Our 2016 Travel Pans: 5 Amazing Honeymoons and More!

2016 is just around the corner and we can’t wait! It is going to be the most EPIC travel year ever! I know, we say that every year, but 2016 is really going to be different. It’s going to be our first full year of being full-time travelers, bloggers, and digital nomads, and that means plenty of adventures to come.

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In 2016, we’ll be traveling a bit differently. We’ll be limiting our travels to one month at a time and interchanging between being on the road and catching up on work in our new temporary base in Costa Rica. Don’t get us wrong, we loved being on the road for 3 months in a row this past year, but we found it to be incredibly stressful to travel and work. With a one month on one month off schedule, we are hoping to reduce our stress and give ourselves lots of time to catch up on our writing and other jobs in the off months. Plus, this way, we’ll always have another trip to look forward to!

The Costa Rican jungle... aka the backyard
Costa Rica will be our temporary base for 2016!
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So here in a sneak peak into our 2016 plans!

Our amazing year will begin before the clock even strikes midnight, with our highly anticipated (mostly by us, but hopefully by other guests too) beachside wedding in Costa Rica on New Year’s Eve. The celebration will run well into the night, with plenty of delicious local food, plenty of drinks, and a whole lot of dancing! We couldn’t think of a better way to welcome 2016!

Playa Lagartillo. Costa Rica
Our ceremony will take place on Playa Lagartillo in Guanacaste

We’ll be spending the first week of 2016 hanging out with our family and friends and continuing our wedding celebrations at the local fiesta and on the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste!

Shortly after we say goodbye to all of our wonderful friends, we’ll be off on our first honeymoon! We plan on having 5 oft hem! Yes, that’s right! After quitting our jobs earlier this yearnothing is stopping us from having as many honeymoons as we would like!

Honeymoon #1: PANAMA in January

We’ll be spending the last few weeks of January in beautiful Panama. But this isn’t going to be our typical trip full of off the beaten path adventures and cultural experiences. This time, we are going to relax and destress after what’s bound to be a stressful December.

Bungalow on Bocas del Toro, Panama
Bungalow on Bocas del Toro, Panama

So instead of exploring the country, we decided to focus on the beautiful Bocas Del Toro. There is lots to do in Bocas, including spending a few days island hopping, but they say the allure of Bocas is simply slowing down and soaking up the Caribbean vibes. So we’ll be doing just that! We also hear that the calm conditions of the sea and highly competitive pricing, make Bocas an ideal place for scuba diving classes! Max and I are already Advanced Open Water Divers, but we are hoping to find a great dive shop to take our diving skills to the next level with a Rescue Diver Certifications!

Exploring Costa Rica in February/March:

We know that with wedding prep in December and our trip to Panama in January, we won’t get a chance to really enjoy Costa Rica until February. So we have carved off 2 months in February/March to explore parts of Costa Rica we haven’t seen yet. We also hope to spend a lot of time in Costa Rica in between our honeymoons, so you can expect to see lots of amazing Costa Rica coverage from us next year!

Playa Avellanas, Guanacaste. Costa Rica
Playa Avellanas, one of the many beaches in Guanacaste. Costa Rica

We want to visit all the beautiful beaches along the coast in Guanacaste, explore Costa Rica’s National Parks, make our way to Manuel Antonio, visit Arenal, and hopefully discover some off the beaten path gems on the Caribbean Coast.

We are hoping for a chance to work with the Costa Rican Tourism Board to show you the best Costa Rica has to offer!

Honeymoon #2: PERU in April

In early April, we’ll head to Peru. We’ll spend 3-4 weeks exploring the national parks, soaking up the Peruvian culture, and eating our way through Peru’s local dishes. Lake Titicaca, the colourful markets of the Sacred Valley, the lush rainforests of the Amazon, and the glorious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu are definitely on our itinerary, as for the rest, we hope to plan as we go!

Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo by Guillén Pérez via Flickr CC
Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo by Guillén Pérez via Flickr CC

Honeymoon #3: COLOMBIA in June

In June, we’ll travel to Colombia, once again spending close to a month exploring the main attractions and off the beaten track parts of the country. We’ll trek to the Lost City, venture out to Punta Gallinas, explore the enchanting colonial architecture of  Cartagena, go white water rafting in San Gil, brush up on our salsa skills in Cali, visit a coffee plantation in Manizales, shop in Medellin, and much more!

Trek to Lost City, Colombia
Trek to Lost City, Colombia. Photo by Belinda Grasnick via Flickr C

Canada in July:

July is going to be a great time to visit Canada! Not only is it the month for Canada Day celebrations, but it’s also when Max will be celebrating his 30th birthday! We are hoping to take advantage of the warm weather and spend a few weeks hanging out in Canada. One of the things we miss the most about summers in Canada are trips to the cottage country. This is the first summer that we would be able to spend back in Ontario, so we are jumping on the opportunity!

Honeymoon #4: BRAZIL in August

We absolutely loved the festive atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo when we visited Brazil during the World Cup last year. We only spent 2 weeks in Brazil and felt like we had barely scratched the surface. We always knew, we’d be back to Brazil sooner rather than later and we decided that there is no better time than next year Summer Olympic Games. I know, you are probably thinking how silly it is to go during the busiest, most expensive time of the year, but we’ve been there before. We managed to experience Brazil during the World Cup without breaking the bank, we can definitely do it again.

We traveled to the other side of the world to see the World Cup in Brazil!
Oksana & Max in Rio de Janeiro in 2014!

Plus this time, we are hoping to not only spend time in Rio/Sao Paolo, but also venture out to more off the beaten path places like Jericoacoara.

Honeymoon #5: BOLIVIA in October

We hear Bolivia is the place to explore and we can’t wait to spend our 5th honeymoon in a country that is filled with off the beaten path experiences.

We’ll start off by checking out a few famous spots, like La Paz, the spectacular salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku, and the striking canyon like surroundings of Tupiza, and then head off to explore beyond the tourist trail.

Salar de Uyuni - Salt Hotel, Bolivia. Photo by Tati@ via Flickr CC
Salar de Uyuni – Salt Hotel, Bolivia. Photo by Tati@ via Flickr CC

The rest of the year (November and December) will be likely spent back in Costa Rica, although we won’t say no to adding another new country to our list. We are keeping our options opened for one last adventure in December! Maybe, we’ll decide to go back to South America (we hear December is a great time to visit Venezuela), or perhaps we’ll venture to Cuba (we’ve been craving to go back there), or perhaps by the end of next year it’ll be time to spread our wings and go even further for our first taste of East African adventures… only time will tell where we end up!

As with most of our travel plans, we have a rough idea of where we’d like to go, but are keeping things flexible. If another awesome travel opportunity pops up throughout the year, we’ll be happy to chop and change our plans!

South America has been at the top of our travel list for a few years now and 2016 is definitely going to be the year of South America adventures for us. We won’t go everywhere, but we are giving ourselves lots of time to see each country well beyond the major sights and tourist attractions.

We can’t wait for the year to come and hope that you join us for what’s going to be a wild ride!


What are your travel plans for 2016? Have you been to any of the above destinations before? We’d love to hear any of your recommendations!

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