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In April, Max and I set off on a road trip across the US, making our way from Chicago to Los Angeles. Finding amazing tea along the way wasn’t high on our priority list. After all, our experience drinking tea in the US thus far has been limited to very average hot tea brewed with tea bags, or iced tea full of sugar. Needless to say, we weren’t expecting much.

One of the first stops of our road trip was the town of Omaha in Nebraska. We loved roaming the streets checking out the shops, galleries, and restaurants in Omaha’s Old Market. It was here that by pure chance we discovered an amazing tea shop called The Tea Smith.

The Tea Smith, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
The Tea Smith, Omaha, Nebraska

The second we stepped inside the shop we knew that this establishment was run by serious tea lovers. The shop had a great selection of loose leaf teas available in both cold and hot varieties along with a wide assortment of tea wares from all over the world. While there, we also listened in on one of their weekly Tea Talks, held by their in-house tea expert.

Tea wares sold at The Tea Smith Shop in Omaha, Nebraska. USA
Tea wares sold at The Tea Smith Shop in Omaha, Nebraska

We jumped on the opportunity to sample some of their teas and ended up indulging in some delicious varieties. I loved my Lychee Green Tea Bubble Tea and Max has discovered a newfound love for Macha.

Lychee Green Tea Bubble Tea and Macha Bubble Tea at The Tea Smith, Omaha, Nebraska. USA
Lychee Green Tea Bubble Tea and Macha Bubble Tea at The Tea Smith, Omaha, Nebraska

All loose tea varieties served in the shop were available for purchase by the ounce but were stoked to find out that their tea can also be purchased online and shipped worldwide.

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Awesome tea find from Nebraska, USA!

Any bubble tea lovers out there? What’s your favourite bubble tea flavour?

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  1. Tea lover here, I find it difficult to go past the old favorite black tea. Thanks for sharing your tea travels with us. I haven’t tried bubble tea, so will have to give it a go.

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