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Thailand has no shortage of activities that will suit the fussiest traveler. From beach getaways and all inclusive resorts, to active adventures like trekking, hiking and scuba diving, to food escapades with hundreds of dishes and not enough time to try them all. Thailand is quickly adapting to be the prime choice for those looking for a pleasant, easy and comfortable vacation abroad. It is becoming more and more Westernized with more and more locals adapting their ways to suit the ones of the tourists. It is becoming harder and harder to find authentic cultural experiences in Thailand, but luckily there is still plenty of untouched and authentic Thailand left to explore.

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Cultural Experience in Thailand #1.

Head up North and spend some time in a remote village. There are a number of treks that can be organized out of Chiang Mai or Pai that not only visit, but arrange home stays at some of these remote villages. While Thailand is becoming more and more urbanised, more than half of Thai population still lives in the country side.

Cultural experiences in Thailand 1 - remote village
Cultural experiences in Thailand 2 - countryside

Cultural experiences in Thailand 3 - remote village

Cultural Experience in Thailand #2

Immerse yourself in Thai music and dance performance. Avoid the enormous dance and entertainment shows put on just for tourists and opt for something more authentic. Check local schools and Universities, as they often put on performances for their communities. These are much more authentic and will not cost you a penny.

Cultural experiences in Thailand - Thai dance perfomance

Cultural Experience in Thailand #3

Learn about Thai cuisine and its heritage by attending a traditional Thai cooking class. Chiang Mai has some wonderful cooking classes that are set on a farm, where you will not only get to learn how to cook authentic Thai food but will learn how to navigate a local market and use fresh ingredients from the farm to cook your meals.

Produce market, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Cultural experiences in Thailand
Thai Farm Cooking Class guide explains how to shop at a local market

Thai Farm Cooking School, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Cultural experiences in Thailand

Cultural Experience in Thailand #4

Visit one of Thailand’s 3 Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sights:

  • Ban Chiang Archaeological Site (1992) – the most important pre-historic settlement in S.E.A
  • Historic City of Ayutthaya (1991) – which used to be a capital of the Siamese Kingdom
  • Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns (1991) – number of monuments, illustrating the beginnings of Thai architecture.

Ayutthaya Ruins-RB Cultural experiences in Thailand

Cultural Experience in Thailand #5

Visit one of Thailand’s 30,000 buddhist temples. They continue to play a significant cultural, social and spiritual role in every community and often features Thailand artistic and historical heritage through their design and decor. Many temples provide monk chat services to visitors, an opportunity to sit down with a real monk and have a casual chat. The monks are always very friendly and welcoming of tourists. They love to practice their English and will gladly spend an hour with you, telling you their life story, sharing a lot of insights about Thailand, it’s people and their culture.

monk - Cultural experiences in Thailand
Buddhist Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailandmonk chat - Cultural experiences in Thailand

Do you have other cultural experiences to add to this list? Share them with others by leaving a comment below.

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It is becoming harder and harder to find authentic cultural experiences in Thailand, but luckily there is still plenty of authentic Thailand left to explore

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