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Bluffworks began as a Kickstarter-backed company back in 2012 by frequent traveller and adventurer, Stefan Loble. Stefan was driven to create a men’s clothing line that could withstand his wanderlust and roaming lifestyle.

Bluffworks now produces a wide range of men’s travel clothing, including an excellent Travel Suit and a great pair of Travel Chino Pants, both of which I happen to love. So when Bluffworks announced their newest product – Bluffworks Departure Jeans, I didn’t wait too long to give them a try!

Bluffworks Departure Jeans Review

The Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans are designed to look and feel like regular jeans but they are made with high-tech fibres for added comfort, flexibility, and breathability. They also have the Bluffworks trademark hidden pockets for extra travel security for your valuables. 

Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans come in Slim Fit or Regular Fit and, due to the stretch, it is recommended to buy a size down from the size you’d normally wear. 

The Pros

The best thing about the Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans is that they actually look like a classic pair of jeans. Many other travel jeans end up looking like athletic pants, but Bluffworks has managed to make stretchy jeans that look like jeans, down to the classic indigo blue denim and the orange/yellow thread.

Many other travel pants tend to have too much elastane in them, but Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans only have 1%, just enough to give you the flexibility you need while traveling. You could easily and comfortably sit on a long flight or run for the gate without restriction.

Since they are designed as travel pants, they need to be travel-friendly, and thankfully they are. Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans are machine washable and can be tumble dried without shrinkage. If you don’t have access to a tumble dryer on the road, then you don’t need to worry, as they are also quick-drying and wrinkle-free.

What really sets Bluffworks clothing apart from the other travel clothing brands is the pockets. The Departure Travel Jeans have 5 classic jeans pockets (2 back, 2 front/side, with the mini-pocket in the right front/side) PLUS the Bluffworks hidden pockets. 

Just above the two back pockets, hidden below the waistband seam, you’ll find two hidden zippers, perfect for keeping your wallet or passport on you and concealed. The zippers are super slim and high quality, similar to those found on high end technical outdoor gear.


There’s not much wrong with the Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans! I guess when you compare them to the Bluffworks Chino, then they are a little bulkier and heavier. That said, they are still much lighter than regular jeans, so won’t weigh your luggage down too much.

Some may perceive it to be a con that Bluffworks Departure Travel jeans don’t fit the same as other jeans. I certainly did! I didn’t order a size down as recommended and had to return my first pair because they were a bit lose. 

The Bottom Line

The Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans are well-designed. They are smart-looking and could easily be paired up with the Bluffworks Meridian Shirt to go out to bars or restaurants and give you a more casual alternative to the Bluffworks Gramercy Pants

Plus, the high-tech fibres give the denim a soft feel that is lighter and more breathable than standard denim. After wearing the jeans over the last few months, I’d say the Bluffworks Departure Jeans are an excellent choice for the frequent traveller who wants both comfort and style. 

Interested to learn more about these awesome travel jeans? 

Learn More About Bluffworks Departure Jeans HERE



Disclaimer: Bluffworks Jeans were provided to me courtesy of Bluffworks, but as always all opinions expressed in this article are mine and have in no way been influenced by the Bluffworks team. This post contains affiliate links which means that we receive a small commission on your purchases at no extra cost to you.

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