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As many of you know, in 2017 we made a commitment to pursue a more sustainable travel lifestyle with a promise to take it beyond just travel and into all facets of our lives, including clothing. Since then we’ve been on a hunt for well made sustainable clothing pieces that fit with our on the go lifestyle.

About Bluffworks

Bluffworks Clothing was born out of the idea that a modern day traveler shouldn’t have to choose between style and functionality. The company specializes in creating smart but comfortable travel clothing with a unique selling point of versatility — their clothes are stylish enough for fine dining and practical enough for any travel adventures!

Bluffworks in the brainchild of Stefan Loble, who I happened to meet at the New York Times Travel Show back in 2016. His stories about the company and its products immediately sparked my interest!

Bluffworks launched as a Kickstarter campaign back in May 2012 and saw resounding success. The campaign blew original goal of $13,500 out of the water and ended up reaching close to $130,000 from over 1,100 orders in 35 days!

Stefan had my interest. “I’ve got to see what this brand is all about”, I thought.

Bluffworks Blazer Review

I was really keen to test out Bluffworks’ latest product, the Travel Blazer.

The idea behind the Bluffworks blazer was to make a jacket that fits the modern-day traveler. It had to be wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, stretchy, and comfortable even on hot summer days.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t usually carry a blazer with me on our travels, I’m just not that kind of guy, but the Bluffworks Blazer sounded so low maintenance and easy to take care of that I decided to give it a shot.

What I Love about the Bluffworks Blazer


I loved how I could throw the Bluffworks Blazer into a packing cube like the rest of my clothes. This was probably the number one reason the Bluffworks Blazer even made it out with me to South America, Africa, and Asia. No special treatment needed.


The Bluffworks Blazer is made out of a wool-like polyester which kept me cool throughout the day.


I’m always on the move so my clothing must have some stretch to it. I was happy to discover that the Bluffworks Blazer does too. The stretch is so key because I don’t wear the blazer in a typical office environment.

Sometimes I need to run to catch a plane, bend down to pick up a heavy bag or squeeze into a tuk-tuk. I could wear the Bluffworks Blazer and not feel restricted in my movement. To put it to the ultimate test, I even wore it while hiking Machu Picchu and it certainly passed the comfort test!

The Bluffworks Blazer: Stylish and adventurous!


The Bluffworks Blazer comes with 10 different pockets including 2 secret pockets, perfect for passports, wallet, phone, and whatever other stuff I might be carrying on me that day.

Machine washable

We are on the road for 80% of the year and we travel to destinations that don’t necessarily have dry cleaning facilities, it was great to be able to throw the Bluffworks Blazer in the washing machine and then tumble dry it. It makes the Blazer easy to clean and makes it a lot more likely that it will continue to travel with me.

Bluffworks Gramercy Pants

I was so happy with the Bluffworks blazer, that I thought that I would give their new line of Bluffworks pants a go. Just like the Bluffworks blazer, the Gramercy pants are flexible for any situation and with the comfortable modern fit are suitable for any activity you may get up to on your travels.

What I Love about the Gramercy Pants

Bluffworks pants are wrinkle-free, which is great for those long-haul flights. The material is technical polyester fabric (great for staying cool) but looks like soft textured wool, which gives it that stylish touch.

The Gramercy Pants are a perfect pair of dress pants suitable for any occasion, be it a nice dinner out or even a fancy party.

But what I love the most about the Gramercy Pants is that they come in the exact same colour as the Bluffworks Blazer, allowing me to wear both as a super-comfortable travel suit.

Bluffworks Travel Suite: The Verdict

I can already see a question in our mailbox from our readers:

“Max, but is a travel suite really something you want to carry around in your bag?”

Absolutely! After traveling with the Bluffworks Blazer and the Gramercy Pants now for over a year, I know that this travel suit combo is ideal for more formal occasions, something that we do encounter quite a bit on our travels. Plus, there are tons of occasions when I can wear the pieces on their own too.

Rocking my Bluffworks Gramercy Suite at a wedding in Sydney, Australia

Both the Blazer and the Gramercy Pants can be packed neatly into one small travel cube and keep me always ready for a surprising or planned formal occasion.

I have now given up all my other suits knowing that the Bluffworks Blazer and Gramercy Suit option are dressy enough for any occasion. I would highly recommend this travel suit for any frequent traveler looking to be comfortable while looking great be in on their holidays or on a business trip.

Want to know more? Shop for Bluffworks Gramercy Pants and The Bluffworks Blazer 



Disclaimer: My Bluffworks Blazer and Gramercy Pants were provided to me courtesy of Bluffworks, but as always all opinions expressed in this article are mine and have in no way been influenced by the Bluffworks team. This post also contains affiliate links which means that we receive a small commission on your purchases at no additional cost to you. 

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