The Florida Keys are without a doubt one of the most fun destinations in the United States.  Located off the southern coast of Florida, the Keys form the southernmost part of the continental United States and are known as a destination for fishing, boating, snorkeling and diving. 

Our visit last April 2022 resulted in social media coverage, editorial coverage and a vlog about our time in the region.

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    22 Fun Things To Do In Florida Keys
    Responsible Travel Guide

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    On our recent trip to the Florida Keys, we decided to split our time between Key Largo, Marathon and Key West, enjoying sights and activities in all corners of the region. As with all of our travels, we tried to do what we could to make our trip a responsible one, supporting eco-friendly accommodation, tour operators, and restaurants along the way.

    The Ultimate Miami To Key West Drive Itinerary For A Responsible Traveler

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    A Miami to Key West Road Trip is widely known as one of the best road trips in the US. The route offers great beaches, fun activities, and a chance to visit the buzzing town of Key West.

    In the below guide we share all of our tips for planning an eco-friendly Miami to Key West drive. Read on for our recommended things to do, favourite places to eat and stay from Miami to the Keys.

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