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Even since iPhones and Android phones came out with great cameras, travelers no longer travel with actual cameras. But it’s important to remember that while the iPhone/Android will do the job 80% of the time, there are some instances of your holiday that can not be documented on a phone. 

If you are someone who likes to take your travels outside of the city and into nature, you’ll likely want to invest in an action camera. 

GoPro is the most popular and well-known action cam, but at over $300, it’s not exactly cheap.  If you can’t afford the GoPro price tag or if you’ve never used an action camera before and want to start out with something a bit cheaper, there are some alternatives. 

We had an opportunity to try out one of GoPro’s more affordable competitors: the AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera priced at $139.99USD and found its to be a  good low cost alternative to the GoPro.

Akaso V50 Elite Action Cam
AKASO V50 Elite Action Cam

Inside the Box

The AKASO Elite Action Camera comes fully equipped with tons of accessories, so you get everything you get almost everything you need to start shooting right away

Aside from the Asaka Camera itself, the package includes 2 batteries, a controller, and an underwater case. In addition, there are tons of accessories for mounting the camera. 

Inside the box: Akaso V5o Elite Action Camera
Inside the box: AKASO V5o Elite Action Camera

The only thing that we found missing from the package was a MicroSD card, which you will need to purchase before you are able to give AKASO Action Camera a try. 

The Camera

The V50 Elite Action Camera has a decent rubberized exterior, though it’s mostly plastic-based. The tripod screw mount on the bottom is a great feature. The camera does have a touchscreen as well as buttons, so you can still use it if you’re wearing gloves or if the camera is in its underwater case. 

Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera
AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera

We found two negatives in the AKASO camera compared to the GoPro. 

  1. The AKASO Camera has no native waterproofing, so it can’t be used in the rain or near the water without the waterproof case. 
  2. The screen elements seem to always stay on, so you can’t get a full-screen view while recording. 

The Operating System

The operating system for the V50 isn’t quite as fast as the OS for the GoPro Hero 7, but that’s not a huge drawback. The menu layout is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. It’s quick and easy to set up and is pretty intuitive.

Video/Photo Quality


There are a lot of different recording options to choose from with the AKASO Action Cam.

The 4K 30fps mode looks good, especially with stabilization turned on to smooth out camera shake. It isn’t quite at the same level as the Hero 7 or Osmo Action, but for its price point, the V50 will suit most people just fine.

The 4K 60fps, however, is not stabilized, unfortunately. It also doesn’t look great when you compare it to a Hero 7, as it uses an MJPG codec.

The fisheye mode offers a unique perspective on your adventures. But you can choose to turn it off, which is convenient when you’re cutting footage together, as it cuts out the need for additional post-processing work. However, if you do post-process your videos, there’s no flat profile, to capture a more dynamic range.

For a camera in this price range, the V50 Action Elite Camera performs fairly well in low lighting, especially compared to other budget cameras.


The AKASO V50 Action Camera’s picture quality is acceptable for the average traveler.

The camera produces a 20mp shot, which is pretty sharp and has a fairly accurate colour. It doesn’t quite match the quality of a 20mp DSLR shot, but if all you’re looking to do is create a timelapse or take a few selfies, then Akasa Action Cam will do the job. 

Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera
AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera

The Bottom Line

Given the low price post, the AKASO Action Camera is a good investment. If you’re just dipping your toes into the action camera market, then the AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera is perfect if you aren’t ready to pay double for a GoPro.

For most travelers, the V50 will do everything they need. However, if you’re looking to go beyond the basics and want to produce something that looks like a professional action video, then we would recommend you take a look at the Osmo Action or Hero 7. Their stabilized 4K 60fps makes all the difference in the world.

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