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This post was contributed by Couples Travel Experts, Mack & Laura.

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We’re not the kind of people who equate romance with a bouquet of roses or an advance reservation, and you would be more likely to find us by the ocean than in a restaurant. We will choose a picnic blanket over a tablecloth every time, and our dinner attire is more likely to be wool or flannel than black tie.

Romantic Getaway: Couple looking at the mountains

Our romantic dinners are lit by a sunset…

…not a chandelier, and if there are candles, you can bet they smell of citronella.

You won’t find us at swanky hotels, or living luxe. In fact, we’ll trade the wining and dining and 5-Star anything for experiences that you can’t order off a menu. If this speaks to you, then keep reading to for a taste of our idea of a romantic getaway.

Romantic getaway: couple kissing on the beach

On our second date, we sailed from Panama to Colombia. For our fourth, we lived in a van on Australia’s East Coast.

When we applied for permanent residency, we celebrated with cheap champagne on a headland and watched while the sun set in the hills, and the moon rose from the sea. These experiences were by no means luxurious, but in our minds that only makes them more real.

Romantic Getaway: Roadtrip in a van

A romantic getaway can be big or small

It isn’t the time or the distance away from home but the feeling that makes a romantic getaway special. These are the moments that make us feel alive; the ones that shorten our breath and brighten our eyes. It is in moments like these that we feel a deeper sense of connection with each other, and the great, wide world around us.

Romantic Getaway: Overlooking a cliff

Our idea of romance may not be traditional and it may not be for sale, but if that suits you, then you’ll love the where and the why that comes next.

The way we look at it, time is short and no two breaths are the same. The world functions in possibilities, and each day we are gifted with a few thousand breaths before we lie down to do it again (we hope).

Romantic Getaway: Couple looking at mountain

Why, in our precious time, would we prioritize the experience of something artificial and scripted, when we have the chance to get away and immerse ourselves something completely unique? Think about your relationship.

Or maybe the one you’d like to have. Where do you feel the most alive? The most attuned? The most in love? For me, and my beautiful, daring, adventurous and caring partner, it’s out in the great wide world, away from the city lights and deep in the peace and quiet.

I can be honest when I say that, I have never felt so emotionally connected to anything as I did with Laura those weeks we spent driving across the plains of Africa.

Romantic Getaway: Watching the Safari Sunset

For Laura and I, Safari was a grand experience in passion. During those weeks, all our senses were in hyperdrive, all our emotions overstimulated. Each day we were living a dream that the two of us had held for a lifetime.

Each day our hearts and souls would grow until it felt as though they would burst, just in time to be stretched again. We were on fire. Those weeks we held a passion in our eyes that was so tangible you could feel it. Never will I forget that look.

Romantic Getaway: Girl standing in front of mountain

You want a romantic getaway?

Go live your dreams together, it will give you a feeling you cannot buy. These are our experiences, and our getaways, they don’t have to be yours.

Your dreams don’t need to be overseas or far away. Your dreams are yours, and if they work for you, if you and your partner are brought closer, guided by that feeling that you chase together, then that’s all that matters.

Romantic Getaway: Annapurna

Listen to that feeling, make space for it, and embrace it

There is a place, high in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, where a stream of heated water bubbles up through a crack in the rocks. This stream fills a series of stepped pools, lined with river stones. Water meanders through these pools, zig-zagging down and away from the spring until eventually, that same water that has unlocked tense muscles and soothed aggrieved minds, is lost to a torrent of roiling meltwater.

Romantic Getaway: Sunrise From Mt Steele, BC

This place, and the cycle of rebirth and loss that the spring represents is revered by the Aboriginal people that call it home. It is a place of healing and spirituality and in our time here we discovered both. Lost beneath curtains of rain and completely alone, the pools leached us of our toxins and the river rinsed us clean.

Our idea of a romantic getaway is a night spent like this. A night that we couldn’t have scripted and one which we may never experience again.

Each day we are gifted with immeasurable moments of light and blended colour.

Romantic Getaway: Watching the sunrise

These moments are as unique as they are special.

Seize these daily moments of clarity. Immerse yourselves in the world around you and take an active interest in the beauty that you find there.

There is so much to be grateful for and once you realize that, you too will see the world through a rose coloured lens.

Romantic Getaway: Enjoying the outdoors

When we can, we flee in our off-grid freedom machine, losing our phones and keeping each other for company. We’ll drive out into the country or cruise up the coast. Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by trees and valleys, sometimes perched above crashing waves.

Whenever we go on a romantic getaway, we lose track of time.

Living through mist-strewn mornings, golden evenings, and all the sunlit hours in between. Come evening, we’ll kick back beside a crackling fire and watch the Milky Way dance its dazzling path across the sky.

Romantic Getaway: Annapurna

When we can’t get away, when work is too much or we can’t find the time and energy, we chase mini escapes instead. We’ll take our van to a cliff that we know, one that overlooks the ocean, or maybe the city, back up to the edge and throw open the tailgate.

There, high on that hill we just sit, talk to each other, and watch the world go by. I can’t think of anything better than being rugged up in our rolling home in the comfort of Laura’s company,  sharing a splash of wine, a block of chocolate, and something spectacular before us.

Romantic Getaway: Indian Sunset Strolls

Our relationship with adventure is enabled by our indifference to fancy dates and our mutual love of a simple life.

We went for dinner to celebrate something last year, just the two of us and we had to laugh. The experience of being crammed into a busy restaurant, interrupted by a well-intentioned server and within earshot of a handful of different conversations was more uncomfortable than it was enjoyable.

Romantic Getaway: Love written in lights

We truly couldn’t be happier than when we’re perched on a clifftop watching the moon shine on the ocean.

This type of a romantic getaway, the little tastes of the great wide world, are our key to a balance between big moments and small. They keep us grounded while our minds soar and remind us that while the world is infinite in its possibilities, there is no moment better than the one we’re in right now.

These are our secrets, this is our idea of romance.

3 thoughts on “How to Plan a Romantic Getaway”

  1. Amazing article Mack and Laura!! You really captured the emotion and passion when you feel aligned with your dreams. This was a pleasure to read, and I feel like you guys have found something very special – I suppose something very spiritual actually, from following your dreams and travelling together

    1. Thanks for the kind words my friend! I’m really glad to hear that the feelings we experience can translate through a written word. I think you’re bang on when you say bordering on the spiritual. You’re a perceptive man!

  2. What a lovely message to come across. We certainly have found something very special. Thank you so much for your kind words Lester!

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