Latitude 10 – Lush Eco-Friendly Escape in the heart of Santa Teresa

The first thing that we noticed about Latitude 10 Resort was how different it is from other beach resorts we have stayed at in Costa Rica.

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There were no signs leading to Latitude 10 on the road to Santa Teresa, no easy way to find it and no way to know if we had arrived at the right place. We parked our car in a small parking lot and followed a small stone path down to the restaurant.

“Can you help us find the reception for Latitude 10?”, we asked a woman sitting at one of the tables.

“There is no reception at Latitude 10”, she said with a smile.

“Welcome. I’m Jennifer. I’m the manager here and you must be Max and Oksana. If you give us your car keys our staff will help bring the luggage into your room, while I show you around

We immediately felt special.

“We want our guests to feel like they are a part of the Latitude 10 family”, Jennifer explained to us later, “so we have purposefully removed the reception and other formalities associated with a typical hotel”.

It was then that we realized that our stay at Latitude 10 Resort was going to be anything but ordinary.


Latitude 10 beachfront resort is set on 5 acres of lush land right on the beach just a few miles away from the center of Santa Teresa town.

Latitude 10 offers six private casitas, each with a unique open-air design, porch hammocks and local artwork.

eco resort costa rica: Latitude 10 Resort
Casita at Latitude 10 Resort

Common areas include a restaurant and lounge area, where you can dine on locally inspired dishes and sample speciality cocktails. The restaurant looks out onto a beautiful and tranquil chemical free pool, where we spent many hours relaxing during our stay.

Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa
The pool in front of the restaurant at Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa

There is also an open-air yoga and wellness center, where guest can enjoy massages and complimentary yoga lessons.

The property is covered with thick vegetation which brings lots of local wildlife to its grounds. During our stay, we spotted tons of lizards and iguanas along with some howler monkeys and crabs.


There are 3 types of cabins at the Latitude 10 Resort. The biggest one and most luxurious one is the 484-square foot Master Suite casita that features a King bed, a daybed, a closet and an outdoor bathroom.

eco resort costa rica: Latitude 10 Resort Room

The 100-square foot private covered deck has a hammock, a small sitting area, and a table. There are 2 of these units on the property, they offer amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and are a perfect accommodation option for a couple or a family.

eco resort costa rica: Latitude 10 Resort Room

The smaller, Junior Suite casitas, feature similar amenities but with only 150-square feet, they are not as spacious. They have a King size bed, a daybed, and a 31-square foot private covered porch with chairs nestled in the lush tropical gardens. There are 3 Junior Suites at Latitude 10 and they provide a perfect accommodation option for a couple.

Turndown service at Junior Suite, Latitude 10 Resort. Photo courtesy of Latitude 10
Junior Suite. Latitude 10 Resort. Photo courtesy of  Latitude 10 Resort

The last option is a small guest room, located beside the restaurant. The guest room is the only room at the resort with AC but still features an open-air bathroom.

Eco Hotel Costa Rica: Latitude 10 Resort
Guest room at Latitude 10 Resort. Photo courtesy of Latitude 10

The beauty of this guest room is that it offers a budget-friendly accommodation option while still providing access to all common area facilities that makes Latitude 10 a wonderful place to stay in Santa Teresa, no matter what time of year you decide to visit Costa Rica.

Sustainable Practices

Latitude 10 Resort is deeply rooted in the idea of sustainable living and sustainability practices are front and center in the design and amenities of the resort. Everything from their casitas, to their restaurant operations and supplier choices, are made with the utmost eco-consciousness.

eco resort costa rica: Latitude 10 Resort Sustainability

eco resort costa rica: Latitude 10 Resort Sustainability

The casitas are built in such a way that allows for natural air circulation and makes air conditioner use unnecessary in the rooms. The shower is solar heated, which allows Latitude 10 to further reduce their electricity use.

Open air bathroom at Latitude 10 Resort
Open air bathroom at Latitude 10 Resort

Eco Resort Costa Rica: Latitude 10 Resort

Inside the bathrooms, all amenities are biodegradable and organic, provided for the hotel by a local manufacturer Aromas para el Alma.

Biodegradable toiletries at Latitude 10 Resort
Biodegradable toiletries at Latitude 10 Resort

All information about the Latitude 10 Resort and its nearby attractions has been printed on recycled paper. The rooms are set up to allow for recycling and separation of garbage.

When it comes to facilities in the common areas they too, have been developed with an eco-conscious mindset. The resort encourages guests to participate in their sustainable movements by offering guests free garbage pick up bags and encouraging them to participate in the daily 5-minute beach clean-up initiative.

Latitude 10 Resort has made a conscious decision to eliminate all plastic water bottles from their resort and is working on eliminating all plastic from their operations. This certainly helps with their waste management program which has them recycling and composting 81% of their waste.

Eco Resort Costa Rica: Latitude 10 Resort
Cayuga Collection. Photo courtesy of Latitude 10

Latitude 10 beachfront resort belongs to the prestigious Cayuga Collection, a group of award-winning sustainable hotels in Central America committed to protecting the environment and preserving their surrounding communities and ecosystems.


The Casitas

While we really enjoyed the casitas and particularly the open air bathroom, it was the porch area that we loved the most.

Eco Resort Costa Rica: Latitude 10 Resort
Latitude 10 Resort is the perfect place to hang out

We spent lots of time relaxing on the porch, be it in the hammock, or in the seating area. The sound of the ocean and the views of the beach provided a really relaxing setting.

The Food

Another highlight of our stay was food at the onsite restaurant. We are usually hesitant to eat at hotel’s on-site restaurant, as we often find better food in town, but the restaurant at Latitude 10 was an exception.

Latitude 10 restaurant food
Sample the culinary delights at Latitude 10 Resort’s on-site restaurant

We loved everything about their food. From their simple breakfast with a wide choice of local organic teas to their delicious poolside snacks, speciality drinks (their Bloody Mary was divine!), and delicious meals served at dinner.

eco resort costa rica: Latitude 10 restaurant foodThe Tuna Tartar (made with Malpaís tuna marinated in passion fruit, soy sauce, and ginger) was by far our favourite!

The Laid-back Atmosphere

Our stay was relaxing and really enjoyable. We didn’t feel rushed to go anywhere and one day even dedicated a whole of 2 hours to a great yoga session on the beach (provided courtesy of Latitude 10).

eco resort costa rica: Santa Teresa Latitude 10
Latitude 10 beachfront resort means the perfect location for a spot of yoga!

It was easy to let time fly by at Latitude 10, but we think that’s exactly the point in staying at this incredible jungle paradise!

Private beach at Latitude 10 Resort
Private beach at Latitude 10 Resort

What to learn more about Latitude 10 Resort? Head to Latitude 10 website to get more info and to check their availability and rates for your travel dates!

Disclaimer: Our stay at Latitude 10 was provided courtesy of Latitude 10 Resort, but, as always, all opinions expressed in this post are our own! 

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