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It was a chilly day in Toronto. Max and I were visiting Canada for a week and decided to venture out to the Toronto Christmas Market, which had just opened up for the holiday season at the Distillery Historical District.

Toronto Christmas Markets at the Distillery Historic District. Canada
Toronto Christmas Markets at the Distillery Historic District

After about 30 mins of browsing the stalls and soaking up the Christmas spirit, we decided to warm up inside the Mill Street Brewery, one of  Toronto’s favourite craft breweries located right in the heart of the Distillery.

Oksana at Toronto Christmas Markets at the Distillery Historic District. Canada
Roaming the streets in the Distillery Historic District with a Tim Hortons tea in hand, as you do

Max went straight for the Mill St sampler platter, excited to try Mill Street’s new seasonal brews, but I was in the mood for something a bit warmer. Disappointed to find out that the brewery didn’t have any mulled wine (you can get it from many of the stalls outside, but apparently it’s not served inside), I opted for the only tea on the menu – Blueberry Tea. I expected nothing more than flavoured blueberry herbal tea, but as it turned out, Blueberry Tea is much more than that!

Blueberry Tea, Toronto. Canada
Tea pot and a snifter of Grand Marnier and Amaretto

“What’s in this?”, I asked the server  when a snifter of liqueur and a pot of tea appeared in front of me.

“That’s blueberry tea cocktail. 1 oz. Grand Marnier liqueur, 1 oz. Amaretto liqueur and a pot of black tea”, the server explained. “Just give that tea a few more minutes to steep and mix it in with the liqueur”.

I was fascinated and very intrigued! This sounded delicious… and it was!

Blueberry Tea, Toronto. Canada
Blueberry Tea – hot black tea mixed with the liqueurs

As it turned out Blueberry Tea was so much more exciting and delicious than the plain blueberry herbal tea that I was expecting. It had a fruity taste, not too dissimilar from blueberry (hence the name, I guess), and the perfect kick of liqueur warmth for a chilly day. It’s a fantastic choice for any tea lover and will definitely be my go-to winter cocktail in Canada and beyond!

I scoured the web in search of the origins of Blueberry Tea but didn’t find any definite answers. Some say the tea is a variant of the hot toddy, a hot whisky from Scotland. So perhaps our new winter favourite originated somewhere in the U.K.?

Have you ever tried Blueberry Tea? Where did you come across it?


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