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Cambodia is an enchanting country with beautiful people and at times, a brutal history. This history is ever present today in the unusual but very popular insect snacks.

Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals the edible insect market is an excellent way for the rural population to satisfy their nutritional requirements, and maintain their cultural heritage.

Snacking on grasshoppers the way westerners consume crisps, Cambodian adults and children love this daily indulgence.

Cambodia Insect Stand
Cambodia Insect Stand. Photo courtesy of  Carly Newman
Cambodia Street Food Stall
Cambodia Street Food Stall. Photo courtesy of  Carly Newman
Fried Beetles Moths. Food in Cambodia
Fried Beetles Moths Photo courtesy of Carly Newman
Fried Grasshoppers, Food in Cambodia
Fried grasshoppers. Photo courtesy of  Carly Newman


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  1. We’ve just finished Cambodia by motorbikes. It was really funny when we were trying insects, but these are actually pretty delicious. We’ve found a few vendors on a riverside in Phnom Penh. They give you a small cup full of insects for $2. Definitely a thing to try.

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