There is no denying it, watching the Borobudur sunrise is a magical sight. The morning glow of the rising sun covers Borobudur in a blanket of warm fog that makes this beautiful temple feel that much more special.

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Borobudur is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple, Java, Indonesia and the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Travelers and tourists from all over the world come to Indonesia specifically to take a tour of Borobudur and see the magic of more than 500 Buddha statues and experience the even more magical Borobudur sunrise.

Borobudur Temple shortly after sunrise. Java. Indonesia
Borobudur Temple shortly after sunrise

The Classic Borobudur Sunrise Tour

It was a photo of Borobudur at sunrise that hung on the wall of the travel agency on Jalan Malioboro that sparked our interest in visiting Borobudur during this magical hour.

“Yes, yes good. Borobudur Sunrise Tour  – 125,000 IDR ($9 USD) per person, you see from Setumbu Hills. Very nice”, said the travel agent with a smile.

Setumbu Hills? No, we want to see from inside, like that photo”, I said pointing at the frame hanging at the back of the shop.

“Oh, no problem. Inside is 450,000 IDR ($32 USD) you go before park open. 4 am start. But you must go to the Manohara Hotel.“

Borobudur Sunrise Tour. Java Indonesia
The poster looked something like this

The Manohara Hotel Sunrise Tour

The Manohara Sunrise Tour offers access to the Borobudur Temple before it is open to the public. Participants can enter the temple as early as 4:30 am with the group. The group then walks from the Manohara Hotel to Borobudur Temple, which is just minutes from the entrance to the park.

Typically the tour ends around 6-6:30 am, once the sun is up. At times the tour group can get quite large as there is no limit to how many people are permitted to join the tour.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour: Borobudur during the afternoon
Borobudur during the day. We wanted to see it lit up with the morning light!

Another Way to See the Borobudur Sunrise 

450,000 IDR ($32 USD) was pricey and after our less than amazing tour experience at Prambanan the night before, we didn’t want to book another average group tour.

We couldn’t find any information online as to where or how we could catch sunrise without a Borobudur tour, so we figured we would just go and figure out the details upon arrival. Back at our hotel, the receptionist was happy to organize a scooter rental for us.

Warung Mie Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Early morning start…and the streets are still dark

Our DIY Borobudur Sunrise Tour

We woke up at 4:30 am the next morning and hopped on our scooter with Google Map directions in hand. Surprised by how busy the city streets were at such an early hour, we carefully navigated our way out of Yogyakarta (locally known as Jogja) and onto Jalan Magelang Yogyakarta, that would lead us to Borobudur.

It was roughly an hour later when we arrived at the gates to the complex. The gate was closed. There were no other tourists in sight.

“Hello, Borobudur sunrise”, yelled out a middle-aged man on a scooter pointing in the direction away from the gate.

“No thank you. We go inside”

“I take you to Setumbu Hills”

We shook our heads sticking to our original plan. It was 5:40 am. The sun would be rising in 10 mins.

All of a sudden the boom gate opened. We drove straight in, parked our scooter and made our way to the temple park entrance where a handful of other tourists were eagerly awaiting the doors to open. As the clock struck 6:00, we were welcomed inside and made our way to the ticket collection office where complimentary tea and coffee awaited us. We downed our welcome drinks and scurried to the main temple.

The first light of dawn had already hit the temple, awakening the birds in the trees leading up to Borobudur.

First light at Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia
First glimpse of a Borobudur Sunrise

The First Rays of the Borobudur Sunrise

As our eyes caught the first glimpse of the Borobudur Temple through the morning mist, we noticed a crowd of tourists eagerly awaiting their chance to snap the first sun rays.

This group of people, easily identified by the bright yellow “Sunrise Tour” stickers adorning their shirts, were the “lucky few” that were happy to pay 450,000 IDR ($32 USD) to join the Manohara Hotel Sunrise Tour (or 275,000 IDR ($20 USD) if they were staying at the hotel) They had been there since 5 am, yet were still awaiting the sun to breach the horizon through the morning fog.

Crowds at Borobudur Temple. Central Java, Indonesia
A wee bit crowded for our liking…

Minutes later, the birds scattered as the loud noise of camera shutters engulfed the temple. Selfie sticks and tripods were abound and guards were forced to turn into photographers as everyone jostled for the perfect Borobudur sunrise shot.

It was crowded and practically impossible to take a clean shot without another group ruining your photo. So we waited…

Enjoying the Borobudur Sunrise Without the Crowds

The benefit of traveling to Borobudur on a scooter was that we had the luxury of time. And it didn’t take long for the crowds to disperse.

The majority of them rushed back to their Borobudur tour minivans, leaving us to enjoy the beautiful temple of Borobudur on our own. We lingered for another hour or so, taking the time to walk around the temple, snap some great photos/videos and depart shortly before the morning crowds rolled in.

Borobudur Temple shortly after sunrise. Java. Indonesia
Borobudur Temple shortly after sunrise
Borobudur Temple at sunrise. Java Indonesia
Borobudur Temple at sunrise
Enjoing our time at Borobudur without the crowds. Java. Indonesia
Enjoing our own Borobudur tour without the crowds

Borobudur Temple at sunrise. Java Indonesia

Intricate wall carvings at Borobudur. Indonesia

Statues at the entrance to Borobudur. Indonesia

Indonesia Borobudur-3215

We took a scenic route on the way back to Yogyakarta, riding through the Central Java countryside exploring small villages and no-name-towns located just outside of the city.

We watched locals go about their daily lives with many waving their hands and yelling their hellos as we passed by their humble homes.

Sharing the road with the locals. outside of Yogyakarta. Java. Indonesia
Sharing the road with the locals
Riding through the country side in Java. Indonesia
Riding through the countryside in Java on our DIY Jogja Borobudur tour

We returned to Yogyakarta shortly after 10 am overjoyed with our decisions to forgo the touristy route and explore on our own.

Essential Travel Tips and Advice for Enjoying a DIY Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Want to follow our footsteps, forego the expense of an organised tour to Borobudur and experience a Borobudur sunrise on your own terms? Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind for doing your own independent Jogja Borobudur tour.

1. Hire your scooter the night before and make sure that you are comfortable riding it in heavy traffic before setting off on a trip to Borobudur. Getting to Borobudur was easy, as the roads weren’t that busy at 4-5am, but driving into Yogyakarta in heavy morning traffic on the way back was rather hectic.

2. Make sure your scooter comes with a helmet or two. While you may see locals riding around without a helmet, we don’t recommend that you follow their lead and take that risk! Safety first!

3. Download an offline version of Google Maps for the area so you can use navigation all the way from your hotel to Borobudur.  It was helpful to work as a team with Max driving and me navigating the way, so if you are riding on your own make frequent stops to check your whereabouts and don’t drive while looking at the map.

4. Plan your visit to Prambanan the day before and purchase a combo ticket for $30 that will allow you access to both temples. This will allow you to not waste time waiting in line at the ticket office to pay the Borobudur entrance fee and get to the temple faster.

5. Be patient once you get to the temple. The crowds will eventually disperse allowing you to take plenty of beautiful shots of the stunning Borobudur!

6. Don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the views!

Best Time of Year for a Borobudur Tour

The dry season is from May to October, which is usually considered the best time for a Borobudur tour, but keep in mind that this will bring more crowds and the heat. The rainy season (November to April) will be a little quieter and tours to Borobudur are still an option. Instead of crowds of tourists to contend with, you’ll have more mosquitoes!

The rain usually tends to come in the afternoon, so if you are visiting for a Borobudur sunrise, then you should be okay.

Keep in mind that the time of the sunrise will differ depending on when you visit! So be sure to check online when you are setting your alarm for your DIY Jogja-Borobudur tour.

How to Get to Borobudur

There are local buses from Yogyakarta leaving from the Jombor bus terminal (buses 2B and 2A) to northern Yogyakarta, where you will have to transfer to another bus to get to Borobudur Bus Terminal.

While the buses are aimed at local travelers, the Trans-Jogja bus staff will be happy to help you get on the right bus. It’s a bit of a trek though, the journey will take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. If you’re comfortable enough with driving, then it’s much easier to rent a car or a scooter like we did.

Where to Stay

Greenhost Boutique is a unique and artsy hotel committed to sustainable development. They carry out their green philosophies through their operating practices, purchasing policies, and water and waste disposal. They are conveniently located in the heart of Yogyakarta about an hour and a half from Borobudur. Prices start at $79/night for a double, or twin room.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour: A double room at the beautiful Greenhost Boutique. Photo by Greenhost Boutique.
A double room at the beautiful Greenhost Boutique. Photo by Greenhost Boutique.

Java Villas Boutique Hotel and Resort comes highly rated for its tranquillity and cleanliness. It features a pool and free breakfast. Java Villas is located in downtown Yogyakarta about an hour and a half from Borobudur, where most people stay during their trip to the temple. Prices start at $66/night for a double, or twin room.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour: The pool at Java Villas. Photo by Java Villas.
The pool at Java Villas. Photo by Java Villas.

Rumah Mertua Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is set within a tropical garden just outside of Yogyakarta. Its beautiful property has clean, spacious rooms, and a communal pool. Prices start at $70/night for a double room. Breakfast is included in the price.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour: Evening at Rumah Mertua Boutique Hotel.
Evening at Rumah Mertua Boutique Hotel. Photo by Rumah Mertua Boutique Hotel.

Is a Borobudur Sunrise Tour Worth the Early Alarm?

In a word, yes! A Borobudur sunrise is a magical experience and a must for explorers, spiritual travelers and photography enthusiasts alike! You’ll get some amazing photo opportunities as the sun creeps up and illuminates the temple, the surrounding jungle and volcanoes. It is a once in a lifetime type trip and definitely worth the lack of sleep!

Have you ever visited Borobudur at sunrise? Did you explore on your own or with a tour?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that we receive a small commission on your bookings at no additional cost to you. If you find the information in this post helpful, please consider booking your accommodation via these links to help us offset the cost of running this blog.

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  1. HI thank you so much for the tips!! We will do exactly what you suggest! I just have a question: where did you find the combo tickets!?

    Looking forward to hear from you,

  2. Hi, thanks for the tips. Do you recommend to visit both Prambanan & Borobudur on the same day or separate days?


    1. If you your itinerary allows for it, do them on separate days. Otherwise, it’s possible to do them on the same day (do Borobudur at sunrise and Prambanan at sunset), but will be rather exhausting!

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    cheap entry fees but for exploring the lava tour you need to rent a jeep provided people around to take you exploring Merapi lava tour.

    if you need more details, please send me a message via e-mail or whatsapp me at +62 888 0603 0838. thank you.

  4. I did visit Borobudur for sunrise three years ago and I don’t mind to pay around IDR 220,000 per pax. It’s worth it. Why the price is so high? To prevent the temple flooded by people – like in normal opening hours. Again, I’m proud I paid IDR 220,000 and by the end of this month, I’ll go again there and ready to pay IDR 270,000.

  5. Hi Oksana and Max. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a question though, how about the traffic from Yogyakarta to Borobudur at 4-5 am? Is it possible to arrive on time if we travel by car?

    1. Hi Tata, we didn’t come across any traffic on the way to Borobudur. It was a bit hectic on the way back, though, around 9-10am, so keep that in mind if you are planning to travel there by car or on a scooter.

  6. Hi Oksana! Could you please tell us a bit more about the scenic route you took on the way back to Yogyakarta?

  7. Hi Oksana and Max,
    Thanks for the great post! Can you please tell what time of the year you were there? I guess sunrise times vary during different months..

  8. Hello Oksana! Nice post! I have read mixed reviews on riding motorbikes in Indonesia. I have a driving license for motorbike, but I am not sure if we can ride as foreigners without trouble. Same applies to bali? Would it be ok to drive motorbikes in Indonesia with my national driving license?


    1. Technically by law, you are supposed to have international drivers license, but most tourists that visit Indonesia don’t. The rental shops will still rent you motorbikes with a regular license, but you do run the risk of being pulled over by police. I don’t know how often they pull over or ticket foreigners (it didn’t happen to us), but I guess it’s a risk.

  9. Hi Oksana, Max,

    Thanks for this great post! I’m planning my trip to Indonesia and your tips are very valuable.

    I don’t like to visit such kind of beautiful monuments in a packed group either 😉

    But I was wondering… I’ll be traveling on my own and I don’t have any experience with driving a scooter. So a scooter is not an option for me… Do you think I can get their easily by taxi at that time of day? Or can you suggest an alternative?

    Big thanks!

    1. Hi Eline,

      I didn’t see anyone responding to you. I would say, if you have never ridden a scooter before, it’s not in your best interest to do it at dusk; the darkest time of the day. Also, dealing with traffic and other drivers (scooter and car) can be stressful for a beginner.

      I’d suggest hiring a driver for the day, or driving up there yourself.

      I’m in Yogyakarta at the moment, and I’m planning on taking a scooter up there tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, depending on the weather. (It’s rainy season). Will let you know how it goes!

      Thanks O & M!

      1. Hi Grace,

        Thanks for the advice. It would be great if you shared your experience. That’s is very kind of you 😉

        Enjoy your stay in Yogyakarta!


  10. allow me to add a bit more info, as i have just completed Manohara’s Borobudur Sunrise Tour, which i purchased through a travel agent in Yogya, at the relatively high price quoted above… must say that i am very happy to have taken this tour, no regrets at all , and i would recommend it to all those who want the enjoy the complete sunrise experience

    in this part of the world, the sunrise is made up of two moments: the preliminaries which would start shortly after 5am, with the horizon taking delicate shades of gold, gradually becoming richer and more intense… climaxing when the ball of fire rises above the horizon, for the second, much shorter moment, slightly before 6am

    clearly, if you wait for the official gate to open at 6am, you won’t be able to enjoy the whole sunrise process, and as such you will only get the ball of fire in the sky, which does not provide photo ops as good as the preliminary period… the Manohara Sunrise however gives you access to the temple way before 5am, and lets you enter the magical world of pre-sunrise light

    depending on the time of the year, you may find that clouds start building up before 6am, and as such your sunrise view may get affected… this is what happened when i was there, and the disc of light could hardly be seen in full… not a problem, since we had a stunningly clear sky after 5am, with the amazingly beautiful progression of light… excellent for meditation!

    1. Thanks for adding the details of your experience, Marc. It’s great to have another travelers perspective as we know that a lot of ou readers will also be happy to pay the premium to experience the tour as you described it.

  11. Hi Oksana and Max, thank you for the detailed description of your trip. I generally prefer to explore areas on my own and not with tours. I will be heading to Yogja this August. Is the weather good during this time? Since I can’t ride a bike, I think I would probably need to hire a car. Would you recommend any specific car hires? Lastly, the Prambanan combo ticket, where did you get it? And how did you get there?

    1. If you can’t ride a scooter, you might be better off joining a tour. Car hire isn’t very common in Indonesia, so we, unfortunately, don’t have any recos.

      The Prambanan combo ticket can be purchased at the entrance.

  12. Hi Oskana and Max,

    So basically you guys bought the normal Borobodur ticket at the park entrance when you got there on the day itself?


  13. Hi Oksana and Max, I just came across your post for Borobudur Sunrise Tour.
    I have been to both Borobudur and Prambanan Temple with the combo tickets purchase. However I didn’t catch the sunrise at Borobudur. I’ll be making a trip back to Yogyakarta in July and I’m planning to go back to Borobudur Temple to catch the sunrise your writings come in handy! Thank you.

    I’ll like to check as you mentioned in “DIY Borobudur Sunrise Tour” arriving at the gates to the complex. Was it another entrance or is it the main entrance? I’m just abit confused and need to clarify it

    Thank you!

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