1. The flight to Athens was possibly the most scenic flight I’ve ever been on. Not a cloud in the sky making the view unreal when we were flying over the Swiss Alps.

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2. Australians love Greece! There are tons of them traveling around Greece!

3. When in Greece you can never have  too much greek salad, €2 gyros, or crepes. This often means having more than 3 meals a day. I’m ok with that.

4. The original Olympic stadium in Athens for me was a lot more impressive then the Acropolis. There were barely any tourist crowds there too, which makes it easier to sit down and take in the views.

Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece

5. No one follows the rules of the roads in Greece. Red apparently means go with at least a couple of cars/bikes running the red light at any point. The roads on the islands are soo narrow the cars and busses always drive a foot away from pedestrians and other cars. I keep wondering how many people get killed by cars in this country.

Traffic in Athens, Greece

6. Paradise Beach resort in Mykonos is the biggest party place I’ve ever been to. The line up for last week was Moby, Bob Sinclair, Fedde Le Grand. Unfortunately we were only there for Moby, but I don’t even know if my body could’ve handled more time in Myyyykanooooos!

7. As much as Mykonos was amazing, Paros was much more of my scene.  I loved its cool chill vibe with the little cafes/restaurants/bars along the seaside. The architecture in both is pretty much identical –  white houses with round edges and blue shutters. Just like you see on postcards.

8. The stray cats and dogs are everywhere! My friends keep having to pull me away from the cats. I keep wanting to feed them and always so tempted to pet them.

9. Authentic Greek party with plate breaking and dancing is really as fun as it seems. Especially if the restaurant owner decides you need a few shots to keep going and treats you to some local butterscotch liquor on the house.

10. Life on the islands is pretty easy – eat, sun, beach, roam around the town, nap, eat, party, beach, sleep…repeat! This is definitely a vacation!

Relaxing in Paros, Greece

11. Going rogue and straying away from organized activities really pays off! 8 of us traded the group bus tour around Santorini for a day long adventure of our own. Best day of the trip by far! Bike rental €35, Gas €15, random stops to pet donkeys, to take photos, to eat at local restaurants where no one spoke a word of English, getting lost, running through the town of Oia to catch the sunset with boxes of pizza in our hands – priceless!

12. The town of Fira where we stayed in Santorini is a huge disappointment, it wasn’t until we made our way to Oia at the very end of our stay that we discovered the famous amazing views. Note to self: must go back to Santorini and stay in Oia!

13. Food envy= when someone at your table orders a meal that looks and tastes much better then yours. To avoid this phenomenon tapas style meals soon became a norm.

14. Moussaka, feta cheese baked in honey, pork gyros have officially become my favourite dishes! I would go back to Greece just to eat them again. If anyone knows a good Greek restaurant in London, please let me know!

15. Far Out Beach Club in Ios = massive beach, 2 pools, hundreds of 18-35 year olds in bathing suits dancing to non stop music from noon to wee hours in the morning. Who needs Cancun when you can go to Ios?

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