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It’s no secret that the last 6 weeks have been tough for Max and I. February kicked off on a high note, as we traveled to the U.S. to attend a conference in Atlanta and spend 2 weeks visiting our families in Florida. When we got back to Costa Rica mid-month, we were excited to finally explore more of this beautiful country. But that dreadful afternoon of surfing on Playa Avellanas changed our travel plans in more ways than we ever expected.

Oksana stretched out on the surf board with a broken leg. Playa Avellanas. Costa Rica
Waiting for the ambulance after breaking my leg while surfing in Playa Avellanas

I was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg, put in a full leg cast, and sent home to sit still for 3 months. After a week of absolute immobility, (and misery) we knew there had to be an alternative. We got another opinion and 10 days after the accident went through with surgery to put a titanium rod into my broken shin bone and a titanium plate on my broken ankle bone. The surgery went well, the cast came off, and we both sighed with a little bit of relief. “You’ll be back on your feet in 8 weeks”, said the doctor. 

March was 100% dedicated to recovery. We spent most of it in Costa Rica, barely leaving the house, but keeping entertained by howler monkeys and our crazy hyper kitten, Mia. We took advantage of being still to catch up on work, but it didn’t take long for cabin fever to set in. We couldn’t wait to get out and do something.

My recovery was going well. The pain and most of the swelling have subsided and at the end of March, the doctor gave me the green light to start putting a bit of weight on my injured leg and encouraged me to start pool rehab. We finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oksana in the pool in San Jose, Costa Rica
Rehab in the pool…look I can stand on my own now!

At the end of March, we flew up to Florida where Max attended another conference and we got a chance to spend some time with my family, who escaped the cold Canadian winter to visit us in sunny Florida.

Countries/Cities/Towns Visited

Costa Rica: Playa Avellanas, San Jose

US: Tampa Area, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia. USA
Atlanta from above

Money Spent

Spending 2 months in Florida/Costa Rica has been great for our budget, since our expenses here are limited to groceries and occasional transportation costs (gas and flights). But as you can imagine the out of pocket costs for the surgery put a serious dent in our pockets. Between the various doctors appointments, hospital visits, drugs and the surgery itself, the whole debacle ended up costing us upwards of $8,000.  

Don’t even forget to buy travel insurance guys, no matter how low-key your trip might be. We learned this lesson the hard way.  

Travel Highlights

The best part of the last 2 months was our most recent trip to Florida. We got a chance to spend some quality time with family, go out for a few awesome meals (my first restaurant outings since the injury), and even spend some time at the beach!

Max & Oksana on anna Maria Island Beach in Florida, USA
Being silly on the beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida.

…and Lowlights

As you may have already guessed, breaking my leg, going through surgery and the initial recovery period was the biggest challenge for us these past months. It’s been really tough, not just physically, but also emotionally. We’ve had to cancel our plans to explore Costa Rica in March and our much-anticipated trip to Peru in April. But instead of focusing on the negatives, we are choosing to keep our spirits high, focus on my continuing recovery, and keep looking ahead!

Popular Posts

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Next Month

We decided it was time to stop sulking about my injury and make the most of April! It wasn’t easy to figure out a way to get back on the road while I’m still in recovery mode, but Max came up with a brilliant idea to rent a campervan and take us on a road trip across the U.S.!

Cruise America C30 RV
We are looking forward to exploring the U.S. in this massive home on wheels! Photo via Cruise America

We are now back in Costa Rica, where we will spend the next 2 weeks leading up to our U.S. adventure.

What are your upcoming plans for April?

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