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Paradise. An overused word which has found a home here, in Okinawa Prefecture.

An island destination unlike any other, Okinawa boasts a unique combination of relaxation, adventure, beauty and culture which cannot be found anywhere else.

Get lost, discover and wander

Here in Okinawa you can get lost in jungles and find hidden waterfalls. Discover a world of creatures who fly, swim, walk and climb. 

Wander through palaces, shrines, and monuments and stumble across remnants of one of history’s bloodiest battles.

Pristine beaches and wondrous creatures

In Okinawa, you will find pristine beaches both popular and unpopulated. The white sand of dreams is met by a sea so rich that it begs experience in colour and in clarity. Hiding promises of astonishing coral reefs and wondrous creatures of the deep it sprawls to the horizon, just waiting to be explored.

Our favourite time to visit is late summer when the weather is right and the ocean’s most majestic creature comes out to play; diving with manta rays is an experience which we promise you will not forget.

Food, beauty, and culture

Taste the food, witness the beauty, and experience the culture. Where the land of the rising sun meets the pace of islands, and the people live longest of us all. Learn about the Ryukyu Kingdom and see how it endures today.

Experience karate in its birthplace and see the first of Japan’s famous cherry blossoms as you take a stroll through a sea of pink and white.

Smile, relax and share

Experience the warmth of an ancient island nation. One whose people have learned throughout their many years, how to smile, how to open their arms to others and, how to relax; whose people have mastered longevity and are happy to share their secrets.

In Okinawa, you’ll find a place where culture, history, and art, blend with natural wonders and hidden treasures. A place where time slows and minds grow richer. Where you can experience more and discover yourself again. Where hopes and dreams evolve and grow without being lost, and where bodies and minds come to be nourished.

See for yourself, and understand.

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