Often touted as the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud is a popular nature’s paradise visited by oodles of tourists every year. And if you are one of those avid nature lovers, then Ubud is the right place to be while vacationing in Bali

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The lush greenery, serene ambience, beautiful surroundings and yes, the enthralling waterfalls make this place a wonderland for globetrotters. There are a good number of waterfalls in Ubud that you cannot afford to miss while in the town. 

Tibumana Waterfall

One of the most tranquil falls to visit on your Ubud waterfall tour is Tibumana. An easy walk leads you down to the waterfall where tourists can swim and have a fun time with their dear ones. 

ubud waterfalls
Going for a swim under Tibumana Waterfall. Photo courtesy of divertliving.com

Tucked away in the jungle, this waterfall is the best spot in the region to beat the summer heat. While you’re there, do not forget to capture some amazing clicks for your Instagram. One needs to pay under $1 USD (10,000 IDR) to grant access to Tibumana Waterfall. 

Pengibul Waterfall

Pengibul is located within the same region as Tibumana. It is considered one of the most beautiful concealed solitaires of Ubud. Unlike other waterfalls near Ubud, Pengibul Waterfall is less crowded. The path to the falls is quite scenic and a long flight of stairs takes you to the spot.

ubud waterfalls
Pengibul Waterfall. Photo courtesy of Alexis Gaurin via Flickr CC

The only thing which you cannot get to relish here is swimming because of the shallow water. However, it is one of the ideal places to picnic or to spend some quality time with friends and family. Pengibul is free to visit. 

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

30km (18.6 miles) northeast of Ubud, lies another stunning waterfall called Tukad Cepung. It is a peculiar waterfall near Ubud as it is located inside a cave. This waterfall is popular among locals and foreigners alike.

ubud waterfalls
Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Whether you are looking for that perfect Instagram shot with a waterfall backdrop or just want to spend some fun time with dear ones, Tukad Cepung is the place where you should be. In order to make the best of your visit to Tukad Cepung, it is best to visit it in the morning. The entrance fee of Tukad Cepung waterfall is under $1 USD (10,000 IDR).

Goa Rang Reng Waterfall

Another popular waterfall that will leave you awestruck with its exquisite beauty is Goa Rang Reng. While there, you can either climb up to the top of this Gianyar waterfall in Bali with the help of a rope or you can explore the sacred cave.

ubud waterfalls
Goa Rang Reng Waterfall. Photo courtesy of via Flickr CC

There is a small pool where you can spend some fun time plunging into the water. This place is a lot in itself! There is also a temple right at the entrance which is also a popular attraction in the region. Tourists have to pay an entrance fee of $1 USD (15,000 IDR) to enter Goa Rang Reng. 

Dusun Kuning Waterfall

Often known as the Yellow Waterfall, Dusun Kuning is a place for daredevils. Wondering why? The path that leads to the fall is a bit challenging: it’s wet and slippery. However, it is worth a stop on your Bali waterfall tour. 

ubud waterfalls
Dusun Kuning Waterfall. Photo courtesy of via Flickr CC

The waterfall is a great place to dive. There is a restaurant at the top of Dusun Kuning that makes this place even more enthralling. The food here is quite cheap and delicious as well. One needs to pay a sum of $1.50 USD (20,000 IDR) to get access to Dusun Kuning. 

Tegenungan Waterfall

When you’re here, a visit to Tegenungan Waterfall is one of the best things to do in Ubud. It is one of the most frequented waterfalls in the region, so, you can expect a good amount of people to be there if you are visiting it early in the morning. 

ubud waterfalls
Tegenungan Waterfall

Since it is a popular attraction in Ubud, it makes swimming more exciting. Atop of the fall, there is a cafe which is often touted as the greatest spot to gaze upon the waterfall and its surroundings. You will have to pay $1 USD (15,000 IDR) for an adult, under $1 USD (10,000 IDR) for a child as the  Tegenungan Waterfall entrance fee.

Although it’s a difficult task to visit all these waterfalls at once, it can be managed with a good and well-planned itinerary. 

Have you been to these waterfalls in Ubud? How was your time there?

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