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In Vietnam, Dalat city is one of the most romantic cities for couples and is an ideal paradise for those who love adventuring, discovering and conquering nature’s masterpieces. 

Also, Dalat is regarded as a museum that preserves the unique and ancient architectural works in Vietnam. With the cool climate, friendly people, and poetic sceneries such as Xuan Huong Lake, Love Valley, Langbiang Mountain, etc. Today’s article will show you some exciting things to do in Dalat that you shouldn’t ignore if you want to have a perfect journey! 

Best Time to Visit

Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong province, Vietnam. It’s located on Lam Vien plateau with the height of 1,500 meters (1640 yards). Dalat is one of the most famous tourist cities in Vietnam due to its beautiful landscapes, including green gardens and forests, waterfalls, lakes, etc. 

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam

This city has two main seasons, the wet season (from April to October) and the dry season (from November to March of the next year). Therefore, it is recommended you come here during the dry season to admire the beauty of the city of thousand flowers, the city of love, the city of spring and the foggy city.

Things To Do In Dalat

Ride A Bike To Discover Dalat City

Cycling is one of the best things to do in Dalat. With a bicycle, you can freely discover the small streets in Dalat, wander along Hoai River or enjoy the beauty of colourful flower beds along the roadsides. 

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
Discovering Dalat with a bike is an interesting experience

If you are adventurous, you can cross the slopes, the tree-lined streets or poetic hills in Dalat. On the road, you can stop wherever you want. It’s wonderful!

Enjoy Fresh Strawberries At The Garden

Another interesting thing to do in Dalat is to enjoy fresh strawberries in the garden. The farmers in these gardens are always willing to welcome and introduce visitors to the strawberry production process from the germinating step to the harvesting one. 

In fact, the climate here is suitable for growing strawberries. Hence, you will be extremely excited to see the big strawberries, and it’s considered as a famous specialty in Dalat. You can choose the best aromatic strawberries to buy as gifts and enjoy them in the garden. 

Take Beautiful Pictures Among Thousands Of Flowers

When in Dalat, don’t forget to take some photos among the blooming flowers, such as cherry, mimosa, purple phoenix, orchid, etc. The fences are covered with confetti and roses. However, remember to stay on the path and avoid ruining the flowers

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
Dalat flower garden

Your good behaviours will contribute to protecting the city’s beautiful settings. 

Drink Hot Coffee In The Cold Air

Drinking a cup of hot coffee in the cold air is one of the most exciting things in Dalat that you shouldn’t ignore. Somewhere in the sound of birds on the tree branches and the dew drops on the soft branches of mimosa. 

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
It’s wonderful to enjoy a cup of coffee in the cold of Dalat

You can smell the moisture of soil and old forest. In Dalat, there are many café shops with their own style for you to choose, they are Bich Cau Café, Rose Villa Café, etc. which are modern and close to nature. Besides, Dalat Train Café is very suitable for couples. If you want to see the whole Dalat City at night, you can come to Dalat Night Coffee which is located on a hill with the entrance to the city. Or Tung Café is situated in Hoa Binh area where serve coffee and classical music as well. Don’t forget to enjoy coffee when visiting this place!

Enjoy Delicious Snacks

The cold weather all year round in Dalat makes you very hungry. Thus, enjoying the snacks is a great thing to do in Dalat. There are some specialties, including hot snails, baked rice cakes, pork dumplings, cheeses, pancakes, spring rolls, strawberry ice cream and more, which you shouldn’t miss when traveling to Dalat.

Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake is the heart of this green city. Around the lake, tourists will enjoy many beautiful landscapes, such as pine forests, city gardens, green grasses, etc. Whether early or late afternoon, you also see people who are doing exercise, pedalling duck, riding a bike or walking around the lake. These simple activities also become exciting things to do in Dalat. Especially, there are many nice restaurants nearby the lake, including Thanh Thuy, Thuy Ta, Bich Cau where you can enjoy the delicious foods, drink coffee or see the quiet lake scenes. 

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
The romantic beauty of Xuan Huong Lake

Moreover, after being tired of walking, you can find many snacks to eat around the lake, such as grilled sweet potatoes, roasted corn, dried squid, baked rice cakes which are simple but really delicious. 

Dalat Station

Dalat station is ranked as one of the most beautiful and ancient architectures in Vietnam, thanks to its colourful furniture space. When coming here, you will be impressed with unique architectural works which are designed by the talented French architects.

Outside the station, there are three roof shapes that are stylized from the three highest peaks of Lang Biang and combined with the image of the central highland roof. Inside the station, visitors will see the ticket counter, brown tables, and chairs which make you feel like you are standing in a city in Europe. 

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
Visitors will be extremely surprised at Dalat station’s beauty

Every day, Dalat station also operates a route to Trai Mat station and Linh Phuoc Pagoda. If you are interested in the new experiences, you can buy a ticket, step on the train, and imagine that you are coming to the beautiful city of Vietnam from Europe. The train will take you to the flower and vegetable gardens of Dalat. 

Love Valley

Love Valley is a nice place where couples can’t miss when coming to Dalat because it possesses a romantic beauty, charming rivers, cool and fresh air. It is surrounded by Da Thien Lake with a green forest which creates extremely romantic scenery. Standing in this valley, you should write down a wish for yourself and then hang on the Banyan Tree.

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
Love Valley is an ideal destination for the couples

Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang Mountain with a height of 2167 meters (2369 yards) is a must-see place when visiting Dalat. It is the eternal love’s legendary symbol of K’Lang and H’Lang – the most beautiful love story in this land of mist. If you are a conqueror, you can climb up the mountain to enjoy the feeling of victory. Besides, you can go to the mountain by Jeep to experience the feeling of sitting on the winding and vertical roads.

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
Conquering LangBiang Mountain is a great thing when traveling Dala

Pongour Waterfall

This is a famous and majestic waterfall in the Southern Central Highlands in Vietnam because it flows through the 7 – storey stone ladder system with a height of 40 meters (131 feet). From the entrance to Pongour, you can see the peaceful and poetic sceneries. If you come to this area in October, you will see images of the blooming peacock flowers which create a curved road with the yellow colour to the waterfall.

Where To Stay In Dalat

When coming to Dalat, the majority of tourists will choose the hotels in the central area to stay because it’s easy to move to other places. You can find hotels as below:

  • Thanh Thao Hotel: Thanh Thao Hotel is a budget-friendly hotel, with a price of about $15-17 USD per night. The hotel has basic amenities such as Wifi, TV, and breakfast. 
  • River Prince Hotel: This is a 3.5-star hotel, with prices from $25 – 35 USD per night. River Prince Hotel provides breakfast and is in a great location for guests.
  • Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa: Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa is the best choice when you are considering a luxurious, modern hotel with spacious and comfortable rooms. This hotel provides the guests with some services, such as gym, spa, massage and sauna, babysitting, outdoor pool. The lowest price is about $90 USD per night. It receives much positive feedback from customers, the majority of the reviews are worth the money.
  • Saphir Dalat Hotel: Saphir Dalat Hotel has a beautiful view and a unique interior. You will be impressed and delighted with the design of this hotel, at a price of around $28 USD with free Wifi, gym and garden. According to statistics, this is a popular hotel ranked No. 2 in Da Lat, is very popular with tourists with high score.

Where To Eat In Dalat

Here is the list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Dalat:

  • Tu Hanh: Tu Hanh is a vegetarian restaurant with a luxurious and polite space decorated by the owner in a clean and neat way, where always give customers a warm atmosphere, a dedicated and thoughtful service style with a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes. There are some special vegetarian dishes, such as tofu chao chao, bean stall soy sauce, braised vegetables, stuffed, hot pot types, etc.
  • Nhat Lien: A superb vegetarian restaurant, Nhat Lien attracts many customers due to the quiet space and very elegant and beautiful layout. The professional and considerate service style of staff, delicious and charming dishes and many vegetarian dishes. In particular, the restaurant also has the dish of lotus rice, spring rolls and That hot pot as well. Don’t forget this restaurant when coming to Dalat!

How To Get To Dalat

By plane: Dalat City is well connected by air and there are daily flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In 2009 the airport was renovated and expanded. Most travelers can get a visa on arrival. 
Overland: Major bus companies operate routes from a number of destinations within Vietnam. It is also possible to arrive by train or shuttle.

How Much Time Do You Need To Visit Dalat City

If you are planning a trip to Dalat, an itinerary of 3 days and 2 nights is enough. With this amount of time, tourists can get to every tourist spot in Dalat and enjoy the sceneries comfortably. 

Things to do in Dalat, Vietnam
Sunset in Dalat

Within your 3 day trip, you will have a great chance to discover the fantastic things in Dalat, from the peaceful and romantic views to cultures here. If you like conquering the high tops of mountains, don’t hesitate to add Dalat City to your travel plans!

Have you visited Dalat before? Tell us what your favourite thing to do there was!


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