Slovenia is by far one of the greenest, most sustainable destinations in the world. The country’s excellent Green Scheme certification program encourages businesses to pursue sustainable development of tourism and hotels in Slovenia.

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Not only does the Green Scheme reward those that are doing great work at supporting the sustainability agenda, but it also makes it easy for travelers like us to discovered Green Destinations, Green Activities, and Green Hotels in Slovenia.

It was through Slovenia’s Green Scheme and their list of Green Hotels that we discovered where to stay in Slovenia. 

We absolutely loved our time at each one of these properties and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellent eco-conscious accommodation in Slovenia. 

Trnulja Estate, Ljubljana

Trnulja Estate is located in the small village of Crna Vas, just outside of Slovenia’s dynamic capital city- Ljubljana. Aside from providing one of the best hotels in Slovenia, Trnulja Estate is also a working organic farm committed to operating in the most sustainable and ecological way.  The owners, Urša and Miha, are committed to living an eco-conscious lifestyle, so everything they have done at the Trnuljia Estate follows their passion for sustainable living and it really shows!

Trnulja’s accommodation options consist of five apartments, all of which were created with recycled materials, like hemp and come complete with their own kitchens, and outdoor areas. The apartments are very cozy, especially the beds, and offer a perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing in Ljubljana. 

best eco hotels in Slovenia: Trnulja Estate, Ljubljana Slovenia
Our bedroom at the Trnulja Estate outside of Ljubljana, Slovenia
best eco hotels in Slovenia:Trnulja Estate, Ljubljana Slovenia
Dining room in our apartment at Trnulja Estate
best eco hotels in Slovenia: Bathroom at the Trnuja Estate apartment
Bathroom at the Trnuja Estate apartment

The other fabulous addition to our lovely stay at Trnulja Estate was their onsite dining experience.  The delicious Slovenian dishes that we got a chance to sample during our breakfast were made with 100% homegrown organic ingredients cultivated on their farm!

Trnuljia Estate was the first eco-hotel we stayed in while in Slovenia and it set a high precedent for all other accommodation in Slovenia. 

A.M.S Beagle, Lake Bled

A.M.S Beagle is located in the picturesque town of Podom, just outside of Lake Bled and offers a perfect getaway for those looking for a quiet place to stay in the area.

The owners of A.M.S. Beagle put a significant amount of focus on the sustainable building of the A.M.S. Beagle and took measures to reduce the hotel’s energy and water consumption, put in place renewable energy sources, lowering waste, and improving the surrounding environment.  As such, A.M.S. Beagle boasts numerous sustainability certificates and awards.

A.M.S Beagle is one of the best boutique hotels in Slovenia, offering only four King Suites each one with exceptional views of the surrounding mountain range. The rooms are spacious and come with private spa baths, a desk, a flat-screen TV and high-speed internet. 

Every stay includes a wholesome breakfast, made with fresh and delicious local organic ingredients. 

best eco hotels in Slovenia: Breakfast spread at the A.M.S. Beagle
Breakfast spread at the A.M.S. Beagle

What made A.M.S Beagle stand out for us was the utmost care and hospitality from the staff. They truly went over and about all of our expectations, helping us plan out our day trips, and giving us the best advice for experiencing the area. They even drove all the way to Ljubljana to return our passports, when we realized that we had forgotten at the hotel (Did you think full time travelers don’t make silly travel mistakes? Turns out, we do!)

Kamp Koren, Kobarid, Soča Valley

Kamp Koren is not your typical hotel, and in fact, it was the first eco-friendly campsite in Slovenia. Camp Koren is located in the scenic Soca Valley and offers a host of sites for tents and caravans along with some glamping options and eco chalet accommodation in Slovenia.

Camp Koren, Kobarid, Soca Valley
Kamp Koren, Kobarid, Soca Valley

During our visit, we stayed in one of the 6 eco-chalets located just steps away from the main reception. Each of the chalets have two stories and include all the features of a traditional home such as a living room and kitchen.

Bedroom inside of our eco chalet at Kamp Koren
Bedroom inside of our eco chalet at Kamp Koren
Kitchen at our eco chalet at Kamp Koren
Kitchen at our eco chalet at Kamp Koren

Renewable energy is utilized throughout the property, as are environmentally friendly products, which makes it easy to enjoy the facilities that Kamp Koren has to offer. 

Given all the activities available on site at Kamp Koren and everything there is to do in the town of Kobarid, we recommend spending at least 3-4 days enjoying the area.

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Hotel St. Daniel, Stanjel, Karst Region

Hotel St. Daniel is based on a holistic approach to hospitality. Its 8 rooms are named after the Solfeggio Frequencies, and range from small rooms to large apartments. Each room has been thoughtfully decorated with recycled materials and comes with complimentary organic products. 

Vipava Valley: Hotel St Daniel
Our room at Hotel St Daniel, Stanjel

Aside from comfortable rooms and a relaxing atmosphere, Hotel St. Daniel operates a fantastic restaurant, that in and of itself is worth a visit to this incredible spot in the Karst Region of Slovenia. The owners, Nina and Miran, put a strong focus on organically grown and naturally ripened local foods, which makes the food served at their restaurant taste absolutely phenomenal! 

Slovenia Holiday: Hotel St Daniel
Dinner at Hotel St Daniel

A stay at Hotel St Daniel is often a truly holistic approach, that allows guests to have a naturopathic consultation and a unique diet included in their stay, making it, in our opinion, one of the best hotels in Slovenia.

Slovenian Istria Houses (Hiške Slovenske Istre) 

You’ll feel right at home staying at Hiske Slovenske Istre, a family-run hotel offering cozy rooms, apartments and three individual cabins with wonderful views of the surrounding vineyards. The hotel is located just 5 minutes drive from the sea and the center of Koper, and is an ideal spot to enjoy the taste and true beauty of Slovenia’s Istria region. 

Views from Slovenia Istria Apartments
Views of Slovenia Istria from Hiške Slovenske Istre

What sets this hotel apart from the rest is the unique set up of their cabins, which allow guests to appreciate local traditions and cultural quirks specific to Slovenian Istria region. You can choose to stay in a cabin honouring the milk lady, the bread lady or the egg lady. It was these unique cabin designs that won this property a number of Sustainability and Innovation Awards.

Milk Lady cabin at Hiške Slovenske Istre
Milk Lady cabin at Hiške Slovenske Istre

Another highlight of our stay was a chance to sample some local produce and a delightful Istrian Breakfast Experience, with a variety of local produce sourced from providers that morning.  

Slovenia Holiday: Slovenia Istrian
Instrian Breakfast delivered fresh from the farms just in time for our breakfast at Instrian Houses

Each one of the hotels above was unique in their own special way, which helped us experience the best that Slovenia had to offer on our short Slovenian holiday.

All of these properties are doing wonderful work to care for the environment and support the communities they belong to and thus they get our highest stamp of approval. We loved our stay at each one of these eco hotels in Slovenia and hope that you too will choose to stay here during your visit to Slovenia!

Do you know any other great eco-hotels in Slovenia to add to this list? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: We traveled to Slovenia as guests of the Slovenia Tourism Board, but all opinions expressed in this article are our own. 

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