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Located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Broome is a small townhome to just 14,000 people. It’s surrounded by the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and is renowned for its iconic 22.5 km long white sandy Cable Beach.

Broome is a place where the sun dips into the ocean, red cliffs and blue waters coexist in perfect harmony, and red dirt meets white sandy beaches. It’s a true highlight of Australia’s unique Dinosaur Coast and a must-visit in North-Western Australia. 

It’s one of our favourite destinations in Australia. 

If you’re itching for a trip, this Broome travel guide covers everything you need to know about visiting Broome.   

How to Get There 

Broome is located in northern Western Australia, nearly 2,000 km away from both Perth and Darwin. Needless to say, the easiest way to get there is by flying into Broome’s International Airport. There are daily flights from Perth and Darwin and seasonal flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. 

While the 2.5-hour flight from Perth is a lot quicker than the 22.5-hour drive, a road trip to Broome is pretty awesome. You can reach Broome by traveling along Highway 95 from Perth or via the Gibb River Road or Stuart Highway through Kununurra from NT or Queensland. Both trips offered incredible scenery that you just can’t find anywhere else in Australia.   

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Best Time to Visit Broome 

The best time to go to Broome is during the dry season, typically from May-October,  when the days are warm, the nights are balmy, and the skies are clear. Think sunny 30C° days and crisp 15C° evenings. 

Because of Broome’s tropical climate, the wet season can get pretty sticky hot and you guessed it, rainy. You’ll find cheaper travel rates during the summer but many tours and hotels don’t even operate during this time. 

Things to do in Broome, Australia

Broome tourist attractions are all about enjoying the incredible wilderness of the Broome coastline and soaking in unique cultural experiences. Explore the beaches, eat delicious food, and get a taste for laid-back living.

Enjoy the Laid Back Lifestyle

Mosey through the streets lined with bohemian-style caravans while kids saunter around in the grass. Here, laughter mixes with the notes of Bob Marley’s classics echoing in the distance. This once sleepy outback pearling town is now a haven for outdoor adventure and relaxed, beachside living. It’s also a favourite for Australia’s grey nomads who leave their homes on the East Coast to spend 3-6 months in Broome to escape the cold. It’s easy to grab a chair and join the holidaymakers lounging with a book or beer in hand, soaking in the late afternoon sun.

Cable Beach. Broome
Perfect day for a nap on the beach. Cable Beach, Broome

Visit Cable Beach

If there’s one thing to do in Broome, it’s to get yourself a blanket and make your way to Cable Beach. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Despite being the biggest attraction in Broome, it’s so big, it feels almost secluded. You can visit the beach on a busy day and find only about a dozen lounge chairs dotted in the sand. 

Take a walk down towards the southern end of the beach by the swim area and enjoy one of the best Broome beaches. Or drive your 4WD onto the northern end of the beach for the ultimate beach hangout!

You can also find a trailer at the back of the beach offering visitors a pick of activities for a fun beach day. Hire umbrellas, lounge chairs, boogie boards, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, or even a bucket of toys for the little ones. There are lots of things to do in Cable Beach whether you’re feeling active or just want to relax.

The water can be a bit chilly, but it’s crystal clear and nothing short of dreamy. If you don’t fancy a refreshing dip in the ocean, just stretch out on the white sand and enjoy the sunshine. Cable Beach is generally croc safe, although be vigilant and follow local warnings, as saltwater (estuarine) crocs have been known to move into the waters along the beach.  

Cable Beach, Broome
Cable Beach, Broome

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Catch a Magnificent Cable Beach Sunset

If you’re on a budget and searching for free things to see in Broome, you can’t go wrong with a sunset! There is something really magical about watching the sun dip into the ocean. Especially for us, having lived on the East Coast for so long. Admittedly, we’re not committed enough to wake up for sunrise, so sunsets are something we never get tired of seeing.

Sit back and watch as the colours start to change. Blue shades blend with golden rays of sun and fill the beach with a warm glow.

Just as the sun grazes the horizon, you’re likely to see a train of camels appear in the distance. They’ll slowly meander along Cable Beach, loaded with tourists enjoying a sunset camel ride. Keep your camera handy for the perfect photo moment.

And of course, you can’t visit beaches in Broome without a sundowner. Finish the day with cocktails and snacks at Zanders on the Esplanade before taking a leisurely sunset walk up the beach.

Sunset over Cable Beach, Broome. Western Australia
Magnificent sunset iover Cable Beach n Broome

Enjoy a Camel Ride

As we just mentioned, one of the top things to do in Broome is to take a camel ride along the splendour of Cable Beach. There are many different operators providing camel rides in Broome and prices range from $40 to $95. This 1-hour Camel Ride tour uses a reputable and sustainable provider that makes sure the animals are well cared for. You can opt for a morning, afternoon, or sunset stroll along the pristine sand atop one of these unique animals.

Camel rides on Cable Beach

Go Bargain Hunting at the Courthouse Markets

One of our favourite things to do in Broome (or anywhere for that matter!) is to wake up early and head to the markets. The Courthouse Markets have been a fixture in Broome for over 20 years, operating weekly on Saturdays and Sundays (April to October). They are truly at the heart of the Broome community, where local flare meets rich history.

Not only will you get an enjoyable shopping experience, but it’s a great way to support small, local businesses.

Soak up the atmosphere as stallholders joyfully chat with one another, catching up on the week’s events, while you browse the stalls. You’ll find local pearls, photographs, handmade clothing, jewellery, and art galleries as live music fills the air. Plus, don’t forget to try goodies from Kimberly Coffee and crepes from the Patty Wagon. Worth getting up early for!

things to do in broome

Take a Day Trip or Weekend Getaway to Cape Leveque

An absolute must on the list of things to do in Broome is a visit to Cape Leveque. It’s located on the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, just 200 km north of Broome, Australia. It takes about 2-3 hours to reach but the road is freshly sealed so 4WD is no longer required. If you don’t want to drive it, you can join one of the Broome tours to Cape Leveque.

Once you get there, you’ll be greeted with colourful, natural beauty. We love Cable Beach, but Cape Leveque takes the beaches of Broome to a whole new level. Pristine white sand runs into turquoise water, backed by red sandstone cliffs that seem to turn to gold in the sunshine.

There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained at Cape Leveque. Go snorkelling in the azure waters, try a spot of fishing, or jump aboard a glass-bottom boat. If you have a day to spare, take a scenic flight over Horizontal Falls for an adventure like no other. It’s one of the Broome attractions that you will never forget!

things to do in broome
Dampier Peninsula

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Visit Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point is another great spot to visit in Broome. It’s a popular sunset spot, a fun rock formation to explore and a site for some unique dinosaur history. Here you can view 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprints, which can be spotted on the red rock cliffs overlooking the water. You’ll want to visit at low tide for the best view but there’s also a replica of the footprints at the entrance. This allows visitors to see the signs of ancient life even at high tide! 

You may also find remains of Anastasia’s Pool, a once sprawling pool carved out by a former lighthouse keeper for his wife. The red rocks hug the jagged shore, offering a stark contrast and ideal opportunity for photo enthusiasts. 

things to do in broome

Witness the Staircase to the Moon Over Roebuck Bay

One of the most unique Broome attractions is its seasonal phenomenon called Staircase to the Moon. Visit from March to November to see a spectacular optical illusion that’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. If you can time it right, it’s one of the best free things to do in Broome.   

When a full moon rises, the moonlight reflects over the tidal flats at Roebuck Bay creating the illusion of a staircase. The coolest part is that at low tide, the stairs appear to stretch all the way to the moon! You can sit back on the sand at Town Beach and admire the view. 

During Staircase to the Moon, Broome also hosts “Moon” or “Staircase Markets” where local vendors set up a festival-style market. There’s a huge variety of snacks and art to take over to the beach for the sunset festivities. Alternatively, head to The Mangrove Hotel to watch the moonrise from their lawns overlooking Roebuck Bay.  

things to do in broome
Overlooking Roebuck Bay, Broome

Fall in Love With Broome’s History and Culture

Broome has made its way onto the list of our favourite places in all of Australia. Its simplicity and uncomplicated ways make it a perfect place to wind down and enjoy Western Australia’s life. Yet, learning about Broome’s history in the pearling industry makes it even more intriguing.

You can easily spend a day walking around Broome’s centre, where shops and restaurants line Robinson Street. For a dose of history, stop into the Broome Historical Museum for snapshots of former pearling glory circa World War II. Or, wander through the Japanese Cemetery, which pays homage to the many divers who contributed to the gruelling pearling industry.  

For a hands-on experience, join in on pearl farm tours at Willie Creek. You’ll learn all about how modern pearling has evolved and even get to enjoy a delicious homemade lunch. Given that the town is built on pearling, this tour offers one of the most interesting things to do around Broome.  

For another slice of history, head to Sun Pictures to catch a film at the oldest operating picture garden in the world! The 100-year-old outdoor cinema is a Broome staple in its northern Chinatown area.    

Where to Stay: Broome Accommodation

Here are the best places to stay in Broome, from caravan parks to luxe hotels. 

Cable Beach Holiday Park

Just off the shores of Cable Beach, the Cable Beach Holiday Park is a lovely destination for caravans. The park is covered in lush, tropical gardens with a refreshing saltwater pool and mini-golf course. It’s a favourite for families but offers a range of options for accommodation in Broome. Book a powered campsite, self-contained cabin, or family cabin for bigger groups. Rates range from $40-260 per night. 

Broome Bird Observatory

Some 30 minutes outside of town, the Broome Bird Observatory is our favourite campground in Broome. The peaceful sounds of birds in the distance is the ultimate way to relax under the stars. And it’s an ideal spot for any bird lover. The Observatory has a birdbath right outside of the camp kitchen that attracts hundreds of bird species on a daily basis. 

The Observatory offers unpowered campsites, basic rooms, and a self-contained chalet. It’s the best place to stay in Broome for pure tranquillity. Rates range from $18-140 per night.    

things to do in broome
Strolling along Roebuck Bay, home to the Broome Bird Observatory

Beaches of Broome

For travellers on every budget, Beaches of Broome has it all. A budget-friendly resort, the grounds take backpacker luxury to a new level. The hotel has a variety of dorm-style and private rooms, along with an outdoor pool and sundeck. Rooms start at just $22.

The Billi Resort

Settle into a tropical escape at The Billi, a gorgeous boutique resort at the north end of Cable Beach. The contemporary design is complemented by lush outdoor gardens, a swimming pool, and meandering timber walkways. The resort offers standard rooms, villas, and luxurious eco safari tents. Rooms start at $220 per night

Eco Beach Resort

Along the other side of Roebuck Bay, Broome’s Eco Beach Resort is a stunning wilderness retreat. It’s 130 km south of Broome and offers luxury eco villas and safari tents on a stretch of pristine coastline. Enjoy what Kimberley living is all about as you reconnect with nature. Tents start at $210 per night.

Have you got more ideas for the best things to do in Broome? Share them with us!

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