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“How do you afford to travel?”

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This is the question that we get asked more than any other. Whenever we’re talking about travel, the question of finance is bound to come up. The bold just ask, the dubious wonder, and the polite insinuate it quietly. We haven’t come into any money, we aren’t beneficiaries of any trust; what we do is work, and what we have are priorities.

Saving Money for Travel: Couple having fun on boat

When we break it down, we realize it’s pretty simple. Experiences are our top priority, and travel is our favourite experience. If you love to travel, or you dream of adventure, then keep reading for our six favourite penny-pinching tips; the ones that we use to saving money for traveling.

Enjoy Each Other’s Company

This is a big one. If you can learn to be content in each other’s company, not only will you find yourselves with fuller wallets, you will have a more gratified view of your relationship.

Saving Money for Travel: Couple holding hands in the desert

You will be amazed by the difference to your finances if you can avoid chasing a crowd to keep yourselves occupied. We’re not saying you should be anti-social, but we are encouraging you to be a bit more selective in how you spend your time and money.

Saving Money for Travel: Couple having fun

Keeping yourselves company and enjoying the time you spend together is key to help saving money for traveling. And if the two of you can keep each other entertained while you’re on the road, your experience with travel will be all the better.

Redefine Date Night

It’s important to make time for yourselves; to invest in yourself, your partner and the health of your relationship. But not all investments are financial, and not all need to pay out right away.

We try to keep it in perspective and to remember that decisions we make today really do have an impact on our options later. When we need to take a little time and treat ourselves, we like to choose a beautiful view and a picnic blanket, rather than a swanky restaurant and a tablecloth.

Saving Money for Travel: Watching the sunrise

Why not give sunset and a bottle of wine a try? Or maybe take a walk through the woods?

Invariably we feel more connected to each other and with nature when we spend our time outside. The fact that it helps us in saving money for traveling, is just an added bonus.

Go Small

One of the most important things you can learn about travel is making do with less. Less gear, less space, fewer clothes and less money. It may sound daunting, but it really is a skill that will save you plenty of future headaches.

Saving Money for Travel: Mobile Home

Why not see if a traveler’s approach to minimalism is something that you can incorporate into your daily life? See if you can make your clothes last a little longer, or maybe repurpose something that otherwise would have been on its way out. When you make do with less, you will find yourselves with more money and more flexibility.

Saving Money for Travel: Standing near the ocean

Your wallet will thank you, and so will the planet. Recurring bills and material things are two of the biggest hurdles while saving for travel. When all you want is a little freedom…

Make Mealtime Your Time

Remember earlier when I spoke about redefining date night? How about changing the way you look at mealtime? Try conquering the kitchen together and see if you can tackle a dish off a favourite restaurant’s menu. Coming up with delicious recipes is fun and always rewarding, but it is also a great way to spend some quality time together.

Saving Money for Travel: Couple cooking

What better way to catch up on each other’s day than slicing and dicing alongside one another? Making cooking an event will not only help to keep your meals from being bland but will make you less likely to opt for dinners out. It will also save you money; money you can put towards your dream travel experience.

Make It Last

Stretch your budget. It’s easy to get carried away while you’re travelling. You’re far from home, having the time of your life, and you’re soaking up your dream experience.

Saving Money for Travel: Having fun on the beach

But trust us on this one; the difference between taking a trip that was once in a lifetime, and turning travel into part of your lifestyle, is making your money last. This also means bringing some rainy-day money home with you. Nothing will scrap your future travel plans like credit card debt and an empty bank account.

Saving Money for Travel: Having fun on the beach

Budget while you’re on the road. Decide which experiences are absolute musts and which can be a pass. And when the time comes, fly home while you can still afford to. It’ll get you back out on the road sooner rather than later.

Work Hard

This is our biggest secret. Nobody wants to work forever, especially those who dream of something different. When you’re working, make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to put in the extra hours; keep two, three or even four jobs. Be willing to say yes and keep those eyes on the prize.

Saving Money for Travel: Snorkeling

It sounds overstated, but ask the people you meet on the road. The ones who have made travel a lifestyle have put in the hard yards early. Nobody just finds the money, you’ve got to put in the work. And if you’re smart, you can make incredible experiences a part of your life for many years to come.

Saving Money for Travel: Indian Sunset Strolls

There you have it, these are our secrets to saving money for traveling. They may seem pretty simple, and you know what? They are! Believe it or not, this is how we save for travel.

Saving money for traveling doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact, the simpler your approach to saving your money, the better.

Think twice, spend a little less, and most importantly, prioritize.

Saving money for travel: Couple looking at mountain

If travel truly is important to you, the rest will fall into place. Once you begin to make decisions with travel as a priority, you’ll get there. It just takes patience and a little work.

What are some ways you and your partner do for saving money for traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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