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When you travel as much as we do, finding clothes that are comfortable and pack well is essential. We never want to worry about wrinkles or clothing that’s hard to care for and pack, so we are always on the lookout for comfy and stylish travel-friendly options.

Our latest discovery, Buddha Pants, are exactly that and we are in love!

About Buddha Pants

Buddha Pants is a brand of travel-ready harem pants and jumpsuits that are lightweight and comfortable. The company was founded in 2012 by photographer and artist Rachel Raab. Rachel created Buddha Pants with practicality and travel in mind. She wanted a pair of harem pants that had pockets and could pack well, so in 2013, the first round of Buddha Pants launched. 

Buddha Pants are manufactured in Miami Beach and Ho Chi Minh from 100% cotton fabric in a ton of colourful prints and solids. All of their pants are designed in a way so you can be comfortable and look great when you’re on the go, doing yoga, or just hanging out. 

The Products

Buddha Pants offers a range of harem pants, jumpsuits, and other organic cotton accessories in lots of fun prints and patterns. All of their pants are unisex and are ideal for yoga, traveling, or just bumming around the house. 

All of their items are made from 100% cotton and are all about being versatile and multifunctional.     

They’re continuously working on developing new unique styles. They have even added a line of winter harem pants recently made from thick organic cotton for year-round comfort.     


A pair of Buddha Pants are the perfect travel companion because they’re lightweight and packable. Every pair is made from 100% cotton and can pack right into its left pocket. 

They’re unisex and super versatile for lounging, yoga, or every day wear. They come in a ton of fun prints and colours in 5 different sizes (some styles offer kids sizing too!) with pockets and an elastic waistband.  

We have a pair each. I (Oksana) practically live in my Brown Zebra Flap Pants and Max loves to lounge around in his Black Miami Pants. We can’t get enough of how soft and comfy they are! They’re perfect on travel days when we want breezy, lightweight pants that look and feel great. 


Buddha Pants also offers harem yoga jumpsuits. They look like the easiest way to appear effortlessly stylish and still be comfortable—AKA the perfect outfit. They have a genie pant style on the bottom with a halter neckline and low back. They come in 7 different prints and a variety of solid colours too. 

Masks and Accessories

The 100% organic cotton masks from Buddha Pants are our new favourite. They’re washable, eco-friendly, and come with a cloth satchel for storage when you’re not using them. There are a bunch of great colours and patterns to choose from that come in an around-the-head or around-the-ears style. We have two different styles and they’re both very comfy and much needed!

They also offer bandanas, bracelets, and satchels to match your Buddha Pants and make packing a breeze.

Do you have any travel-ready packable clothes in your wardrobe?

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  1. Nice blog and writing style. Buddha and harem pants are super comfy and can be worn on any occasion or yoga sessions. Their fabric are breathable and are super light that makes them great for hippie look too. Thanks for posting this and keep sharing great stuff like this. Cheers!

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