KN return. Otherwise, we’d highly suggest hiring a boat for the day and beach-hopping the islands. This boat tour includes a visit to the famous Blue Cave, a stop at the beautiful lagoon on Budikovac Island, then time to explore the Pakleni Islands.

Things To Do at Mlini Beach

Set yourself up with a sunbed and spend the day relaxing as the gentle waves roll onto shore. The water on this side of the island is ideal for swimming or having a lazy day in the sun.

Mlini Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

The namesake restaurant offers local seafood and fresh salads alongside cocktails and coffee. They also have sunbeds, umbrellas, and kayaks for hire just steps from the beach.



Ivan Dolac Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Fine pebbles
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: No

If you’re searching for a peaceful seaside resort, add Ivan Dolac to your list. This quaint little village is surrounded by pine forest and rocky bluffs that look straight out of a magazine. The pebble beach is soft and a local favourite for sunbathing beneath aromatic lavender and rosemary vines. 

Ivan Dolac Beach
Ivan Dolac Beach.

How To Get To Ivan Dolac Beach 

Ivan Dolac Beach is about 1 hour east of Hvar town by car. You’ll take the main highway toward Stari Grad but turn off south for Sveta Nedjelja and follow the coast.

Things To Do at Ivan Dolac Beach

The finely pebbled beach makes for a lovely place to lay out and enjoy the views. After an hour in the sun, the jewel-toned waters will surely call your name for a swim.

Ivan Dolac Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

Ivan Dolac Beach is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and markets where you can pick up a few snacks to take down. There are two cafes overlooking the beach and a cobblestone-clad restaurant perched above the cliffs. 

Milna Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebbled
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: Yes

The small village of Milna is an idyllic destination for some of the best beaches on Hvar Island. Milna has two sandy coves framed by picturesque pine forests, orchards, and vineyards. The village has been a Hvar hotspot for decades with well-established resorts and a variety of restaurants.

Milna Beach
Milna Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Milna Beach

Getting to Milna, Hvar is easily reached by car with a short 10-minute drive from town. There is also a constant flow of taxi boats from Hvar port that can get you there in no time.

Things To Do at Milna Beach

Besides the usual swimming and sunbathing, Milna Beach offers access to tennis courts, scuba diving, and more. One super unique activity you won’t find anywhere else is donkey riding!

Milna Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

Milna Beach is spoiled with restaurant options. Many are right off-shore and serve amazing fresh fish, homemade olive oils, and other Dalmatian cuisines. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also available for hire. 

Bonj Beach, Hvar Town

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebbled
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: Yes

You can’t get any more Hvar than Bonj Beach. Home to the luxurious Hvar Beach Club, Bonj Beach is a stone’s throw from town and boasts stunning turquoise waters. It’s the perfect place to pop down for an afternoon while still staying close to your hotel.

Hvar beach


How To Get To Bonj Beach 

You can easily walk to Bonj Beach within 10-15 minutes of pretty much anywhere in Hvar Town. It’s right beside the Amfora Hotel in a peaceful pebbled cove.

Things To Do at Bonj Beach

Swim, walk the scenic coast, or hire a kayak or paddleboard to explore the water. The beach is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas for enjoying the sunshine and sea views.

Bonj Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

Bonj Beach is surrounded by bars and restaurants where you can grab a bite or a cold drink. Sunbeds, umbrellas, and watersports are all available for hire from the beach bars.

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Palmizana Beach, Pakleni Islands

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Sand and Pebbles
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: Yes

Cruise over to the neighbouring Pakleni Islands to claim your spot on this popular sandy beach. Palmizana Beach is a favourite for beachgoers and yachts looking to enjoy a slice of heaven for the day. The beach is small but hosts plenty of people lounging on sunbeds and enjoying some seaside dining.

Palmizana Beach
Palmizana Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Palmizana Beach 

You’ll need to take a taxi boat from Hvar Island or hire your own small boat in town. You’ll sail into Vinogradisce Bay or you can walk over from Palmizana Bay. 

Things To Do at Palmizana Beach

Most tourists visiting Palmizana Beach spend the day reclining on a sunbed with a cocktail in hand. The beaches are surrounded by boats anchored for a day of sun and swimming.

Palmizana Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

There are several bars and restaurants bordering the beach where you can drink, dine, or hire a sunbed.

Mekicevica Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebbled
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: No

Ditch the crowds and spend the day in peaceful seclusion at Mekicevica Beach. This picturesque seashore is a hidden gem on this side of the island and one of the nicest beaches near Hvar.

Mekicevica Beach
Mekicevica Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Mekicevica Beach 

The only way to get to Mekicevica Beach is by foot on a 20-minute stroll from Pokonji Dol Beach.

Things To Do at Mekicevica Beach

One of the more private beaches on Hvar, Mekicevica Beach, is an ideal place to do some natural sunbathing. There’s plenty of shade, and the crystal-clear water is lovely for cooling off. 

Mekicevica Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

Take a short walk through the forest to have lunch at Robinson, a beautiful restaurant serving fish and local fare. It’s the only facility on this secluded beach, so be sure to pack whatever you need.

Lucisca Beach, Hvar Island

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebbled
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: No

Located about midway between Dubovica Beach and the seaside town of Sveta Nedjelja, Lucisca Beach is another hidden gem that is away from the big crowds. It isn’t close to the main road in Hvar, so it takes a bit longer to reach, but the seclusion and crystal-clear turquoise water are worth the trip.

Lucisca Beach
Lucisca Beach. Photo Credits: Hvar Tourist Board/visithvar.hr

How To Get To Lucisca Beach 

Lucisca Beach is about 25 minutes east of Hvar town, and you can get there by taking D116 to 6280, which is the next road past Dubovica Beach. After about 4 km, you’ll come to a parking area on the right. There’s a short hike down to the beach, so you might want to pack some supportive shoes or hiking sandals.

Things To Do at Lucisca Beach

The beach is in a beautiful bay that is protected by cliffs, so the clear water is wonderful for swimming and snorkelling.

Lucisca Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

The only facility is a beach bar that serves drinks and snacks. While the menu is limited, the bar offers gorgeous views of the cove and surrounding mountains. Other than this beach bar, Lucisca Beach remains relatively undeveloped, so sun loungers and umbrellas may not be available. 

Zavala Beach

Family-friendly: Yes
Pebbled or Sandy: Pebbled
Restaurants nearby: Yes
Facilities available: No

Zavala Beach is definitely off the beaten path and the perfect destination for visitors looking for a peaceful experience. Located on the shores of a picturesque, historic fishing village, this beach offers calm, clear water and gorgeous views of the wild coastline and the nearby island of Scedro.

How To Get To Zavala Beach 

Zavala village is located about 45 minutes east of Hvar Town, and it’s a wonderfully scenic drive. You’ll take D116, then 6280 along the coast until you get close to the village, when you switch to local roads. There is parking right next to the beach, but it’s limited.

Things To Do at Zavala Beach

The water is very clear and calm, perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or just relaxing and enjoying the peace and scenery. If you get the itch for adventure, you can take a water taxi to Scedro Island, which is protected as a natural park. There are ancient ruins to explore and restaurants that serve fresh seafood.

Zavala Beach Restaurants & Facilities 

There is a beach bar that offers snacks and drinks, and nearby Restaurant Davor serves fresh seafood and regional dishes. Most of the beaches in this area are left natural and mostly undeveloped, so there are no umbrellas and sun loungers available for rent.



Questions and Essential Travel Info

Which Is Better: Hvar Or Brac? 

Both destinations are amazing, but choosing between the two depends on your travel style. The Island of Hvar has more bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and activities. Meanwhile, Brac is quieter and more relaxed while still boasting beautiful beaches and excellent food.

Are There Any Sandy Beaches In Hvar?

Most beaches on the island are rocky and pebbled though some feature fine pebbles that are more sand-like than others. The north shore sees rougher waves so some spots, like Grebisce Beach, are sandy. 

Where Are The Best Sandy Beaches In Croatia?

Though a soft, sandy beach can be harder to find on the Mediterranean, Croatia has a few gems. Bacvice Beach in Split is a crowd favourite, along with Sakarun Beach on Dugi Otok, and Velika Plaza in Omis. 

Have you ever been to Hvar Island? What was your favourite beach on Hvar Island?


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